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MM Best of 2015 no guitarAnd so here is the final personal Top Twenty of the year. This time it is my turn!

Another twelve months neatly wrapped up and delivered for your listening pleasure and here’s to 2016…

20. Quiet Hollers – Mont Blanc

An apocalyptic, “end-is-nigh” rolling, country rock anthem. Pure poetry with the best coda to a song I heard all year, “shed a tear for the books I shoulda read“.


19. H. Hawkline – Spooky Dog

Melodic, haunting, weird. Perfect psych-pop with added twisted electronics.


18. Arborist – Twisted Arrow

Brilliant debut single of lilting folk-rock concealing a bleak heart and featuring the hushed vocals of none other than Kim Deal of the Pixies.


17. Courtney Barnett – Depreston

With her forensic eye for lyrical detail and the ability to capture emotional turmoil in the sparest of sentences, Depreston is the sombre standout from her brilliant debut album proper. A tale of house hunting in Melbourne suburbia that travels from the mundane to the tender to the revealing.


16. Grandparents – Kids In The Alley

Take the most infectiously catchy refrain, add jangly guitars, carefree percussion and bubblegum melodies. This is what you get. A hallucinatory classic.


15. Futurekids – White Girl In A Wu Tang T-Shirt

Irresistible foot-tapping indie rock, the like of which you just don’t hear very much anymore.


14. Woolen Men – Life In Hell

A clattering, staccato burst of tense, nervy post-punk that recalls the best of Wire and The Wipers. The aural equivalent of being jabbed in the throat by a stray elbow in the mosh pit.


13. Rats On Rafts – Last Day On Earth

A mini masterpiece of epic, circling, incessant grooves. Far, far, far out man.


12. Decemberists – Carolina Low

This was one of those stopped-in-your-tracks moments that music gives you sometimes. Watching the Decemberists live in Bristol at the start of the year and Colin Meloy transfixing the whole audience into rapt attention with just guitar and voice. Also spent much of the year repeating “You’ve got an ugly little mouth boy” in a poor imitation of an American accent.


11. Low – What Part Of Me

Classic Low – haunting, spectral, fuzzy and quietly, poignantly devastating.


10. Spray Paint – Signal Master

Like Chris T Popper, Spray Paint are my favourite discovery of 2015. Easily the sleaziest, seediest offering of the year – caustic, dead-eyed junkie punk, bleak, repetitive, and crushingly brilliant. “It’s time to put the dog down“.


9. Protomartyr – Why Does It Shake

The Agent Intellect was unexpectedly my favourite record of 2015 and any number of tracks could legitimately have gatecrashed my favourite songs of the year. In the end I had to limit myself to two. This one, Why Does It Shake is described by the band as a “back-handed ode to humanity’s resilient self regard in the face of inevitable oblivion. Then the trap door opens.” and is equally exasperated and eloquent. It sets the tone with the doom-laden “False happiness is on the rise, See the victims pile high” and concludes in a stunning climax of clatter and squall.


8. Quiet Hollers – Côte d’Azur

A hit man, a traffic jam. A sparkling ocean. Another extraordinary track of ominous, foreboding beauty from the Quiet Hollers.


7. Gun Outfit – Gotta Wanna

I’m a sucker for dusty, sun-parched rock and expansive widescreen Americana and Gotta Wanna combines the two in perfect unison. This is humming road-weary, dusty desert blues of the finest vintage.


6. Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts – Scowling Crackhead Ian

The latecomers entry to the list. Over the course of a few short weeks Jeffrey Lewis’s wryly told tale of growing up with the evil anti-hero of his school days, until they are the only two left in the neighbourhood has firmly embedded itself in to my psyche. It effortlessly helps you to recall your own equivalent of Ian, someone you actively tried to avoid and whose unpredictability could be shocking and whose meanness was legendary (mine was Robert Beckett). “Forever you’ve been Crackhead Ian, It was your kid nickname if we spoke it, You were an insane human being, Whether you ever did or didn’t really smoke it“. Says it all really.


5. Girl Band – Pears For Lunch

Girl Band’s Holding Hands With Jamie was a criminally underrated release this year. A band that manages to take the most discordant, contradictory noise and meld it into something magnetically compelling that grips like a vice. Pears For Lunch combines a manic energy with Dara Kiely’s lethargic, disinterested vocals as he intones, “Spend my time watching Top Gear with my trousers down, Covered in Sudocrem and talking to myself, Garlic Curry Cheese Chips“. Exactly!


4. Traams – Succulent Thunder Anthem

Just shy of three minutes of propulsive, throbbing bass, skimming guitars and urgent vocals. This is Traams at their rollicking, ferocious best.


3. Protomartyr – Pontiac 87

The finest riff of the year, and a brilliantly hypnotic reflection on a dispiriting Papal visit to Pontiac, Michigan in the late eighties.


2. Houndmouth – Sedona

The best sing-a-long chorus of the year bar none. Altogether now, “Hey little Hollywood, You’re gone but you’re not forgot, You got the cash but your credit’s no good, You flipped the script and you shot the plot, And I remember I remember when your neon used to burn so bright and pink, A Saturday night kinda pink“.


1 Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin’

Probably the most overwhelming choice for number one song of the year that we’ve had in seven years of voting. A fingerpicked earworm, a sprawl of twangy guitar and surreal, laconic lyrics combine to create the perfect ode to stoned self-reflection.


And some other random choices..

Favourite cover of the year: Kinky Friedman – My Shit’s Fucked Up (Warren Zevon cover)


Gigs of the year: Fat White Family (Oxford) and The Decemberists (Bristol)


Song I wished I’d heard earlier in the year: Robert Chaney – The Ballad Of Edward And Lisa


Best Songs Heard For The First Time, But Not From This Year: Justin Townes Earle – Yuma & Sleaford Mods – Chop Chop Chop



You can see our full countdown of our favourite 100 Tracks of the year here (100-76), (75-51), (50-26), (25-1) and favourite 30 Albums here (30-16), (15-1).

MM Best of 2015 no guitarOur third personal Top Ten comes from ever-present contributor Chris T Popper…

Another set of mighty fine tunes…


20 Telegraph Canyon – Why Let It Go

19 Songhoy Blues – Soubour

18 Assed Out – Bueno

17 Houndmouth – Sedona

16 Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin

15 Abandoned Delta – I Never Lived In New Orleans

14 Tallest Man On Earth – Sagres

13 Diet Cig – Harvard

12 Protomatyr – Dope Cloud

11 This Is The Kit – Silver John

10 Hanni El Khatib – Moonlight

I first heard this on the Radio 6Music mid morning show back when winters were cold; thankfully songs like this make up for the witless musings of the host(s). Channeling a sound not wholly unlike Timber Timbre and the mighty yet criminally undervalued Howling Owls it’s a slinky little number dripping in reverb and with a splendid hook. Hit the spot with me in January and I never got bored of it. Only fair then that Moonlight makes the top ten, for it’s commendable staying power throughout eleven long months if nothing else.


9 Karen Meat & The Players – Pizza & Beer

A great riff opens this tune all slackers will connect with (that’ll be me then). How can you argue with the lyrics ‘I’ll think about exercise, and I’ll close my eyes for only for a minute or two. You want me to be the girl of your dreams but I’d rather barf all the shit I snarfed down earlier’. Great, Karen Meat sounds like my perfect drinking partner (and I’ve had a few). Add some groovy distorted vocals and the whole thing is done and dusted in under 2 minutes. I spent over six months unemployed this year and this was my soundtrack to those halcyon days.


8 Spray Paint – Signal Master

First of two entries in my top 10 for Spray Paint who have been my discovery of the year. Hailing from Austin, Texas the three piece was born from the remnants of When Dinosaurs Ruled The World (apparently only three members turned up for rehearsal one day and started playing and laying down tracks). Loosely (at best!) tuned guitars create synchronised chaos that dovetails with my DNA very nicely thank you. The opening line is delivered with a fabulously disinterested drawl – ‘Drinking more, eating less’ – a statement I have no trouble understanding.


7 Protomartyr – Why Does It Shake?

Protomartyr have also been a revelation this year with at least three of their songs pushing for a top ten spot from their excellent 2015 release The Agent Intellect. Touring the USA with their mates Spray Paint early next year coincides with my birthday. If anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket to Miami for the 20th February… Failing that I’ll wait until April for Protomartyr’s London 100 Club gig, minus Spray Paint unfortunately.


6 TRAAMS – Succulent Thunder Anthems

I’m a big fan of TRAAMS, and was lucky enough to tune in to their set on Mark Riley’s excellent radio show. They played this tune, a rollicking guitar blast, with an occasional break for some rather foreboding lyrics – ‘You know there’s ice on the road, please don’t slip and break your neck’. This is the band I need to see live in 2016 having missed them at last year’s Great Escape and (inexplicably) throughout 2015. Not a mistake I’ll make again.


5 Free Weed – Later

Scarily a social commentary on my own 2015… I’m now slightly panicked by Later. A wonderful beat that’s put it’s feet up, stuck the kettle on while sat on your couch sparking up a big fat one and watching a David Attenborough nature documentary on Ultra HD. Life’s good, worry ‘bout it later…


4 Quiet Hollers – Cote D’Azur

On the surface this is a melodic gaze towards the French Riviera. However, there’s an undertow of nasty menace I wasn’t initially aware of (excellent!). I think the protagonist may be a hit man or similar when I heard the lyrics ‘And from the trunk I could hear his voice, begging for his life like I had a choice, he said he had a wife and two little boys, and so I turned up the white noise’. Beautiful, haunting and the contrast leaves me feeling slightly discombobulated.


3 Sleaford Mods – Tarantula Deadly Cargo

My favourite song from the Sleaford’s 2015 album Key Markets and there was plenty of competition as it’s stuffed with great tunes. This has a slightly more laid back feel than usual with an inspired loop from Andrew Fearn and Williamson’s lyrics detailing the weary horrors of touring. The title refers to a 1977 TV movie that Williamson describes as “an areoplane full of hairy spiders with bad tempers who start killing the mindlessly frightened passengers”. Best check out Netflix for that then.


2 Spray Paint – Day Of The Rope

Heavy bass, discordant lead guitar crashing about the place like a demented baboon on acid and those metronomic drums just keep pounding. Jello Biafra and Gibby Haynes could have cooked this up in a deranged music lab somewhere. Can I make it any clearer how good this song is? Any other year this would have nailed the number 1 spot, it’s provocative, entertaining and utterly insane. I love Spray Paint. They truly are my new favourite band.


1 Girl Band – Pears for Lunch

My number one was bound to be a relentless attack on the nervous system so who else but perennial C Popper fave Girl Band to step up. With vocals like Jake Burns after a cold Lemsip, Dara Kiely keeps an impressive howl going throughout. The momentum builds and builds dragging you along for an increasingly brutal and uncomfortable ride, the fabulous Kiely vocals intertwining with the cacophony of sound to provide a full on assault to the musical senses. Simply put, I get goose bumps every time I hear it and what more can you ask for? It’s not just my favourite song of this year, but one that will be precious to me way beyond 2015.


And a couple of other awards…

Best Cover: Iron & Wine – Albuquerque


Best Song Heard For The First Time, But Not This Year: Adam Torres – Breakneck Jane’s 15 Minute Escape


Best Live Act: Fat White Family

Best Album: Sleaford Mods – Key Markets


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Here we go then, our final countdown of our favourite tracks of 2015, with no fewer than three artists managing two entries in the top 25 this year! And don’t forget you can see the other 75 choices here (100-75), here (75-51) and here (50-26).


25 Ghostpoet – Off Peak Dreams


24 Tracy Thorn – Goodbye Joe (2015 re-issue)


23 Calexico – Follow The River


22 Decemberists – Make You Better


21 Mikal Cronin – iv) Ready


20 Sleaford Mods – Tarantula Deadly Cargo


19 Ezra Furman – Haunted Head


18 Slaves – Feed The Manta Ray


17 Man Of Moon – The Road


16 Dan Mangan + Blacksmith – Mouthpiece


15 Free Weed – Later


14 Spray Paint – Day Of The Rope


13 Lord Huron – Hurricane (Johnnie’s Theme)


12 Low – What Part Of Me


11 Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best


10 Protomartyr – Pontiac 87


9 Spray Paint – Signal Master


8 This Is The Kit – Silver John


7 Decemberists – Carolina Low


6 Traams – Succulent Thunder Anthem


5 Girl Band – Pears For Lunch


4 Houndmouth – Sedona


3 Protomartyr – Why Does It Shake


2 Quiet Hollers – Cote D’Azur


1 Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin


Despite it being the summer months, the quality and quantity of new releases coming our way shows no signs of slowing – quite the opposite in fact. Here then is part one of our round up of fifteen picks from the past seven days.

1. Mac DeMarco – I’ve Been Waiting For Her
2. Lowest Pair – Shortning Bread
3. Rayland Baxter – Mr. Rodriguez
4. PINS – Live And Let Go
5. Radkey – Love Spills
6. Menace Beach – Super Transporterreum
7. Sharon Van Etten – Remembering Mountains (demo) (Karen Dalton cover)
8. Leftfield feat. Sleaford Mods – Head And Shoulders









Part Two coming up later…

Another seven days older… another seven days of new tunes. Enjoy.

1. Fidlar – 40oz On Repeat
2. Sea Lion – Ghostlands
3. Sleaford Mods – Face To Faces
4. JEFF The Brotherhood – In My Mouth
5. Spraynard – Applebee’s Bar
6. Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers
7. Jawbreaker Reunion – Your X
8. Black Mountain – Black Mountain (demo)
9. Beirut – No No No
10. Citizen Fish – World’s Gone Mad












The Pop Group and Sleaford Mods will release a split 7” on Monday June 18th through Freaks R Us.

The single features Face To Faces a raw alternate version of a vitriolic track featured on the forthcoming Sleaford Mods new album, and Nations, a track taken from Citizen Zombie, The Pop Group’s recently acclaimed album.

Listen to both here.



Chris T Poppers Top 20 2014

20) Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves


19) Hamilton Leithauser – 11 O’Clock Friday Night


18) Faces On Film – Percy


17) Early Winters – A Thing For You


16) Sleaford Mods – Routine Dean


15) Eels – Mistakes of My Youth


14) Chimes – Total Sunflower


13) Dust From A 1000 Yrs – Smoke Em Up

12) Screaming Females – Ripe

11) The War On Drugs – Red Eyes


10) Houndmouth – For No One

Any song which opens with a tortured reference to dropping acid will naturally pique my interest and coupled with Matt Myers vocals and stark production my curiosity is aroused further. Deftly suckering you in, For No One then tries to lead you down a darkened alley for a damn good kicking. It also proves you don’t necessarily need anything more than a guitar and a great vocal to pack an extraordinary punch.


9) Sleaford Mods – Tiswas
Sleaford Mods’ album Divide & Exit (undoubtedly my favourite record of 2014) grasped the moment perfectly with it’s skewering of modern British life. I won’t try and dissect Tiswas, it’s just a banging tune with the lyrical equivalent of having your ears punched quite a lot. “I don’t want my dog on a string… that’ll hurt the thing” is my favourite line of the year. The humour, frustration and utter contempt is breathtaking at times. They are unlike anything else I’ve heard all year.


8) Wooden Wand – Waveland
Ah, Mr Wand, I’ve been expecting you (sorry). A regular contributor over the years to my top 10’s Mr James Jackson Toth delivers yet again. It’s a song which appears to be absolutely straightforward; Toth recorded this by himself at home with his guitar and an 8-track recorder. However, like a particularly enormous onion there seems to be layer upon layer that reveals itself upon each further examination. And with the added onionesque quality of bringing a tear to the eye – through joy and sadness, my ridiculous metaphor is complete. With every listen I get a bit more from Waveland, it’s one of the hardest tricks to pull off but as usual Toth does it perfectly.


7) Jonah Tolchin – Mockingbird
Opening up with kick-ass harmonica before the fiddle and guitar join the party Mockingbird is Tolchin’s sideways look at the nursery rhyme Hush Little Baby. So far so intrigued. It certainly has a strangely traditional feel and a classic break/riff stomp to it. It reminds me in a strange way of the climax of the classic 1981 film Southern Comfort where Powers Booth and Keith Carradine are serenaded by a full on Cajun hoedown. Brilliant deep, dark country on a low burn, just how I like it.

6) Horse Thief – Little Dust
Pretty much a sure thing for my top 10 from the first listen, the Oklahoma quintet Horse Thief (even the name makes me love them more) have struck gold with this perfectly formed piece of Americana. It begins with the piano before the guitar and rhythm section slide in forming the ‘taking it real easy…’ groove. It already feels like a country classic.


5) The Amazing Snakeheads – Where Is My Knife
Take this song on in a fight – go on. I dare you. It will win hands down. In May this year I watched the Amazing Snakeheads deliver the best live performance I have seen for a long time and it blew my tiny mind. Dale Barclay is a man to be admired first and foremost. Mainly because he looks unfeasibly hard and secondly because he fucking means it. Menacing serial killer lyrics and a guitar picking out threats with a drum beat to rival any Tarzan film kind of works for me. Try it live when you’ve only ever heard one song by them before – quite an eye opener. Barclay growled at the audience ‘are youse my friends?’ my hand shot up like a rocket. Yes, I am, just don’t hurt me or get your knife.


4) Elijah Ocean – Ride It Out
The other day this song was playing and my girlfriend was on her laptop, watching faces or something, when I noticed she was unconsciously singing along to the chorus. That’s what this song does; whoever you are (providing you have a soul) it touches you. The melody is simple enough, gently building throughout with the message of just getting through it, which is fairly universal. It actually becomes quite inspirational by the end with its catchy chorus infecting your brain. Life can sometimes feel like it’s on a continual loop of making you ride something or other out – good to have Elijah there to sing the soundtrack.


3) Damien Jurado – Metallic Cloud
Been a firm favourite from the moment I heard it. Jurado’s voice sounds amazing, and the string section is nothing short of magnificent. It’s one of those songs where you can be listening in the car and when it finishes you realise your turning was a couple of miles back and you never noticed. Or, you’ve not seen one of those bastard mobile speed cameras because you’re singing along so loudly and enjoying the moment. Let’s see if I enjoy my Speed Awareness Course as much in the New Year…


2) Girl Band – Lawman
Fucking chaos. That’s why I signed up; as soon as that guitar started I was dug in like a tick on a hound. Experimental without being utterly awful (which lets face it you don’t hear that too often.) The drums halfway through are pure moony, just listen to it. Keith Moon banging on your brain or Reverend Moon washing it…. take your pick, same result applies. The long drawn out guitar with heavy feedback compliments/adds to the cacophony perfectly. To paraphrase the band themselves this song is ‘…driven by insistent low-end skronk’. Quite.


1) Sleaford Mods – Smithy
It’s all over in under 2 and a half minutes but still manages to make me grimace, smile and cower in equal measure. A brutal bass line and drum riff accompanies singer Jason Williamson’s verdict on the state of the nation. Not so much angry as bored with the sheer futility of it all, Sleaford Mods drill down until they reach (or is that retch) in to the unpleasant shitty bits of our modern culture. I like absolutely everything about this record, right down to Andrew Fearn throwing in a bit of chopper noise at the end. ‘Who cares about rock stars anymore?’ asks Williamson – not me mate. I’ve watched all my old heroes become parodies of themselves or even worse John bloody Lydon and I’m well and truly out of it.


Dr Roddy's Top Ten 2014

As always we round off our best of the year posts with the individual contributions starting with the newly manacled wed Dr Roddy and his personal top ten of 2014.

…This year has seemed to fly by, I got married, we had a little boy and we are now in the middle of building works involving having our roof off in mid-winter. So it has been a hectic time. Thank heavens I have music to help me through and give me markers to help plot the time line of the past year.

These are the ten tunes that are constant in that time line.

10. Alt-J – Left hand Free
This tune has such a swagger about it. I think that it may actually be too cool for someone like me to listen to, but hell I just love it and it’s roundabout way of offering to kill the husband of a woman you fancy. It is the musical equivalent of a southern drawl.


9. Mac Demarco – Brother
There is such a carefree feel to this song and so there should be with it’s simple message of “what the hell are we all doing in this hamster wheel running all day and getting nowhere“. So we should just “go home and take it easy now brother”. I like this man’s thinking.


8. Sharon Van Etten – Every Time the Sun Comes Up
Sharon Van Etten has such a beautiful, pure voice, it sits perfectly alongside her sharp intelligent lyrics “I washed your dishes / but I shit in your bathroom “ I mean, argue with that! There are wonderful harmonies on the choruses, the tune is soft and calming, which removes the anger from the song.


7. Spookyland – The Silly Fucking Thing
I didn’t like this song at first listen, or second for that matter, it took some getting this tune, but when I did oh my God I was relentless with it. At first it sounds like nothing particularly new and I don’t argue that Marcus Gordon’s voice could be divisive, but invest some time in it and you will reap the rewards of a beautiful crafted lament to love.


6. Dan Amor – Sister Anne
This song paints a picture of England that you may find on the lid of a chocolate box. It’s only a cricket match away from caricature. I bathe in that kind of dream. The melody has a haunting nostalgia about it echoing sounds from the 60s back at you.


5. Mark Erelli – Ice Fishing
I love the inevitability in the lyrics of this song everything seems to be history repeating itself. Lyrics are a strong influence with me, but it’s the tune picked out on the banjo and the great harmonica work that are the real stars of the show here.


4. Dust From 1000 Yrs – Smoke Em Up
I got a pack of smokes today / something to do whilst I waste my life away”, that is the way you open a song, with a nihilistic, going nowhere delivery. Despite the melancholic arrangement of the song he seems excited by this treat. That is the reason I love this song – I mean how perfectly hopeless.


3, Sleaford Mods – Tied Up In Nottz
What can I say about this band – they have been a revelation to me this year, they just seem to tick all the boxes. Sharp, witty, intricate lyrics all delivered with passion and a suitable amount of venom. Driven, but not overshadowed by simple yet perfect beats that are as relentless as Jason Williamson’s quest to point out the contrived bellends in our society. Someone’s got to….


2. Horse Thief – Little Dust
This simple yet vast song is dripping with anthemic intent, and it reaches those heady heights effortlessly. This blissed out piece of genius is best enjoyed towards the end of the night with a couple of bottles of wine behind you and perhaps a touch of melancholy in the air.


1. Royal Blood – Little monster
These boys seem to have taken the world by storm and rightly so. This blistering piece of rock is without doubt the best thing I have heard this year. It is aggressive and hard hitting with a hook that could make the dead rock. All of that out of a bass guitar… We have to mention Ben Thatcher’s super tight drumming here – it’s a big ask to be a drummer in a two piece, there is nowhere to hide and he provides a beat badass enough to cope with that monster riff.


And the best song I first heard this year, but not from this year:

Future Of The Left – Manchasm
A wonderfully surreal offering from the best thing to come out of Wales since Bara Brith.


Gig of the year:

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
Myself and Chris T Popper went to see Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip, not for the first time I add. I was blown away by the energy and freshness that exudes from every show. These guys just get better (no pun intended).

Guilty Pleasure:

Meghan Trainor – All About The Bass
Sometimes I don’t know what is wrong with me. It’s like there is a 14 year old girl trapped in me (not like Joseph Fritzel) but I’ll tell you now I am all about that bass…..

Best song name (Usually best band name):
Melvins with….. Piss Pisstopherson. Genius!

MM's Best of 2014: The Top Twenty

So here we are, the favourite twenty tunes of 2014 as voted for by the MM contributors.


20 Sharon Van Etten – Tarifa


19 Dan Amor – Sister Anne


18 Sleaford Mods – Tied Up In Nottz


17 Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me


16 Pink Mountaintops – North Hollywood Microwaves


15 Elijah Ocean – Ride It Out


14 Royal Blood – Little Monster


13 Sleaford Mods – Smithy


12 Jamie T – Limits Lie


11 Parquet Courts – Ducking & Dodging


10 Eels – Mistakes Of My Youth


9 Royal Blood – Figure It Out


8 The War On Drugs – Red Eyes


7 Girl Band – Lawman


6 Houndmouth – For No One


5 Dust From 1000 Yrs – Smoke Em Up


4 Water Liars – Swannanoa


3 The Amazing Snakeheads – Where Is My Knife


2 Horse Thief – Little Dust


1 Damien Jurado – Metallic Cloud


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Tomorrow sees our favourite albums of the year, and from Sunday the MM contributors individual best-of lists.

MM's Best of 2014 40-21

Day four of five – reaching the top of the MM charts for 2014. Here are our favourites from 40 down to 21.

40 Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves


39 Dead Fingers – Twisted


38 Alt J – Left Hand Free


37 Screaming Females – Ripe


36 Sleaford Mods – Tiswas


35 Sun Kil Moon – Dogs


34 Jamie T – Zombie


33 Spookyland – Silly Fucking Thing


32 Dream Police – My Mama’s Dead


31 The Felice Brothers – Constituents


30 Jonah Tolchin – Mockingbird


29 Mac DeMarco – Brother


28 The Vacant Lots – Mad Mary Jones


27 Hurray For The Riff Raff – The Body Electric


26 Sharon Van Etten – Everytime The Sun Comes Up


25 Wooden Wand – Waveland


24 Mark Erelli – Ice Fishing


23 Bombadil – Have Me


22 Faces On Film – Percy


21 The Felice Brothers – Cherry Licorice


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