The Oyster Murders – Join The Party

Mixing dream pop with a bit of shoegaze and some ambient sounds, alternative four piece The Oyster Murders have just released Join The Party. Set to an ominous waltz and with a video of Donald and Hilary dancing while Obama watches, it is an compelling and slightly disturbing track – obviously we like it a lot! Have a watch/listen and click through to buy via … Continue reading The Oyster Murders – Join The Party

MM Shorts 748: The Oyster Murders

It has been a good while since we’ve heard from Australian dream-poppers, The Oyster Murders. The good news is that they are back with a new single – When You’re Wrong is a wash of distorted pop melodies, overdriven guitars and analog synths. This is the band’s first release since their 2013 Mourning Birds EP and it is good to have them back. Stream or download it … Continue reading MM Shorts 748: The Oyster Murders

Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: August 2013

Here (better late than never) are our favourite download picks from our August posts, together with a few new tunes. Altogether a genre-busting mix of nearly 20 great songs. Dive in! Spook Houses – Living The Dream Tempo-shifting, slacker pop. . The Great American Canyon Band – Lost At Sea Gorgeous, rural folk-pop. . Vikesh Kapoor – I Dreamt Blues A narrative about endless work … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: August 2013

New Music Round Up

It is getting to that time when we’re feeling like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland – so many tunes to share, so little time! So at the risk of doing somewhat of a disservice in terms of the prose to describe these, here are a collection of tunes that have landed in our in-box or mailbox and that really deserve some ear-time from … Continue reading New Music Round Up

New Single From The Oyster Murders

The Oyster Murders will be releasing Lost to the Birds as a single. Originally available on the US version of their album Winter of the Electric Sun, the song originally started out with an acoustic guitar and an ambient chorus which contained the title lyrics. They ended up taking these lyrics out of the chorus when they started singing a more upfront melody in rehearsal. … Continue reading New Single From The Oyster Murders

More From The Oyster Murders

About a year ago we wrote about the fabulously named Australian band, The Oyster Murders. Back then we posted Ghosts In Our Wake, and this track is now the lead song available as part of a four track EP for a “pay what you want” deal on their Bandcamp page here. Here is the video too: a Download The Oyster Murders – Ghosts In Our Wake … Continue reading More From The Oyster Murders

Introducing…The Oyster Murders

Continuing our ‘down under’ theme for the day, this track comes from the brilliantly named Australian band The Oyster Murders. The group draw inspiration from an eclectic array of sources from science-fiction novels to silent films from the 30s. Their newest episode of ambient pop goodness, an EP entitled Whatever became of Marie St. Clair? was recorded in the idyllic surrounds of a renovated old … Continue reading Introducing…The Oyster Murders