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We shared Brooklyn-based noise-rockers Russian Baths single Ambulance way back in March 2016, and now we are sharing What’s Your Basement, which is the second single off of their forthcoming, debut EP, Penance.

It is a two minute blast of brilliantly queasy, discordant guitars and crushing percussion that has more than a taste of vintage Sonic Youth about it.

Liking this… a lot.


One of the greats – punk, post-punk, poet, contrary icon. Genius. Legend.




Manchester trio The Longcut will release their new album Arrows on the 6th April.

Musically sitting somewhere between utopia and dystopia, the band have constructed their own monolithic world as bittersweet as it is bleak. Behemoth of a lead single Deathmask is the perfect case in point – energetic, menacing and mesmerising, it is six minutes of urgent, brutalist experimental synth rock.

And you should listen to it.

Right now.


  1. Eels – The Deconstruction
  2. The Decemberists – Severed
  3. No Age – Send Me
  4. Haley Heynderickx – Untitled God Song
  5. Hot Snakes – Six Wave Hold-Down
  6. Bonny Doon – I Am here (I Am Alive)
  7. Radkey – Not Smart
  8. Micah P. Hinson – Beneath The Rose ((Marc Riley BBC 6 Music Session 06/11/2012)
  9. Jack Cooper – Fat Old Sun  (Pink Floyd cover)
  10. The Soft Moon – Choke
  11. The Exbats – I Was In Your Video













  1. First Aid Kit – Fireworks
  2. No Age – Drippy
  3. Alela Diane – Émigré’
  4. Calexico – Voices In The Field
  5. Olden Yolk – Takes One To Know One
  6. Craig Finn – Fault Lines  (Mountain Goats cover)
  7. Ty Segall – The Main Pretender
  8. The Orwells – Vanilla
  9. The Soft Moon – It Kills
  10. Graham Coxon – Falling











Australia’s DZ Deathrays have unveiled a surreal video for new single Total Meltdown.

In typical DZ style, the ridiculous video sees the duo turned into animated characters, fresh after a night out on the town, a chaotic series of events that perfectly encapsulates the raucous, thrash-party sound of the single.

Watch it below.


Chapter II is probably our favourite track from Naomi Punk’s latest album Yellow. A song that just oozes pulsating, tribal chaos.

The band have shared an appropriately intense and moody video for it. Watch it below and order the album via Bandcamp here.


The Wasp is the latest buzzing track from Brooklyn’s no-wave, noise-punk supergroup Ice Balloons from their upcoming LP Fiesta, out August 11th on Volar Records.

As much a cult as a band, helmed by a giant golden fly, Ice Balloons celebrates chaos as fizzles and lasers pop from every broken corner of their tumbled offerings. The Wasp is no exception – the track, like most of the record, was inspired by insects after a hallucination caused by altitude sickness during a trip to Colorado.

Stream it here.


Another From METZ

Posted: August 4, 2017 in Alternative, Industrial, Music, Post Punk, Rock

Here’s another track from METZ’s forthcoming new record Strange Peace.

This time around it’s the angular, ear-piercing Drained Lake: one of the boldest and most daring METZ tracks to date. Imagine the clatter of early Sonic Youth brought up to terrifying speed or Preoccupations on a hardcore 7”s binge and you wouldn’t be a million miles from the pace…



Fresh after taking a year off, Australian duo DZ Deathrays have returned with a new single.

Shred For Summer sees them mark their return in typically ferocious style, crafting one of their most visceral yet catchy songs to date.

Listen below. The single is out today via Alcopop!