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  1. Yak – Bellyache
  2. Du Blonde – Buddy
  3. Speedy Ortiz – DTMFA
  4. FIDLAR – Can’t You See
  5. Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe – Life After Youth
  6. SAVAK – Nature Erased
  7. Slaves – Magnolia
  8. Cloud Nothings – So Right So Clean
  9. Wasted Cathedral – Smoked, Out Somewhere











Cloud Nothings have shared one more taste of their forthcoming album Life Without Sound before its release on January 27th.

New track Enter Entirely, starts as a slow-burner before bursting into a classic Dylan Baldi chorus.

Give it a spin.


Cloud Nothings have shared another taste from their forthcoming album Life Without Sound which is out in January.

Internal World might be one of our favourite tracks of theirs to date – an instant classic in the Dylan Baldi canon, packing an EPs worth of earworms into less than 4 minutes. It is a lullaby-like howler that dwells on “the fact that being yourself can be uncomfortable and even potentially dangerous at times.

Try it on for size…


best of the weekIt’s a big week of new releases in the Mad Mackerel world – new tunes from Foxygen, Cloud Nothings, the wonderful Traams and Blossoms to name but four.

Add to that songs from James McMurtryWeyes Blood, TOY, and long standing MM faves Trance Farmers and Estrons and we’ve had a bonanza seven days.

Nine songs for you. Enjoy.

  1. Cloud Nothings – Modern Act
  2. Foxygen – America
  3. Traams – Slipping
  4. Blossoms – Blown Rose
  5. James McMurtry – Screen Door  (Adam Carroll cover)
  6. Estrons – I’m Not Your Girl
  7. Trance Farmers – The Show
  8. Weyes Blood – Generation Why
  9. TOY – Clouds That Cover The Sun










Cloud Nothings have shared an official video for Psychic Trauma, another excellent single from their new album Here and Nowhere Else.



Wednesday Means Eight of the Best!

Here is our round-up of the best new tracks and releases we’ve collected from our in-box, our favourite blogs and the internet.

This time we have the the sultry and gently hypnotic folk of Cate Le Bon, the raucous, boozy new track from John McCauley’s latest roots supergroup Diamond Rugs, the brilliantly hypnotic and menacing track from experimental folksters Lower Dens, more enchantment and swirling, celestial folk from Julianna Barwick, some perfect Primitives style indie jangle from Strawberry Whiplash, and for contrast the brooding, gothic indie of Royal Baths.

We have the latest urgent, rasping garage from Cloud Nothings forthcoming album and lastly the woozy, backwoods thrum of the latest track to be aired by the Babies.

Download Cate Le Bon – Puts Me To Work mp3 (from CYRK)

Download Diamond Rugs – Gimme A Beer mp3 (from Diamond Rugs)


Download Julianna Barwick – Never Change mp3 (from Sanguine)

Download Strawberry Whiplash – Stop, Look And Listen mp3 (from Stop Look And Listen 7″)

Download Royal Baths – Black Sheep mp3 (from Better Luck Next Life)

Download Cloud Nothings – No Sentiment mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

Download The Babies – Trouble mp3 (from Trouble)

Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: December 2011.

Here is our final monthly Best Of mix of songs from 2011 – despite all the Christmas fayre on offer, there were still a whole plethora of cracking new tracks to enjoy, and as always we’ve gathered the best of our December posts into one lovely mix for you with a couple of new tracks to sample too. Don’t forget to check out all our previous monthly mixes in the sidebar on the left.

And off we go…

Download Horse’s Mouth – As I Climb mp3 (from Horse’s Mouth)

Opens with a plaintive vocal and soon develops into a classically harmonious folk-song with its gentle, repeated “Out of time” refrain and orchestrally tinged instrumentation.

Download Dan Mangan – Row Of Houses mp3 (from Oh Fortune)

A story told from the perspective of a character from folksinger Mangan’s favourite films, namely Gordie Lachance from Stand By Me.

Download Pop. 1280 – Bodies In The Dunes mp3 (from The Horror)

As raw and visceral as ever with their raw, junkyard freak-punk sound.

Download The Uncles – The Ballad Of Lehigh Valley mp3 (from M4W)

Taster from forthcoming sophomore album from expanded folk four-piece.

Download Sad Baby Wolf – Survival Guide mp3 (from 8th Level / Survival Guide)

Psychedelic, drone-rock inspired indie.

Download Palomino Drive – When We Were Only Friends mp3 (from Home EP)

Promising and softly strummed lo-fi folk.

Download Drunken Prayer – Always Sad mp3 (from Into The Missionfield)

Heavy on percussion, gut-bucket guitars are bluesy and psychedelic; the horn arrangements are loose and buoyant and best of all, the lyrics are as sweet as they are damning.

Download Ohioan – Sometimes mp3 (from Balls Deep In Babylon)

Mournful harmonica driven, down-at-heel traditional folk.

Download Terry Malts – Tumble Down mp3 (from Killing Time)

First taste of post-punk noiseniks new album Killing Time.

Download Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

Just under three minutes of spiky garage-pop that is as catchy as anything they’ve ever done.

Download Dolfish – Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out mp3 (from Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out 7″)

Sad, bitter, humorous country song banged out in balls to the wall garage-rock fashion.

Download Waters – Stay Away mp3 (Nirvana Cover)

Helter-skelter cover of Nirvana’s Stay Away where the ramshackle intensity and angst of the original is joyously matched.

Download The Lower 48 – Into The Woods mp3 (from Where All Maps End)

Warm, organic folk with a good-natured acoustic strum.

Download Scott H. Biram – I Want My Mojo Back mp3 (from Bad Ingredients)

Classic one-man band blues and stomp holler.

Download Phantom Family Halo – White Hot Gun mp3 (from When I Fall Out)

Perfect mix of pummelling krautrock with raw, glam overtones.

Download Redanda – This Bed Is A Rock (via Soundcloud)

Bursting with a brashness and sneered vocals that has more attitude crammed into its two minutes and a few seconds of whiplash drumming and guitar that many bands manage in a career.


Download Simone Felice – New York Times (via Soundcloud)

Spellbinding new single from forthcoming solo album.


Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – Seasonal Suite No. 62 (via Soundcloud)

A real treat for all those who for all those who love the gritty, raw, unconventional and downright bitter and bruised side of country music.


And the new…we have The XX with their demo of new track Open Eyes, the second single of sunburnt lo-fi pop from Inspired And The Sleep, a brand new slice of antiphonal guitar-gymnastics called Mortise And Tenon from London based math-punk trio Mayors Of Miyazaki and first on the list is another taste from Real Estate’s excellent album Days. Enjoy them all!


Download The XX – Open Eyes mp3 (Demo)

Download Inspired And The Sleep – Running mp3 (from Teenager)

Download Mayors Of Miyazaki – Mortise And Tenon mp3 (from Mortise And Tenon)

Quick & Dirty Round Up. We’re desperately cramming in as much as we can this month – new stuff, our Twelve Days of Christmas feature, festive tunes, and shortly our Best Of The Year lists and guest posts. Consequently, all these tunes are deserving of more time and more space than we’re giving them in this post, but rest assured there is a veritable feast of musical delights to get your ears around – dive in.

Self-professed psychedelic cavemen, pounding out their primitive songs hastily in the garage, Thee American Revolution bathes in the fuzz of the proceedings and have filled their debut Buddha Electrostorm with gem upon gem of power psych stomp and crunch. It was released last week and here are a couple of tasters.

Download Thee American Revolution – Blow My Mind mp3 (from Buddha Electrostorm)

Download Thee American Revolution – Electric Flame mp3 (from Buddha Electrostorm)

Rocket From The Tombs are a legendary five piece formed in 1974, played only a handful of shows, never put out a record and 12 short months later called it quits. ln 2002 demos, live recordings and bootlegs were unearthed culimanting in enough material for an album which became The Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the Tombs. Fire Records have reissued the record (out now) and here’s one reason to buy it.

Download Rocket From The Tombs – Ain’t It Fun mp3 (From The Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the Tombs)

Therapist are an indie-dance-punk band with funky basslines, dancey beats and infectious female vocals. Check out new single I Know What I Want.


Low Roar is the project of Ryan Karazija. Low Roar is the incarnation of change, atmosphere and loneliness after a move from San Francisco, California to Reykjavík, Iceland. It is an honest, often melancholic, depiction of the struggles to acclimate, find work, and support his family in the Icelandic winter.


Now, Now will release their sophomore album Threads in March next year. A sprawling sonic endeavour, Dead Oaks is the first listen from the record.

Download Now, Now – Dead Oaks mp3 (from Threads)

On their new EP Grids, Norse Horse deftly blend rich guitar tones and lush arrangements with a certain air of golden vibrance unique only to Southern California. Listen/download Sun Corridor.


It’s been six years since the release of her well-received debut album …this side of yesterday, but next month marks the return of indie-folk singer/songwriter Martha Berner with her long-awaited full-length follow-up Fool’s Fantasy along with her new band The Significant Others. Cry is the first taste and a good one too!

Download Martha Berner & The Significant Others – Cry mp3 (from Fool’s Fantasy)

Tumble Down is the first taste of post-punk noiseniks Terry Malts new album Killing Time.

Download Terry Malts – Tumble Down mp3 (from Killing Time)

Likewise, gloomy indie doomsayers Royal Baths have offered up a taste from their forthcoming new album Better Luck Next Life.

Download Royal Baths – Darling Divine mp3 (from Better Luck Next Life)

After college Family Portrait’s Evan Brody went home and created the Dark Roast EP, a smooth sequence of melancholic, layered pop that is sure to nag at your thoughts well into the future.

Download Family Portrait – Dark Roast mp3 (from Dark Roast EP)

Todd May is the songwriting force behind the Mooncussers. Aperitif, their second EP, explores the southern rock avenue of three guitars and a soulful sound and includes Lydia Loveless (who released an excellent debut herself on Bloodshot this year) on backing vocals for this track Jessimine And I.

Download The Mooncussers – Jessimine And I mp3 (from Aperitif EP)

Mutiny Mutiny crafts noisy art rock that mines sonic territory previously explored by bands like Unwound, Sonic Youth, Jawbox, Slint and Mission of Burma. Constellation, the debut album from the Seattle-based trio brings together angular chaos and gorgeous noise in 11 songs that meld the band’s diverse musical backgrounds with a good dose of homage to the bands that they love.

Download Mutiny Mutiny – The Damage Is Done mp3 (from Constellations)

Lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore is set to release a series of cover tracks as part of his singles collection R. Stevie Moore and Those Who Followed in early 2012 through Orlando’s Glowmobile Recording Company. The collection includes covers of Miami-based sound wizard Dino Felipe and psych-haze group Telethon.

Download R. Stevie Moore – No Escape From Loving You (Sean Moore Cover) mp3 (from R. Stevie Moore and Those Who Followed)

Gritty post-punk merchants Holy State formed in 2008 and offer a constant array of loud & warm dynamics. They have been busy recording their debut album on a ship and a full length LP (Electric Picture Palace) and UK tour is planned for April 2012.


Cloud Nothings have released the second track from forthcoming Albini produced album Attack On Memory. Stay Useless is just under three minutes of spiky garage-pop that is as catchy as anything they’ve ever done.

Download Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

And lastly John Statz has released the second single from his upcoming album, Old Fashioned, due on Yer Bird Recordssoon. Honest is a superb slice of prairie tinged country rock and like he says, “Make sure and pay extra attention to Jeremiah Nelson’s heart-string pulling lap-steel solo in the middle.


Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: November 2011. Despite the end of the year fast approaching, thankfully the quality of new music shows no signs of slowing. Here are the best of our November offerings, together with some tasty new tracks to round off the mix.Over thirty great songs – just right for the roaring fire and the cocoa!

Download SiskiyouTwigs And Stones mp3 (from Keep Away The Dead)

Brilliantly judged restless blend of country rock, folk, and grand orchestral rock.

Download The Cloud Nothings – No Future / No Past mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

Intense indie rock – their best yet?

Download The Morning Birds – Born To Be Alive mp3 (from Surrender To This EP)

Skips along on the back of a groove so funky that it sounds like it was kidnapped from a 1970s New York disco and dragged into the new Millennium.

Download A Place To Bury Strangers – So Far Away mp3 (from Onwards To The Wall EP)

This on the other hand is a storming slab of pulverising noisemongering!

Download D.B. Rouse – The Hungover Lowdown Beat Up Burnt Out Blues mp3 (from Repent EP)

Folk yes, but beautifully judged with poignancy and pathos, self-reflection, regrets and dreams.

Download New London Fire – The Dirt The Blood The Faith mp3 (from The Dirt The Blood The Faith)

Sumptuous folk-western that howls its defiance and stands righteous in its anger at injustices suffered.

Download Black Creek – The Mustang mp3 (from Ragged Shark)

Dirty country rock and barrelling bar-room boogie.

Download Wounded Lion – Roman Values mp3 (from IVXLCDM)

Two and a half minutes of insane garage punk that is driven along by a heavyweight riff, pulsating percussion and a classic shouted vocal.

Download The Whalers – Lighthouse mp3 (from Paddle Easy EP)

Hypnotic, surf-inspired indie rock.

Download Lissy Trullie – Madeleine mp3 (from Lissy Trullie)

Slow-burning indie with echoes of the Velvets, even a bit of shoegaze maybe, but all is anchored by a distorted groove and her brilliant voice.

Download The Great Lakes – Blood On My Tooth mp3

Country jam given a healthy injection of rockabilly rhythm.

Download Monument Valley – Dear John Letters mp3 (from Tongues EP)

Excellent slice of introspective, melancholia from new singer-songwriter.

Download Bear Driver – Never Never mp3

Woozy, four-minute slice of delicious fuzz-pop.

Download Sharon Van Etten – Serpents mp3 (from Tramp)

Stunning advance track from forthcoming new album.

Download Fairlamb – The Way It Goes mp3 (from People Change)

Waspish lyrics and gently strummed acoustics.

Download The Dodos – So Cold mp3 (Previously Unreleased)

More indie-folk par excellence.

Download Galaxy Sunrise – When Pigs Fly mp3 (from When Pigs Fly single)

Lovely excursion into hazy psych-pop.

Download The Boombox Hearts – Crank It Up mp3

Lo-fi melancholic folk from Denmark.

Download Electric Flowers – Circles mp3 (from Electric Circles EP)

A sonic epic. Nuff said.

Download The Quiet Americans – Be Alone mp3 (from Medicine EP)

Old fashioned, fuzzed-up rock’n’roll.

Download Joakim Fritzner – Thoughts On Us 23-3 mp3 (from It’s Not Me…)

Catchy, folkish strum and guaranteed earworm.

Download Wooden Wand – Winter In Kentucky mp3 (from Briarwood)

Masterful ramshackle countryish-rock.

Download The Dead Jerichos – Please Yourself mp3 (from Please Yourself EP)

Drenched, droney guitar lines and shattered fragments of disco, punk, and post hardcore rhythms.

Download The Royal Sea – This Summer mp3 (from The Royal Sea)

Surf-drums and sugar coated adrenalin rush – this should have been the woozy, feel good hit of the summer. Our pick of the month.

Download Pontiak – Lions Of Least mp3 (from Echo Ono)

Pulverising psych-rock.

Download Secret Colours – Faust mp3 (from EP3)

Channels the finest of the greats of late ’60s psychedelia, ’90s newgaze reverence, and a touch of driving, bucolic, no frills RnR straight from the greasiest of garages.

Download i am Love – Truest mp3 (from Truest 7″)

Rich, thoughtful folk with beautifully paced ebb and flow.

Download Rob St. John – Sargasso Sea mp3 (from Weald)

Simply stunning excursion into a shifting, twilight world that slowly builds on the back of a sparse, plucked guitar and almost spoken vocals into a swirling, epic peak of rhythmic guitars and cracked vocal harmonies.

And there’s more. To round off the mix we have a gorgeous new one from MM faves, the folky Bowerbirds who will release a new album in March on Dead Oceans, the first taste of individual bubblegum garage from Hunx (as in & His Punx) solo effort appropriately called Hairdresser Blues, the effortlessly sleazy Black Bananas (formerly RTX) and Rad Times from their forthcoming album Rad Times Xpress IV and lastly former Dawes member Alex Casnoff has a new band Harriet and a new EP Tell The Right Story. I Slept With All Your Mothers is the brilliantly named and gripping lead track.

As always…enjoy!

Download The Bowerbirds – Tuck The Darkness In mp3 (from The Clearing)

Download Hunx – Always Forever mp3 (from Hairdresser Blues)

Download Harriet – I Slept With All Your Mothers mp3 (from Tell The Right Story EP)

Download Black Bananas – Rad Times mp3 (from Rad Times Xpress IV)

MM Plays Catch Up. We’re busy catching up on a few things we weren’t able to post over the past few days.

So, without further ado, here are some brilliant new ones including The Mountain Goats, the languid country rock of The Futurebirds, a brilliantly intense offering from Cloud Nothings, more icy electronica from Work Drugs, indie pop from Gross Magic and the psych blues rock of White Denim and lastly the insanely catchy Strokes like indie rock of The Dig.


Download The Mountain Goats – Thucydides II-58 mp3 (from Temporary Hellenism)

Download The Futurebirds – Nearsayerfive mp3 (from Holiday Road Super Single)

Download The Cloud Nothings – No Future / No Past mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

Download The Dig – You’re Already Gone mp3 (from Electric Toys)

Download Gross Magic – Yesterdays mp3 (from split 7″)

Download White Denim – No Real Reason mp3 (from Takes Place In Your Workplace EP)

Download Work Drugs – Flying Zambo mp3 (from Aurora Lies)