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best of the weekA day late perhaps, but none the worse for all that. Our collection from the past seven days includes ten new tracks from Bleached,  Andy Shauf, Julianna Barwick and the welcome returns of both Big Deal and Virginia Wing.

  1. Bleached – Sour Candy
  2. Andy Shauf – The Magician
  3. Cat’s Eyes – Drag
  4. Big Deal – Say Yes
  5. Virginia Wing – Rhonda
  6. Margo Price – Hurtin’ (On The Bottle)
  7. Weaves – One More
  8. Baby In Vain – Martha’s View
  9. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Gamma Knife
  10. Julianna Barwick – Nebula













Round Up

Work has been more than hectic lately, but conversely that seems to have coincided with listening to more music too – maybe the extra time sat on the train or in the car? Who knows or cares, but it does mean a collection of mighty fine tunes for you to welcome home the weekend too…

We kick off with a brilliant track of hypnotic garage-psych from Wax Witches, Serotonin Syndrome comes from forthcoming long player Centre Of Your Universe. And while your ears are still ringing, dive into the charming, melodic indie-pop of Sleepyhead’s Wild Sometimes.

In a similar vein comes The Griswolds Beware The Dog, and Grand Cousin’s Better is a genre-defying fusion of psychedelia, indie pop and alternative rock reminiscent of Deerhunter and Young the Giant.

Fifth we have the urgent, lo-fi noise punk of Champion Lover, which because we were in a bad mood, we thought would be crap and turned out to be totally the opposite. Check out a couple of tracks from their self-titled debut and order from Bandcamp here.

Then we have a new single from London duo Big Deal who have been perfecting their gorgeous, effortlessly infectious melodies and sun dappled hooks wrapping around the bruised vocals and broken hearted lyricism of Alice Costelloe and KC Underwood. Listen to Always Boys from new 4-track EP Sakura.

Turning the volume up to 11 are Leeds based five-piece Autobahn, Ulcer is the closing track from new EP 2, it is a classic of post-punk intensity drawing on a metronomic krautrock synth line and a perfect companion piece to Dead Waves’ Oracles of the Grave, which manages to achieve levels of equally ominous and foreboding muscular power.

Next up is the folk-noir of Mumbledust’s Wishes which comes from their self-released EP Home Alone II and the melancholic psych-pop of Carroll and the beguiling Bad Water.

Lastly we finish with the simply gorgeous, pastoral psychedelic folk of Welsh singer-songwriter Dan Amor. The wonderful Sister Anne is the opening track from his forthcoming album Rainhill Trials (out on Monday), which recalls the best of Syd Barrett, Nick Drake and the freak folk of the early 70s. Gentle, sweetly fractured and thought-provoking, it is a perfect way to conclude a veritable smorgasbord of tunes for you. Enjoy!












Mad Mackerel's Best Of September, October & November Mix

We’ve been a bit tardy with our round ups of the Best of the Month downloads on MM, and so we have a bumper three month collection for you before the countdown begins on Monday for our favourite 100 tracks and 50 albums of the year.

So without further ado…here is Part 1 of the pick of the downloads from September to November…and as usual, a couple of new tunes too.

Gross Relations – Discovery Zone
A more energetic, infectiously distorted slab of garage pop you’re unlikely to find…


Scary People – Dreams Of Gold
Energetically laden with time changes and bound by glorious hooks, but anchored by thumping, driven drum beats, soaring guitar passages and heady distorted vocals.


Owls Of The Swamp – Happiness Is A Sad Song
Aussie troubadour’s beautiful and sweetly sorrowful folk.


Cate Le Bon – I Think I Knew (with Perfume Genius)
Unusually fragile and undeniably lovely cut from her new album.


The Eversons – Creepy
Effervescent, bubbling indie-pop.


Miesha & The Spanks – Please Don’t Blow
From forthcoming album Girls Like Wolves and sounds like the bastard lovechild of Joan Jett and L7.


Aisha Burns – Sold
A voice of pure, crystalline beauty and power that grips from the very first note.

[Click through for free download]


The Underground Man – Bad Vibrations
Stark, wistful indie-pop.


Brother Dege – The Black Sea
Swamp blues boogie combined with flammable rhetoric.


Big Deal – Swapping Spit
The new single from their much acclaimed album of dark, intoxicating, occasionally grungy delights.

[Click through for free download]


Lo Fine – Lie In White
Literate, thoughtful, slowcore tinged Americana.


Sun Club – Beauty Meat
Dirty sunshine pop.


12 Dirty Lovers – Faster
Feral sounding, outsider’s indie rock and art-punk – think Pavement, Sonic Youth and Devo fighting to the death in a sack.


Fim – Fast Cars
All choppy, needling guitars, jerky percussion and and WTF vocals.


The Inky Depths – Doesn’t Matter At All
Melodic, jngly indie in a slightly Big Star or Elliott Smith-type vein


Dan Whitehouse – Reaching For A State Of Mind
Expansive folk – questioning, observing, and filled with optimism and self-doubt.


The Golden Furs – Run Back
Weaves together rock, pop, and folk with sweet harmonies and sultry vocals.


No Valley – Charlie Don’t Surf
As infectious a slice of garagey rock as you’re likely to come across.


Ghost Wave – Kind Of A Drag
A tasty cover of the Buckingham’s track.


Shearwater – Fucked Up Life
Fabulous cover of the Baptist Generals song.

[Click through for free download]


Young Mammals – Build A House
Effortlessly crafted noisy, jaggedly dark and distorted pop.


Steady Sun – Garden Path Song
Kicking off with a slow and slightly ominous groove it soon breaks out into something far more infectious taking with it a little reverb, some synths and a delicate floating vocal.


Holyoak – Silver Boys
A gently hallucinatory lullaby of equal parts indie folk and lyrical poetry.


Calgary James – Days Like These
Thoroughly enjoyable, meandering acoustic guitar ditty with a nicely judged psych-pop undercurrent – should appeal to fans of Mac DeMarco.


Download Mind Spiders – Make Make Make Make mp3
A perfect slice of sci-fi garage punk.

Download Englishman – More Than Insects mp3
A two-minute gem of folk-pop.

Download James Keyes – Darkness Come Creeping mp3 (from The Middle)
Somewhere between the throaty junkyard stomp of Tom Waits and the wild mercurial ramblings of Dylan.

And to finish a couple of new tracks – first up are local boys Beta Blocker and The Body Clock, the Oxford three-piece who define their music as “deliciously distorted, balancing noise, melody, space, and rhythm in a fuzz-fuelled frenzy. Second is a sublime Vic Chesnutt cover by Cat Meat who deliver a wonderful version of Isadora Duncan (from his album Little).

[Click through for free download]


Round Up Time Again

Too many good songs, too little time to do them justice. Accept this offering as the best compromise we can muster, but explore these tunes – they are well worth it – even if we are a bit slow getting some of them to your attention!

Kicking us off are indie duo Big Deal and a new single from their much acclaimed album of dark, intoxicating, occasionally grungy delights,  June Gloom. Download Swapping Spit here, which is possibly our favourite track from the album.

[Click through for free download]


Next up are Such Hounds and the title track from their new I Hate Summer EP, an excellent collection of raucous, ragged Americana with touch-points as diverse as Neil Young, the Misfits and The Replacements.


Sweden’s Great Hare are offering up a free download of Like Flowers, an engaging excursion into dreamy, indie-pop.


Lo Fine have been around for 15 years or so, playing their own brand of literate, thoughtful, slowcore tinged Americana and have a new album of the same called Want Is A Great Need due in November. Check out Lie In White from it.


Beautiful Fools is an indie rock three piece band from Adelaide, influenced by bands like Radiohead, Band Of Horses, and Bon Iver. The sound they create is quite big and moody and featured single Small Town tackles the classic themes of being stuck in a rut and fading dreams.


Sun Club deal in what they term, “dirty sunshine pop”, and new single Beauty Meat is well worth picking up on a pay-what-you-want offer via their Bandcamp page here.


12 Dirty Lovers recent EP Eyeball Madness is a collection of feral sounding, outsider’s indie rock and art-punk – think Pavement, Sonic Youth and Devo fighting to the death in a sack.


We’re rather late to the delights of September Girls who released this excellent slice of post-punk, noise pop for Cassette Store Day earlier in the month. However, the two tracks, Ships and Flesh are just too good not to post, and precede a new single in October and a debut album in January.


The experimental feel to the ‘neo-Americana’ of Arrison Kirby is prominent on forthcoming new three track release, The Micro Jackson EP. Lead track Action features features Dustin Milotte (Star Mountain, Hypenkrunk) on guitar and the mysterious Brite Flowers on bass.


Weird Owl are long standing residents of the New York psych-rock scene and have a new five track release Healing out on the 15th October. Try the cosmic karma and ambient trippiness of the title track.


We’ve featured the punkish, sleazy blues of Burning Condors in the past and have been enjoying their most recent release Polka Dot Girl backed with Judgement – and available digitally or as a limited edition cassette.


The dark, blistered lullaby that is Colonies by Battle Lines, is an intense soundscape of stark melodies and brittle, fractured guitars.


Maths and the Moon are an alt-psyche three piece who release their debut album Night Train Daydream today. Mixing drone, shoegaze and good old fashioned space-rock, try the motorik euphoria of Polychrome.


Miraculous Mule make rock ‘n’ roll infused spirituals, immersed in gothic Americana and this is their excellent single Dangerous Blues, released last week, and taken from forthcoming long player Deep Fried.


We have surf-infused indie rock from LA based Hills, and a free download of their new track of garage-meets-beach-pop, Would You Love Me.


It is another case of better late than never with Wake Up Lucid’s new 7″ I Want, which saw a release earlier this month as a part of a split with the Dead Ships. Scuzzy, grimy, garage blues of the very best kind.


Cloud Person’s Monochrome Places long player is a haunting, sometimes whimsical, blend of folk, rock, gospel and psychedelia. Available from their Bandcamp page, this is a free download of Robber Barons.


Lastly, for now, we have The Deep Red Sky and their introspective reworking of the MGMT classic Kids. It will be released as a digital single on the 7th October.

Videos of the Day

Today, dive into videos from Young RivalBig Deal, The Boxer Rebellion and Choir Of Young Believers.

First, watch the most inventive video we’ve seen all year from Young Rival for their track Two Reasons, which takes face painting to a whole new level (especially the baboon’s arse at 26 seconds in). Next we have Big Deal’s trippy, surreal road trip for In Your Car, and indie rockers The Boxer Rebellion’s stark and emotive film for new track Diamonds, and lastly the orchestral pop and cosmic motorik of Paralyze from Choir Of Young Believers.





Mad Mackerel Recommends...Big Deal.

With their 2011 debut Lights Out, the duo of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe, aka Big Deal drew critical acclaim for their stripped down, though deeply resonant music. At once pristine and beautiful yet emotionally fraught, their combined voices spun tales of loss and longing over guitars and nothing else but a cauldron of seething passions.

We posted a Big Deal back in January, but now comes Teradactol, a squalling monster of a track which sees the duo enlist a drummer and bass player to create a gorgeous wall of grungy noise. It is a track to more than whet the appetite for their new album, coming in 2013.

Watch. Listen. Enjoy.


Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: January 2012.

Here are the best of our January posts together with a few tasty new tracks. All in all nearly forty great tunes compiled and neatly presented in one lovely mix. As always, don’t forget to check out all our previous monthly mixes listed in the sidebar on the left.

Download Night Genes – Soaring Through The Chromosomes mp3 (from Like The Blood)
Infectiously catchy, military folk stomp. A real gem.

Download Cheyenne Marie Mize – Wishing Well mp3 (from We Don’t Need EP)
A mix of r&b tinged staccato vocals and adventurous modern pop.

Download HowlerBack Of Your Neck mp3 (from America Give Up)
Buzz band deliver with this slice of catchy, infectious garage influenced rock that calls to mind vintage Strokes.

Download Ceremony – Hysteria mp3 (from Zoo)
Viciously uncompromising and brilliant hardcore punk.

Download Frankie Rose – Know Me mp3 (from Interstellar)
Dreamy pop jangle.

Download The Owsley Brothers – Rotten On The Vine mp3 (from Rotten On The Vine Single)
New single from our favourite experimental blues boys.

Download Kam Kama – Called Up mp3 (from The Tiled House EP)
Propulsive percussion and dark, sinewy guitar lines are the order of the day. Sinister vocals are intoned and the overall effect is one of delightful queasiness and uncertainty.

Download Laura Gibson – La Grande mp3 (from La Grande)
Cantering desert-folk.

Download The Mind Spiders – Wait For Us mp3 (from Meltdown)
Perfect, primal garage rock.

Download Disappears – Replicate mp3 (from Pre Language)
Brain splintering psych-rock.

Download Donovan Quinn – Shadow On The Stone mp3 (from Honky Tonk Medusa)
Perfectly judged excursion into classic storytelling territory backed by gentle guitar lines and a slightly weary, melancholy tinged vocal.

Download First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar mp3 (from The Lion’s Roar)
Title track of new album showcases those gorgeous and beautiful folk harmonies.

Download Guy Capecelatro III – Like Anything mp3 (from North For The Winter)
As much a carefully constructed poem as it is a song. There are no wasted words, and each one is sung in a minimal, whispering voice accompanied by sparse instrumentation, including a haunting saw, creating a mood that is beautifully sombre.

Download Gabriel & The Hounds – The World Unfolds mp3 (from Kiss Full Of Teeth)
Deceptively seductive song that calls to mind artists from across the decades and as diverse as The Byrds to the Silver Jews.

Download The Great American Canyon Band – Tumbleweed mp3 (from Tumbleweed 7″)
Alt-country duo use just 2 old guitars to create a sound that is intimate, honest and ethereal.

Download Town Hall – Charlie mp3 (from Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps EP)
Try the gorgeous slow burn of Charlie, which is as captivating a song as we’ve heard this year.

Download Stephen Paul Smoker – Green City mp3 (from Ripe Fruit)
Pulsating psych-rock groove and foot stomping rhythm, marvellous.

Download Shearwater – You As You Were mp3 (from Animal Joy)
Impassioned tune galloping along on the back of an urgent piano refrain.

Download Cate Le Bon – Puts Me To Work mp3 (from CYRK)
Sultry and gently hypnotic folk.

Lower Dens – Brains (from Nootropics)
Brilliantly hypnotic and menacing track from experimental folksters.


Download D.B. Rouse – Full Time Job mp3 (from Meal-Ticket)
Fine example of this wandering troubadour’s unique view of the world married to a sharp lyrical delivery.

Download Capybara – Neighbor Crimes mp3 (from Dave Drusky)
Warm, organic indie rock that manages to be both simple and catchy.

Download Toy – Left Myself Behind mp3 (from Left Myself Behind single)
Krautrock rhythms melded with buzzing indie guitars and a vocal that recalls the halycon days of British indie rock.

Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – Loose Ends mp3 (from Lungs, Dirt, & Dreams)
An absolute gem, a gentle strum, a loosely insistent rhythm, hoarsely whispered vocals and a sweetly climactic chorus.

Download Young Prisms – Floating In Blue mp3 (from In Between)
Beguiling mix of dreamy psychedelia over a fuzz of shoegazey guitars and reverb.

Download The Ex-Girlfriends Club – The Witch mp3 (from Boo Hoo Hoo)
Incendiary mix of distortion, proto-punk and voodoo blues that manifests itself perfectly in the primal stomp of this cover of the Sonics classic The Witch.

Download Terry Malts – Nauseous mp3 (from Killing Time)
High octane, clattering punk riffage.

Download Big Deal – Chair mp3 (from Chair EP)
Harmonious, sweetly strummed indie-pop with a nice touch of reverb.

Download William Fitzsimmons – Blood and Bones (Acoustic Version) mp3 (from Noisetrade Free Sampler)
Alternative version of track from deluxe edition of acclaimed album Gold In The Shadow.

Download I See Hawks In L.A. – Dear Flash mp3 (from New Kind Of Lonely)
Authentic acoustic Americana.

Download The Low Anthem – Stories Of The Street mp3 (from The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Covered)
The wonderful Low Anthem put their stamp on a track from Leonard Cohen’s classic debut.

Download Vacant Fever – Kill Kill Kill mp3 (from Kill Kill Kill EP)
Recalls some of the classic work of bands like Wire or Gang Of Four. It is jerky, minimal and, best of all, genre-defying!

And to finish off this month’s bumper offering we have the new track from folksters The Bowerbirds, some cascading guitars and thunderous rhythms from The Jealous Sound’s new release, A Gentle Reminder and a six minute sonically layered slab of climactic indie rock from LA band Louden Swain that we’ve got on repeat here. We have some swirling, 60s tinged psych-rock from The Pharmacy and finally the breezy jangle of Wild Nothing’s new single, Nowhere.

Download The Bowerbirds – In The Yard mp3 (from The Clearing)

Download The Jealous Sound – Your Eyes Were Shining mp3 (from A Gentle Reminder)

Download Louden Swain – Cigarette mp3 (from Eskimo)

Download The Pharmacy – Dig Your Grave mp3 (from Dig Your Grave)

Download Wild Nothing – Nowhere mp3 (from Nowhere 7″)

Thursday Round Up Means Eight of the Best!Another quick round-up of our favourite new tracks gathered via all sources digital, via our in-box, our favourite blogs, the internet at large, and best of all those CDs that arrive out of the blue.

This week we can offer you the Byrdsian jangle of White Fence’s It Will Never Be, more high octane, clattering punk riffage from Terry Malts, Grouper’s unique ethereal ambience comes to the fore on her take on Dead Moon’s Demona, and then there is the elegant piano and guitar washes of Damien Jurado’s latest track from new album Maraqopa, on Museum Of Flight, desperation never sounded so beautiful.

We have some more slowed up, goth tinged indie from The Royal Baths, while from Tiny Victories we have a classic slice of indie-rock that recalls Interpol, and by way of perfect contrast Big Deal’s sweetly strummed, harmonious title track from their new Chair EP. Finally we have the shimmering electro-pop of Bear In Heaven.

Something for everyone there we’ll wager!

Download White Fence – It Will Never Be mp3 (from Family Perfume Vol. 1)

Download Terry Malts – Nauseous mp3 (from Killing Time)

Download Grouper – Demona mp3 (from Yeti 7″)

Download Damien Jurado – Museum Of Flight mp3 (from Maraqopa)

Download The Royal Baths – Faster, Harder mp3 (from Better Luck Next Life)

Download Tiny Victories – Lost Weekend mp3 (from Those Of Us Still Alive)

Download Big Deal – Chair mp3 (from Chair EP)

Download Bear In Heaven – The Reflection of You mp3 (from Bear In Heaven)

We seemed to have received a whole bunch of interesting, oddball, sweet, and unusual videos recently.

Here’s the pick of the bunch…

Fresh from supporting Frankie & The Heartstrings and Summer Camp and receiving praise from the likes of The Guardian, Snipe and NME, Big Deal’s debut single Homework is finally out this week on limited 7” through Records, Records, Records, Records. They have released a beautiful first music video to accompany the record.

Hailing from Texas, Josh T. Pearson first gained people’s attentions with his former band, the short-lived phenomenon that was Lift to Experience. The collective only released one sprawling masterpiece, 2001’s The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, before splitting up shortly thereafter.  They were so beloved by John Peel that he had them record three sessions in five months and were included in the Best 125 Peel Sessions of all time. Since then, Josh T. Pearson has spent many years in the wilderness, only releasing one studio recording, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, a split 7” single with the Dirty Three and appearing on Bat for Lashes album Fur and Gold on the track, Trophy.

Last of the Country Gentlemen will be his debut solo album on Mute Records. Watch an exclusive Parisian rooftop performance of Woman When I’ve Raised Hell.

Top folkies, The Woodlands have released a new music video for In The Dark On Monday.  Vintage shop, book carnage, paper salvage, sewing machine, footwork, fast-motion melee.

This is the video for Lucky You by Los Angeles based band Le Rev, who penned all their songs together and coined a unique sound that’s been described as Blondie meets Blonde Redhead.

Whales In Cubicles formed in late 2009, and take an explosively melodramatic punk approach to pop-song-writing. They’re acerbic, morose and volatile. A dusty and hazy freakout that does no small justice to their love of cutting alternative heroes; The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. See the evidence for yourself with this video for debut single 100 Years of Solitary Franchising

It’s Friday, Mrs M’s musings are still to come, and a Halloween playlist for the weekend too, but for now, here is a quick playlist/round-up of those songs we’ve gathered up recently, but not had/found enough time to post about properly…

First up Leopold & His Fiction, we’ve seen this track described as the Doors meet Wolfmother

Download Leopold & His Fiction – Golden Friends mp3 (from Golden Friends EP)

Big Deal are a new band, this duo are already being heralded by the Guardian who called then woozy, druggy, sexy pop classicism. Sounds good to us!

Download Big Deal – Locked Up mp3

Following the release of their album Orphanville, Secret Message Machine have sent over a cover of Deerhunter’s Disappearing Ink from their 2009 EP Rainwater Cassette Exchange. Bands such as Deerhunter, Sunset, and Caribou have been big influences, and this is their tribute to one of them.

Download Secret Message Machine – Disappearing Ink mp3 (Deerhunter cover)

Red Plastic Buddha are neo-psychedelic pop band from Chicago with a brand new CD coming out very soon. Here’s a taste…

Download Red Plastic Buddha – Star Shaped Holes mp3 (from All Out Revolution)

And here is a sneak peak at the newest song from The Rest, titled John Huston, which is going to appear on their upcoming 2011 album SEESAW.dilly.

Download The Rest – John Huston mp3 (from SEESAW.dilly)

Electric Owls’ new Cullowhee Songs EP will be released on Vagrant on Nov 9 digitally and on vinyl via the band’s website ( The single off of the EP is When I Was a Flood, and we have it for you here. Screwed up electro-folk?

Download Electric Owls – When I Was A Flood mp3 (from Cullowhee Songs EP)

And lastly, you might of heard of Shimmering Stars, you might not, but if you’re a fan of dreamy reverb pop a la Spectrals, Wild Nothing, you are more than likely to enjoy this. You can buy their new single here.

Download Shimmering Stars – Let It Be Me mp3 (Everly Brothers cover)

Download Shimmering Stars – I’m Gonna Try mp3 (from East Van Girls 7″)