Nickel In The Jukebox (Vol. 21)

Nickel In The Jukebox

It has been a good while since we last shared a Nickel In The Jukebox post, but here are ten tracks making up for lost time. You decide… hit or miss?

My Son Bison – Two Faces And A Vase  [RIYL: Psych-pop, The Beach Boys, The Shins] 


The Blind Owls – All Day And Night  [RIYL: 60s Pop, Little Richard , The Kinks]


Bess Atwell – Cobbled Streets  [RIYL: Folk, Agnes Obel, Sharon Van Etten]


The Begowatts – Lawmaker  [RIYL: Garage Rock, Rolling Stones, Futurebirds]


Coates – Grin And Tonic  [RIYL: Urban-folk, Frank Turner, Jamie T]


Luke Bell – Bullfighter  [RIYL: Outlaw Country, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard]


Ghost Camp – Ganymede  [RIYL: Arty post-punk, New Order, Talking Heads]


Boys Forever – Cold Is The Colour  [RIYL: Woozy garage-pop, Mac DeMarco, Kurt Vile]


Honey Bucket – Unexplainable Phenomenon  [RIYL: Mutant pop, The Clean, Television Personalities]


Blurred Moon – Far  [RIYL: Melancholic Folk, Sufjan Stevens, Fanfarlo]


MM Shorts 859: Molly Parden

Molly Parden

Ease into Monday morning with the gorgeous Kentucky I by Georgia singer-songwriter Molly Parden.

It comes from her new EP With Me In The Summer and with her effortlessy swooning vocals  becomes a beautifully reflective, sweetly melancholic track that begs to be played on repeat.

Have a listen.

Ten Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

best of the weekIt is that time again. Ten more of the week’s best new releases rounded up for your listening pleasure.

This week we have new songs from the likes of Hiss Golden Messenger, Beach Slang, Gringo Star and Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, as well as tasty covers from The Avett Brothers and Sharon Van Etten.

Have fun.

  1. Hiss Golden Messenger – Biloxi
  2. The Avett Brothers – What A Wonderful World  (Louis Armstrong cover)
  3. Sharon Van Etten – Do You Realise?  (Flaming Lips cover)
  4. Beach Slang – Punks In A Disco Bar
  5. Cool Ghouls – Days
  6. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – La Distinciôn
  7. Pill – Vagabond
  8. Flock Of Dimes – Semaphore
  9. Toby Coke – Time Negator
  10. Gringo Star – Magic












New Album From The Handsome Family

Handsome Family

It is a delight to discover that one of our favourite bands,  the wonderful cult duo of Brett and Rennie Sparks, aka The Handsome Family will soon return with their tenth studio album Unseen. It is out via one of our favourite labels Loose, on the 16th September.

The album continues The Handsome Family’s embrace of things beyond easy view: the slow dive of the sun, enormous bugs awakening in thorny yards, sirens and coyotes that cry out to the purple sky, a tribute to William Crookes who built the first vacuum tube in 1875 (hoping to detect spirits from unseen dimensions), bleached desert bones, blackjack losers – you get the picture I’m sure.

The first track from it is the wonderful Gold, inspired by an incident when a bunch of twenty-dollar bills blew in Brett’s face in a parking-lot dust storm. It is a modern classic murder ballad set against a backdrop of “wide empty streets, the air shaking with heat.” The track paints typically intense images of a protagonist, with snake tattoos, a ski mask, and gun shot wounds – all the result of feeling “hungry to do something mean”.

Classic Handsome Family. Great to have them back.


Some New Videos

We’ve had a recent influx of videos for some excellent new tunes and thought it was high time we shared some of them…

We’ve got TERRY’s line-dancing vid for Hot Heads, dancers from Ballet Austin in Adam Torres’ new video for Juniper Arms, Julie Ruin’s video for their excellent track I’m Done, the return of MM faves Loch Lomond and their video for Pens From Spain, and Metronomy’s new video for Night Owl.

Then there is Diane & The Gentle Men’s tongue-in-cheek video for Motorcycle, a classic tale of teenage rebellion, and finally Soft Fang’s excellent musical film for The Wilderness.








Nine Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

best of the weekHere is this week’s round up of new tunes.

We have nine tracks for you from the kaleidoscopic pop of Ezra Furman to the fuzzy shambling pop of Fireworks by way of the infectious hooks of Dogbreth and the Mercury Rev inspired psych of Avers.


  1. Cass McCombs – Run Sister Run
  2. Ezra Furman – Teddy I’m Ready
  3. Tacocat – I Live For The Sun (Sunrays cover)
  4. Tim Presley – Clue
  5. Public Access T.V. – Sudden Emotion
  6. Dogbreth – Hoarder House
  7. BLUSH – Wrng
  8. Fireworks – Bury Me
  9. Avers – Insects











MM Shorts 854: Daniel Pearson

Singer-songwriter Daniel Pearson will release his new single titled 4th July on June 17th.

The immediately infectious track is a freewheeling slice of Americana that welds driving guitars, Johnny n’ June vocal harmonies and raucous harmonica into an ironic tale of love gone sour that fizzes by in under three minutes.

Spin it below.



boris johnson

Today is a sad day.

A day I am sad to say I feel embarrassed to be “English”.

A day I feel impotent rage at the Tory party’s supreme arrogance that constant austerity measures and cuts after cuts after cuts aimed at the poorest and the weakest wouldn’t leave people feeling ever more disenfranchised and disconnected from the world.

A day I feel impotent rage at the Labour party’s utter inability to engage with their voters and offer them a positive reason to remain part of Europe. Jeremy Corbyn may have principles and values, but he has the leadership qualities of a tortoise. He should be utterly ashamed of himself and his feeble, lacklustre campaigning.

I feel disgusted that anyone could look at Nigel Farage and his politics of hate and think that this is what represents “decent, hardworking people”. He represents everything I loathe – self-interested, self-important, intolerant pomposity. There is not a shred of decency in the man.

And I feel scared that we have the very real prospect of the sly, wolf-in-sheeps-clothing dishonesty of Boris Johnson or the narrow-minded spite of Michael Gove as potential leaders of my country.





Another From Adam Torres

We were delighted to hear of the return of singer-songwriter Adam Torres and have already shared the lovely High Lonesome from his forthcoming album Pearls to Swine, which is out on the 9th September.

Now we have another track for you – sprawling in scope and devastating in content, this time it is the hauntingly eerie and moving six minutes of Outlands.

Listen below.


Shovels & Rope – Little Seeds

Shovels & Rope

Husband and wife duo Shovels & Rope write literate, Southern Gothic infused songs of a uniformly high quality – one that sets them apart from the vast majority of their contemporaries.

They will release their new album Little Seeds on their new label New West Records on 7th October. With song titles such as Botched Execution, Mourning Song, The Last Hawk and subject matters ranging from Alzheimer’s disease (Invisible Man) to over-medicating children (Johnny Come Outside) to racial unity (BWYR) the duo cover some pretty bleak topics, but always manage to exude a dark humour, deep sentiment and the celebration of the genuine, quirky and beautiful things in life.

The first taste comes with I Know – listen below.