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Much like their home base of New York City, A Valley Son (who take their name from the title of a Grandaddy song) is an anomaly, comprised of three Southern transplants that grew up on Stax and Motown, and one Yonkers-born Gospel drummer turned bassist.

Their debut EP Sunset Park is Southern gothic-inspired, harmony-laden, soulful rock & roll and is well worth checking out.

This is Lights In The Sky. Have a listen.


Despite the ominous name, Los Angeles band Bloody Death Skull is not scary, not in the traditional sense. Swirling together electrified ukulele with toys and whatever sounds and instruments they like over the classic chord structures that launched early rock and soul, BDS makes fun music rooted in the ’50s & ’60s with a garage-punk mentality and lyrics that sweetly break some taboos.

Just in time for Halloween, listen to Betsy’s Back below, all the while imagining The Shirelles meeting Roky Erickson on a playground in outer space.



Still wading through a massive backlog of high calibre new tunes. Here are ten more of all shapes and sizes for you to check up on and decide hit or miss…


Mud Howlers – Magic Place  [RIYL: Desert-Blues, Led Zeppelin, Richie Valens ]


Mark McGowan – Fugazi  [RIYL: Soulful country, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding]


Casper Skulls – Mink Coats  [RIYL: Noise-punk, Screaming Females, the Dirty Nil]


Gallery Circus – Holland On Fire  [RIYL: Abrasive garage rock, Drenge, Royal Blood]


The Hairs – Barbarians!  [RIYL: Freak-pop, Cloud Nothings, Happy Flowers]


Crepes – Hidden Star  [RIYL: Cosmic surf-pop, Oxygen, Ariel Pink]


Proto Idiot – Idiot Blues  [RIYL: Garage rock, Soft Boys, TV Personalties]


Posture – I Just Can’t Wait To See My Girl  [RIYL: Surf-Pop, Girls, Beach Boys]


Traitrs – Witch Trials  [RIYL: Gothic Post Punk, Bauhaus, The Cure]


Psychic Heat – In Two  [RIYL: Fuzz punk, Thee Oh Sees, The Zombies]



Little Brother Eli band

It is always extra pleasing when a local band demands some attention. And so it is with Oxford’s excellently named Little Brother Eli, a five piece offering up their own take on bluesy garage rock combined with powerful, soulful vocals and appropriately growling guitars.

Little Brother EliOur very good friends at Nightshift describes them thus, “These boys have got the blues, and dirt under their fingernails, like White Denim living in a Mississippi shack, hosting whisky parties for Jack White.

As usual, we couldn’t put it better ourselves, so check out Hanging from their forthcoming long player Cold Tales below, and you can  pre-order the album here.


best of the week

Here is this week’s offering of songs gathered from the past seven days that are surely worth a bit of your attention and ear-time.

From the garage rock of The Limiñanas and Music Band to the proto-punk of The Gotobeds, the haunting gothic pop of Marissa Nadler and the soulful delta blues of C.W. Stinking.  We have Easter treats for everyone.

All yours…

  1. The Limiñanas – Prisunic
  2. Arbor Labor Union – Belief’d
  3. The Gotobeds – Real Maths/Too Much
  4. Marissa Nadler – All The Colors Of The Dark
  5. Music Band – Fortune Guns
  6. C.W. Stoneking – Get On The Floor
  7. The Raveonettes – Excuses
  8. The So So Glos – Missionary
  9. Tancred – Control Me
  10. FEWS – 100 Goosebumps











Baby Bry Bry

Since 2013, Baby Bry Bry has been making a strong impression in the Washington DC’s punk and indie scenes with his brand of raw garage punk meets crooning soul.

Cricket Cemetery has released The Way Things Was, a collection of Baby Bry Bry’s many rare singles and home recordings. The record provides a glimpse into the often contradictory world of this distinctive entertainer. With many disparate influences ranging from Roy Orbison to The Dead Kennedys, these are tracks that manage to seamlessly combine garage, power pop, soul, and punk rock into one catchy, self-described “lounge punk” sound.

A perfect example is the melancholy I Just Don’t Feel Like Picking Up My Phone Today.

100 Posts in 100 Hours is a series rounding up the best of our inbox from the tail end of 2015.

Blues don’t come any deeper, any harder, any sleazier, or any better than this.

King Mud is the new project of Van Campbell of Black Diamond Heavies and Freddy J IV of Left Lane Cruiser. Their album Victory Motel Sessions is a record of album of hard blues, blue-eyed soul, heavy rock and feedback and it is out in early February.

This is Back It Up from it.


100 Posts in 100 Hours is a series rounding up the best of our inbox from the tail end of 2015.

David Bowie

Words are inadequate when the world loses someone like David Bowie. A visionary, icon, innovator and musical genius. Even this past summer he soundtracked our holiday drives around the orange groves of Valencia, the whole car singing along to Space Oddity and the Jean Genie

Here then, in no particular order, are twenty of our favourite David Bowie songs.





















100 Posts in 100 Hours is a series rounding up the best of our inbox from the tail end of 2015.






Epsilona are an up-and-coming indie rock band hailing from California.

This project equates to a splash of psychedelic and a tablespoon of soul; all baked on a cerebral loaf of curiosity. They yield a dynamic rhythm section and guitar melodies that creates a sound that pulls from multiple influences such as Tame Impala, Minus the Bear, and Toro Y Moi.

Stream or download the wonderfully catchy Think About It.


100 Posts in 100 Hours is a series rounding up the best of our inbox from the tail end of 2015.

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday: 8th January

I rather love this song. And being a rather obsessive listener, it’s been on non-stop. If it strikes a chord then I will know every nuance, every hat tap, every little murmur; I can’t tell you how many hundreds of times I’ve listened to my numero uno of 2015. But that’s another story for another day.

Truth be told, it’s been a rather pants introduction to 2016; swimming along the bottom of the fish tank, I might counter. Still, I’m a never-say-die, chin-up-and-get-on-with-it, cry-in-the-comfort-of my-own-car, hopeless romantic/optomist/cheerer of the underdog. This is what my ma would say if she could: forwards with an onward motion, pet. Even when you know that you’re breaking in two. (That last bit is a lyric btw, not a declaration. For now, anyway.)

In fact, being probably only three units into my 14 of the week, some fine tunes playing, already life seems a little better. Don’t play sad songs when you feel sad. Don’t try and change the things you have no power to change. And love the people who love you back.

Happy Friday, people.