MM’s 5:1 Interview No 10: Langhorne Slim

Mad Mackerel 5:1 Langhorne Slim

The recent UK release of Langhorne Slim & The Law’s excellent album The Way We Move has belatedly, but firmly, put them on the MM radar and sent us scurrying off to discover his back catalogue.

Honky tonk, blues, folk, country and raw acoustic beauty all make an appearance and demonstrate that we have a band that are not only masters of all trades, but one with a songwriter at the helm with the rare ability to get you up and stomping round the barn one moment and the next to stop you dead in Langhorne Slim The Way We Moveyour tracks with a song of incredible, haunting beauty.

Having just finished up a UK tour with The Lumineers, Langhorne Slim will be back for another visit to these shores later in the year – one we’re intending to catch at least once. ‘Til then read the latest in our 5:1 Interview series.

Five words to describe your music:
Soul, folk, punk, Gris, Gris

One book you’d recommend to an alien:
The Giving Tree

Five bands (or albums) that have most influenced you?
Dylan, Cobain, Otis Redding, Leadbelly, Bowie

One moment in time you’d like to have witnessed:
Floyd at Pompeii

Five people (living or dead) you’d love to share a stage-jam with:
Nina Simone, Neil Young, Charles Mingus, Hendrix, James Brown

MM's 5:1 Interviews No 10: Langhorne Slim

One biggest regret in your career (to date):
Too many to name.

One hour to live – who would you spend it with, and why?

Five perfect songs:
Minor Threat – Good Guys Don’t Wear White
Jimi Hendrix – 1983
Fripp and Eno – Evening Star
Kinks –Shangri-La
Boscoe – He Keeps You

One song of yours that you’d most like to be played in 50 years time:
Song for Sid as it’s for my grandfather.

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