Ten Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

best of the weekAfter a week’s break, we’re back with our regular round up of the best new tunes of the past seven days.

It includes the return of a number of MM regulars too: No Age, The Growlers and Pop. 1280 as well a stunning new track from Annie Hardy (ex of Giant Drag) and plenty more besides.

So then, ten cracking songs – dive in.

  1. Pop. 1280 – Pulse
  2. Hiss Golden Messenger – Tell Her I’m Just Dancing
  3. The Growlers – City Club
  4. Angel Olsen – Sister
  5. Magic Trick – First Thought
  6. Shilpa Ray – Paisley
  7. The Raveonettes – A Good Fight
  8. Annie Hardy – Go Hey Raku Sake
  9. No Age – Separation
  10. Cory Hanson – Ordinary People











Introducing >>> Ritual Howls

Ritual Howls are industrial, cinematic deathrock creating sounds and words that shift from the violent expression of fear to an obsession with baptism and cleansing. Their combination of drum machines, synths, fuzz bass and twang guitar produce a Skinny Puppy meets Lee Hazlewood soundtrack that embraces both paranoia and tranquility – like a love song to the devil.

These are macabre tales with lyrics that Poe or Lovecraft would have been proud of… listen below to new single Park Around The Corner, from their forthcoming album Into The Water (out on felte) next month.


The Cult Of Dom Keller – Shambhala Is On Fire

I have only just got my hearing back after seeing The Cult Of Dom Keller shred the room at The Great Escape – just in time in fact for their new single Shambhala Is On Fire!

It is a scorching slab of experimental goth-tinged psych that fans of Swans and The Icarus Line will find plenty to entertain themselves with here, but (whisper it quietly) so too will all those Sisters of Mercy devotees too.

The band will release their third album, Goodbye To The Light with esteemed London label Fuzz Club on July 22nd.

Immerse yourself here…


The Great Escape – Day 2

great escape

If one thing really irritates me then it is the bloke (it is always a bloke) at the back of the gig who, at the end, opines how the band “were a bit too samey”, or they “didn’t quite get it”, or it “was OK, but nothing special”, or they’ve “seen it done better by other bands” and then goes on to list a load of obscure or not-so-obscure bands that were (or are) apparently better.

This bloke, in various guises, plagued me yesterday. At the end of Man Of Moon, The K, Diet Cig, and Black Honey I heard various pompous, patronising and pissy comments from people who clearly spent their lives going to gigs and telling people how they weren’t as good as other gigs they’ve been to…

So for the record, Man Of Moon were nothing like Hawkwind, but did deliver an excellent set of spacey psychedelia. The K were nothing like Rage Against the Machine, but did shred their guitars with the best of them, Diet Cig were nothing like Pavement, but instead provided the best set I’ve seen so far and in Dinner Date have (their own) indie-punk classic. Local heroes Black Honey were nothing like “Lush-lite”, but instead wowed a crowd with surfy guitars and high octane indie anthems.

In between these I was blown away by the visceral punk rock of Otherkin,  pleasantly transfixed by the dark, throbbing electro-indie of Drones Club, and sadly disappointed by Eagulls who I had been eagerly waiting for all day. They seemed infected by a somewhat thin and disinterested crowd and the slightly new direction taken on their new record didn’t translate well live and felt flat and diluted compared to their storming debut. Nerve Endings was a standout, but I will resist the temptation to say I’ve seen it done better by other bands…









New Video: Destruction Unit – If Death Ever Slept

Destruction Unit are heading to Europe this June in support of their critically acclaimed record Negative Feedback Resistor.

The band have shared a psychedelic live video of album track If Death Ever Slept, from a recent London show at the Shacklewell Arms.

Watch it below and check out their UK dates.


Live dates:
25 Jun – Manchester – The Ruby Lounge
26 Jun – Glasgow – Broadcast
27 Jun – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
28 Jun – London – Moth
29 Jun – Brighton – The Hope

100 Songs In 100 Hours: 98 – Sex Snobs

sex snobs

Oklahoma City alternative noise rock band Sex Snobs new full length album is Pop Songs and Other Ways to Die.

Listen to the distorted, dissonant gem that is Farewell To The Sun below, and get the album on a name-your-price deal from Bandcamp here.


100 Posts in 100 Hours is a series rounding up the best of our inbox from the tail end of 2015.

New From Pop. 1280

Pop. 1280 make it their business to trade in unease, disquiet and suspicion – shining a light into the darkest, deepest recesses of our collective behaviour and exposing the flaws and sub-truths we peddle to ourselves and each other – particularly where it relates to the might of the corporate and political machines.

Paradise, will be their third full-length album and it is an unforgiving look into the mirror peeling back the facade of the paradise we have created for ourselves. Concerned about the ills that technology has wrought in the modern world, it’s also a record fraught with existential ennui. A fear permeates the record that the world will never get any better; that we as humans have made our bed and now must lie in it. The combined weight of those external and internal forces lay the foundation for the album, and they give it its power.

On Paradise, synthesizers, mechanized drum machines, and samplers play a critical role on the record, just as important as the more familiar squall of buzzsaw guitars and sinister, brooding vocals.

Have a listen to Pyramids On Mars.


Nickel In The Jukebox (Vol. 8)

Nickel In The Jukebox

Our eighth collection of ten tunes for the virtual jukebox – give them a spin and decide hit… or miss.


Passport To Stockholm – Let Me Know  [RIYL: Indie-folk, Lanterns on the Lake, Loch Lomond]


Ripper – On The Curb  [RIYL: Punk, Germs, Dead Kennedys]


Trotting Bear – Hesitate  [RIYL: Folk, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine]


Bad Sounds – Avalanche  [RIYL: Indie-pop, Hot Chip, The Virgins]


Estrons – Make A Man  [RIYL: Indie-punk, Blood Red Shoes, The Kills]


The Goldhearts – Here’s The Thing  [RIYL: Alternative rock, The Breeders, Veruca Salt]


B/U/B/B – Hate Culture  [RIYL: Noise-rock, The Melvins, Queens of the Stoneage]


Plant Tribe – Croakin’  [RIYL: Acid rock, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead]


Go Deep – Designated  [RIYL: Hardcore stomp, Beastie Boys, Senser]


Daisy Chains – Bye Babe  [RIYL: Indie-pop, Best Coast, Colleen Green]


Video Round Up Time

Here are a few more new videos that we’ve been enjoying ready for your viewing pleasure. Dive into new offerings from J Fernandez, Eskimeaux, Blitzen Trapper, Drenge, Destruction Unit, The Hanging Stars, Bully and Valley Maker.










Nickel In The Jukebox (Vol 5)

Nickel In The Jukebox

A day late, but none the worse for all that. Here is this week’s jukebox jury selection for your listening edification. Hit or miss? You pick…


Jake McMullen – Always Single  [RIYL: Singer-songwriters, James Vincent McMorrow, Ryan Adams]


Grassfight – Breaking Up Pigeons  [RIYL: Psych-rock, Spacemen 3, Spoon]


Boys – Believe Anything  [RIYL: Garage pop, The Strokes, The Legends]


PROM – Touch Me  [RIYL: Sludge-punk, Girl Band, Jesus Lizard]


Pinemen – Essence Of Easy Going  [RIYL: Slacker-indie, Beck, Pavement]


Dumb Numbers – I Dreamed I Saw Jack Nance Last Night  [RIYL: Doom-pop, Julee Cruise, Chris Isaak]


Beach Slang – Anything Anything (Dramarama cover)  [RIYL: Pop-punk, The Replacements, Jawbreaker]


Big Harp – Diev  [RIYL: Fuzzy pop, Best Coast, Colleen Green]


The Dirty Blonde – Bottom Feeder  [RIYL: Alt-rock, Neutral Milk Hotel, Husker Du]


The Orange Revival – Saturation  [RIYL: Psych-rock, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Warlocks]