Quick & Dirty Round Up

Quick & Dirty Round Up. We’re desperately cramming in as much as we can this month – new stuff, our Twelve Days of Christmas feature, festive tunes, and shortly our Best Of The Year lists and guest posts. Consequently, all these tunes are deserving of more time and more space than we’re giving them in this post, but rest assured there is a veritable feast of musical delights to get your ears around – dive in.

Self-professed psychedelic cavemen, pounding out their primitive songs hastily in the garage, Thee American Revolution bathes in the fuzz of the proceedings and have filled their debut Buddha Electrostorm with gem upon gem of power psych stomp and crunch. It was released last week and here are a couple of tasters.

Download Thee American Revolution – Blow My Mind mp3 (from Buddha Electrostorm)

Download Thee American Revolution – Electric Flame mp3 (from Buddha Electrostorm)

Rocket From The Tombs are a legendary five piece formed in 1974, played only a handful of shows, never put out a record and 12 short months later called it quits. ln 2002 demos, live recordings and bootlegs were unearthed culimanting in enough material for an album which became The Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the Tombs. Fire Records have reissued the record (out now) and here’s one reason to buy it.

Download Rocket From The Tombs – Ain’t It Fun mp3 (From The Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the Tombs)

Therapist are an indie-dance-punk band with funky basslines, dancey beats and infectious female vocals. Check out new single I Know What I Want.


Low Roar is the project of Ryan Karazija. Low Roar is the incarnation of change, atmosphere and loneliness after a move from San Francisco, California to Reykjavík, Iceland. It is an honest, often melancholic, depiction of the struggles to acclimate, find work, and support his family in the Icelandic winter.


Now, Now will release their sophomore album Threads in March next year. A sprawling sonic endeavour, Dead Oaks is the first listen from the record.

Download Now, Now – Dead Oaks mp3 (from Threads)

On their new EP Grids, Norse Horse deftly blend rich guitar tones and lush arrangements with a certain air of golden vibrance unique only to Southern California. Listen/download Sun Corridor.


It’s been six years since the release of her well-received debut album …this side of yesterday, but next month marks the return of indie-folk singer/songwriter Martha Berner with her long-awaited full-length follow-up Fool’s Fantasy along with her new band The Significant Others. Cry is the first taste and a good one too!

Download Martha Berner & The Significant Others – Cry mp3 (from Fool’s Fantasy)

Tumble Down is the first taste of post-punk noiseniks Terry Malts new album Killing Time.

Download Terry Malts – Tumble Down mp3 (from Killing Time)

Likewise, gloomy indie doomsayers Royal Baths have offered up a taste from their forthcoming new album Better Luck Next Life.

Download Royal Baths – Darling Divine mp3 (from Better Luck Next Life)

After college Family Portrait’s Evan Brody went home and created the Dark Roast EP, a smooth sequence of melancholic, layered pop that is sure to nag at your thoughts well into the future.

Download Family Portrait – Dark Roast mp3 (from Dark Roast EP)

Todd May is the songwriting force behind the Mooncussers. Aperitif, their second EP, explores the southern rock avenue of three guitars and a soulful sound and includes Lydia Loveless (who released an excellent debut herself on Bloodshot this year) on backing vocals for this track Jessimine And I.

Download The Mooncussers – Jessimine And I mp3 (from Aperitif EP)

Mutiny Mutiny crafts noisy art rock that mines sonic territory previously explored by bands like Unwound, Sonic Youth, Jawbox, Slint and Mission of Burma. Constellation, the debut album from the Seattle-based trio brings together angular chaos and gorgeous noise in 11 songs that meld the band’s diverse musical backgrounds with a good dose of homage to the bands that they love.

Download Mutiny Mutiny – The Damage Is Done mp3 (from Constellations)

Lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore is set to release a series of cover tracks as part of his singles collection R. Stevie Moore and Those Who Followed in early 2012 through Orlando’s Glowmobile Recording Company. The collection includes covers of Miami-based sound wizard Dino Felipe and psych-haze group Telethon.

Download R. Stevie Moore – No Escape From Loving You (Sean Moore Cover) mp3 (from R. Stevie Moore and Those Who Followed)

Gritty post-punk merchants Holy State formed in 2008 and offer a constant array of loud & warm dynamics. They have been busy recording their debut album on a ship and a full length LP (Electric Picture Palace) and UK tour is planned for April 2012.


Cloud Nothings have released the second track from forthcoming Albini produced album Attack On Memory. Stay Useless is just under three minutes of spiky garage-pop that is as catchy as anything they’ve ever done.

Download Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

And lastly John Statz has released the second single from his upcoming album, Old Fashioned, due on Yer Bird Recordssoon. Honest is a superb slice of prairie tinged country rock and like he says, “Make sure and pay extra attention to Jeremiah Nelson’s heart-string pulling lap-steel solo in the middle.


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