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best of the weekAfter last week’s bonanza of new tunes, we’re back with eleven more tracks gathered up from the past seven days. No reduction in quality either with another (and the best yet) taste from Laura Marling’s new record Semper Femina, a brand new instrumental track from pastoral psych rockers Allah Las and another ominous slice of brooding Americana from Timber Timbre.

We also have new singles from Hater, Luxury Death and WATERS, a Talking Heads cover from Japandroids and another entry from the Our First 100 Days Project – this time it is DRINKS and a hazy, 60’s inspired tune. We have another song from Adam Torres’ upcoming EP and an unbearably sad Mount Eerie track. Finally that rarest of sightings on MM, a remix of sorts with Parquet Courts’ Captive of the Sun brilliantly reworked in tandem with rapper Bun B.

Enjoy y’all.












On the 7th April, Timber Timbre will release their new album Sincerely, Future Pollution.

The first single, Sewer Blues, is an ironclad groove marked by plodding, heavy rhythm, cavernous delay, and a backdrop of starry synthesizers. Taylor Kirk’s nearly spoken words seem to emit from the underbelly of urban decay, carried on the ominous air of these troubled days.

It’s powerful stuff – watch / listen below.


The eerie, sometimes disturbing and often unsettling, Americana of Timber Timbre is showcased to perfect effect in their new video for Grand Canyon – a track from their Hot Dreams long player, released earlier this year.



Mad Mackerel's Best of the Months: March to May (Part 1)

Previously we’ve just offered Best of the Month postings with downloads, but that excludes so many quality songs we’ve decided to just post our favourite tracks – irrespective of whether they are free to download or not. If you like them add them to your Spotify playlists or do the old fashioned thing and download them from iTunes, Bandcamp, or wherever.

Anyway, with a bit of ground to make up here is the first part of March to May’s selections. Nearly forty tracks – enjoy!

Twin Berlin – Buzzkill
Heavy, slow burnin’ garage punk.


The Ukiah Drag – Dirt Trip
Wields a heavy creep-beat that cleans your dusty clock and takes you for a bourbon afterwards – self-conceited punk hypnosis.


La Sera – Losing To The Dark
Sounds like Lesley Gore fronting Black Flag – in a good way.


Dan Baker – Pistol In My Pocket
Skeletal, tortured alt-country and folk delivered with Baker’s mix of wavering, unforgiving howls and whispered confessionals.


S. Carey – Crown The Pines
Glorious, delicately cascading folk.


Secret Colours – Heavy & Steady
Bass-heavy single showcases the quintet’s maturing psych-pop sensibilities.


Wooden Wand – Dambuilding
Beautifully judged slice of acoustic melancholy unhurriedly delivered with a slightly crestfallen air that imbues the narrative with a gorgeous poignancy.


Benjamin Shaw – Goodbye, Kagoul World
Ramshackle psychedelic folk with a healthy splash of darkly black humour.


WATERS – Got To My Head


Split Screens – Close My Eyes
Over a backdrop of lush vocal harmonies, meditative fingerpicking and expressive brush work, delves into the theme of escapism and the freedom of letting go.


Tele Novella – Trouble In Paradise
Charming, mellow indie psych-pop and subtle vocal harmonies.


Donkeys – Scissor Me Cigs
Laid back, easy-going, breezy country tinged rock.


Paradise – Born And Bound
Vintage-inspired, nuggets style garage-psych.


The Leaf Library – The Greater Good
Hypnotic, krautrock disco, which is reminiscent of Stereolab at their best.


Cate Le Bon – Sisters


Timber Timbre – Curtains?!
Insistent groove of disquieting Americana.


Creepoid – Wet Bread
Slow burn sonics from noise rockers.


Heart Beach – Hours
Sad, minimal, skuzz pop drone harmonies.


Amen Dunes – Lilac In Hand
Sweetly resigned vocals are carried along on a simple acoustic strum, piano and deft percussion.


Brian Jonestown Massacre – What You Isn’t
Grandfathers of modern-psych deliver again.


The Peach Kings – Be Around
Smooth and smoky vocals above bluesy guitar riffs


The Orwells – Southern Comfort
Swaggering, infectious lead off track from the much anticipated debut Disgraceland, out on the 3rd June.


The Delines – I Won’t Slip Up
Smooth, slow moving and sorrowful Americana.


Horse Thief – Little Dust
Relaxed, undulating slice of Americana that sets expansive, chiming guitars behind an rolling, easy-going vocal.


Strand Of Oaks – Goshen ’97
A superb full-on, incendiary, ballsy roots-rocker with screaming guitars and relentless percussion.


Clouder – Lost In Reverie
Romping rock track about a faceless female presence that’s propelled by antsy guitars that morph in and out of surf and psychedelic jangles.


Dune Rats – Funny Guy
Two and a half minutes of pumped up, guitar-fuelled stoned, garage rock that is impossible to resist.


Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Sealed Scene
Get locked into the space rock groove…


Free Swim – Meal For One
Brilliant track of catchy indie insouciance, scalpel sharp lyrical minutiae, and overall inventive quirkiness.


The Felice Brothers – Cherry Licorice
Classic ragged, uptempo rocker – no one does this stuff better than the Felices.


The Vacant Lots – Mad Mary Jones
A full on head rush of punked-up psychedelia.


CRUISING – You Made Me Do That
As lo-fi and DIY as it comes – grimy, distorted, brooding and depraved.


Old Smokey – Dead Man’s Pose
An upbeat scorcher with rolling, brushed drums, chanted group vocals, and a clarinet that brings to mind a New Orleans second line.


Tijuana Bibles – Toledo
Somewhere in between the nostalgic Americana of Tom Waits and the sludgy riffs of the grunge resurgence.


Triptides – Moonbeams
Dreamy, meandering slice of psych-rock with hints of surf.


And a couple of new ones to finish off…the new single Mainline from indie rockers Teleman, and the driving, hook-filled urgency of PUJOL’s Circles.


Download all

Round Up Time Again

Once again it is time to hurl in the lifesaving post of a Round Up, thrown boldly into the rising tide of cracking new tunes that are lapping against the very top of our inbox. Ten bands, thirteen tracks…dip in!


First up is the raw, take-no-prisoners rock’n’roll of Scary People’s tracks Crush The Bug and Chicago – pure, unadulterated foot-stomping noise.


Slow Club release their much anticipated new album Complete Surrender in July. The first single from it is the title track, utilizing sweeping strings, a galloping beat and the band’s rich and soaring vocals.


The wonderful Timber Timbre will release their new album imminently and the insistent groove and disquieting Americana of Curtains?! is a real gem.


Creepoid is one of our favourite names for a band and their planned Record Store Day release, an EP titled Wet is their debut on Graveface Records. A one sided 12”, it features 4 new songs and a B side etching. Check out the slow burn sonics of Wet Bread.


The Los Angeles, via Detroit duo The Singles have given us a couple of singles of glammed-up, garage-pop from their upcoming full length Look How Fast A Heart Can Break, that crackle and hum with energy and


The irrepresible jangling guitars of The Shilohs are showcased perfectly on their new track Palm Readers that comes from their forthcoming self-titled album.


Fresh from supporting Cate Le Bon on her recent UK tour, Sweden’s Sea Lion is giving away a free download of the haunting Sanna’s Song, a mesmerising, slow-burning ballad built on finger-picked guitar and warm, analogue organ.


The mighty Ming City Rockers are also back with a new single, the swaggering, primal rock’n’roll of Twist It.


Powder Blue have just shared their track Run, and have been described as “a perfect storm of psychedelic rock, shoegaze and drone”. We’ll be catching them at the Great Escape in May!


Lastly we have the spacey, mind melting electronica infused psychedelia of Hypnotized – listen to a couple of suitably sonically adventurous tracks from their new five track EP Telesto.


MM The Last Five Years - Chris T Popper

Believe it or not, Mad Mackerel has been around for more than five years now. During that time we’ve posted more than 4,000 times, and offered more than 5,000 songs for your listening pleasure. And more than three quarters of a million people have paid MM a visit during our lifetime on Google’s (godawful) blogspot and since April 2010 on WordPress.

We asked some of the regular MM contributors to give us their top twenty songs since MM first went live and we’re also going to give you one big mega-listing shortly, first up was Dr Roddy and now the ultra-punctual and fastidious Chris T Popper offers up his selections.

20) Strand of Oaks – Trap Door


19) Avett Brothers – January Wedding


18) Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer

Download Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer mp3


17) Toby Burke – Cantina Crawl

Download Toby Burke – Cantina Crawl mp3


16) Wye Oak – Civilian

Download Wye Oak – Civilian mp3


15) The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight

Download The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight mp3


14) Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts – Revenge Of The Extra From Zulu

Download Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts – Revenge of The Extra From Zulu mp3


13) Wooden Wand – Uncle Bill

Download Wooden Wand – Uncle Bill mp3


12) Timber Timbre – Bad Ritual


11) Howling Owls – Snake Charmer (No Money In The Bank)

Dowload Howling Owls – Snake Charmer (No Money In The Bank) mp3


10) Sonny + The Sandwitches – Through The Fog And Haze
Over the years I have never forgotten how much this song meant to me; if anything it gets stronger like an addiction (and considering this is a personality trait I’ve developed over the years I will happily succumb). I can be in the shower/waiting in a queue/at a meeting with senior management and I’ll randomly sing the first line. Sometimes that doesn’t work out so well when someone is talking flow charts and I’m singing ‘through the fog and the haze…’ at them. But it makes more sense than what their flapping mouths are coming out with. It’s just going to happen.

Download Sonny + The Sandwitches – Through The Fog And Haze mp3


9) Darren Hayman – The Ship’s Piano
Not a single mackerel swam my way on this one. I was denounced as an absolute arse but I cared not. Hayman wrote this song after suffering a fractured skull; which opened up the idea to him of writing a song gentle enough to listen to with brain ache. There is nothing wrong with gentle in this age of incessant noisy shit. It is a beautiful soliloquy telling the story of a piano’s life (something I always wanted to hear) luckily I was able to understand – they didn’t. Their fault not mine.

Download Darren Hayman – The Ship’s Piano mp3


8) Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Colour Television
Passed me by initially. Found it by simply playing my iTunes on shuffle one night a couple of years ago and was instantly hooked… and what a revelation. The insistent guitar is ravaged with a punk attitude I thought was long dead. By that I mean talent. Could have come from 1976 and share a gob full of spit with the best of that era, by that I mean the Clash and there is no greater praise I can bestow. Another story televised, another billion hypnotised. Quite.

Download Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Colour Television mp3


7) Dennis Hopper Choppers – Good To Me
As soon as that horn blast announces its arrival I’m in. It builds with a rhythmic hypnotism that refuses to let go. Evoking the spaghetti western soundtracks of Ennio Morricone with an outstanding vocal from Ben Nicholl (I was lucky enough to catch this live and it didn’t disappoint) it’s never been off the ‘best of’ playlists since I heard it.


6) The Cave Singers – I Don’t Mind
A timeless guitar riff that immediately sends my brain synapses in to electrical overdrive. Everything else becomes secondary to tapping my foot and grinning inanely. To be fair though, grinning inanely comes fairly naturally…

I went to see the Cave Singers live and they didn’t even perform this song (and it’s still in my top ten!). Now I know their back catalogue is good, but next time I’ll write the set list for fucks sake.

Download The Cave Singers – I Don’t Mind mp3 (from Welcome Joy)


5) Lower Dens  – Brains
In the language of common parlance may I just say one thing? OMG. In fact I’ll go even further… OMFG! I swear down. Now I’ve totally alienated you I’ll continue… There is a subtlety to this work you have no idea about unless you have included it in your own top 5 (which you haven’t). Opens with a drumbeat that grips your lapels up like a rottweiler on heat.  And then… well, it just gets better of course. I suggest you go and listen to it and then come back to me and we’ll talk about it over a large gin & tonic and a ridiculously large bifta.


4) Emil Friis – Sand In Your Eyes
Smashed in to my number one spot last year and who could stop it? I have no idea what it’s about and neither do I care. It’s just not important to me because I can put this song on at any time, in any mood (and by jingo I can be a moody bastard) and find myself singing the chorus loud and proud – without getting a single word right. But hey that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? The sheer momentum carries you along like a crazed right wing Chancellor at a witch’s funeral – enough to shed a tear for the right reasons.


3) Phospherescent – Song For Zula
When Mr Mackerel asked us to put together our favourite songs of the last five years I was a little cautious of including any recent favourites. It’s difficult enough to pick 20 of the best at any time… but Song For Zula transcends the conundrum. The impact of the opening bars/violins/first line (referencing Johnny Cash no less) is timeless. I have a special place in my heart for Phossie and the Red Eyed Fly in Austin when I first saw them live (get me!) – opening with a Radiohead cover and then converting me to country music by channelling the great Willie Nelson. Met him (Phossie not Willie!) by the way. I want to be his best friend. He doesn’t.


2) Howling Owls – A Wordsmith’s Reverie
You know when you read a book and think ‘shit I could never write that beautifully’ (I’m a frustrated author as well as human being) – Howling Owls does that musically. There is a self-aware yet peaceful desperation to this; and not a single word is wasted. The lament of ‘I will change everything about me for you – except for the fact I can never be what you want me to be’ is heartbreaking. It also makes you realise how shit this world is. Far more people know about Kim Kardashian than Howling Owls and Wooden Wand put together. Just think about that for a moment- done that? Good. Now try not to wail in utter sadness…

Download Howling Owls featuring Maximino – A Wordsmith’s Reverie mp3


1) Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Buriedfed
This is my favourite song of the last five years of Mad Mackerel. It’s actually hard to write anything that can really do it the justice it deserves… I love music so much that a work of this sheer magnitude can leave me running on empty, even when it comes to my typical hyperbole. So, deep breath… here goes. From the moment I heard it I knew it was special. And it’s never lost its impact or the way it moves me like no other song. I know people like me say ‘genius’ a lot (and that people say that people say ‘genius’ a lot when they shouldn’t). This is genius.

Download Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Buriedfed mp3


And my 3 favourite bands…

3) Jeff The Brotherhood
2) Wooden Wand
1) Phosphorescent

Needs a mention

Best Cover:
Download Port O’Brien – Halo mp3 (Beyonce Cover)

My favourite Live Act of 08-13
Phossie – Red Eyed Fly, Austin, Texas 2009
I suddenly and quite unexpectedly understood country music.

MM The Last Five Years - Dr Roddy

Believe it or not, Mad Mackerel has been around for more than five years now. During that time we’ve posted more than 4,000 times, and offered more than 5,000 songs for your listening pleasure. And more than three quarters of a million people have paid MM a visit during our lifetime on Google’s godawful blogspot and since April 2010 on WordPress.

We asked some of the regular MM contributors to give us their top twenty songs since MM first went live and we’re also going to give you one big mega-listing shortly, but first up with their personal top twenty is the right honourable Dr Roddy.

Through good fortune and fine sailing I have been lucky enough to be involved with this blog and it has provided me with some of the finest music in genres I maybe wouldn’t have looked in. So when asked to compile a top twenty of tunes from the last five years, I kicked aside the memories of musical turmoil that is involved with the yearly top tens, poured a stiff drink and set about it with relish.

20 Dan Auerbach – Heartbroken, In Disrepair


19 Dirty Bourbon River Band – Train Is Gone

Download Dirty Bourbon River Show – Train Is Gone mp3 (from Volume 2)


18 Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine

Download Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine mp3 (from Tame Impala EP)


17 Janice Graham Band – Front Door


16 Ox – Midnight On The Island


15 Dennis Hoppers Choppers – Good To Me


14 Timber Timbre – Bad Ritual


13 Nathaniel Rateliffe – Brakeman


12 William Elliot Whitmore – Old Devils


11 What Would Jesus Drive – The Girls Are In Charge

Download What Would Jesus Drive – The Girls Are In Charge (live) mp3 (from What Would Jesus Drive EP)


10 The Cave Singers – I Don’t Mind
Wonderfully carefree and happy song that could so easily be heard drifting out of a doorway in Haight Ashbury with some interesting smelling smoke circa 1967. Yet this song never bows or becomes a pastiche of that, it rises above it all with its own verve and character.

Download The Cave Singers – I Don’t Mind mp3 (from Welcome Joy)


9 Brown Bird – Wrong Black Mare
Sullen, desperate story songs are a bit of a fave of mine and to be honest I think I can trace it back to this song. A tale of woe, desperation and unpaid debts are told here with such clarity, it’s as if you’ve got drunk with Brown Bird and they have decided to spill their guts to you. You understand though, ‘coz at some point we have all backed the “Wrong Black Mare”

Download Brown Bird – Wrong Brown Mare mp3 (from


8 Mummy Short Arms – Cigarette Smuggling
When I wrote my first review of this song I thought I had described quite well. Upon re-reading it, I can safely say that my view has changed and will probably change on my next listen to it. The insanity, confusion, and babbling of this song are what holds my love for it. It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle, all encased in a funky B-line, foot tapping beat, gravel throated, roister of a song.


7 Strayfolk – What Wouldn’t I Do
This is such a beautifully crafted song. Simple, but packed with a rich warm sound that feels like it lends weight to the honesty of this tale of lost and forlorn love. Perfect Americana direct from Sweden.

Download Strayfolk – What Wouldn’t I Do mp3


6 Withered Hand – Religious Songs
A piece of lyrical mastery is on display here. A fantastic sing-a-long arrangement supports the witty word play that Dan Wilson sings with a vulnerability to his voice. This doesn’t stop him from punching the words that need emphasis. This song also ask the obvious question “How does he really expect to be happy, when he listens to death metal bands?”


5 Tweak Bird – Weight
I love the in-your-face nature of this song. Right from the start, it sets its stall out – flat out, foot on the amp rock, and proud of it to boot. The guitar plays a gritty riff that sounds angry and frustrated, while the drummer is hell bent on punishing every bit of his kit.


4 Grass House – A Cradle A Short Breath
The deep sombre tones that lay across this song act as a perfect partner to the bass as it pounds along at a merry old pace. It never fails to make me give a wry smile as I bob along to it’s woeful chorus of “A cradle, a short breath”.


3 Roadside Graves – Far And Wide
I still think Roadside Graves is the best band name of this century and Far And Wide is a song that has stayed with me since my first listen – I was hooked. A great country riff lures you in and you hardly notice that the song fills with more and more sound and pleasure until it finishes and you’re left with a hole where the music once was, so you reach for the replay button, you know like musical heroin.

Download The Roadside Graves – Far And Wide mp3 (from My Son’s Home)


2 Wooden Wand – Servant To Blues
As this track rolls effortlessly on, Wooden Wand spills his bleak melancholy tale of a servant to blues. In other words, the relationship equivalent of the Church’s pious man. I love the rhythm of this track, it almost seems to tick along like a clock. The peacefulness of this song is speared through the heart with a great screeching guitar solo, this then just seems to ebb back into the shadows it leapt from, only to be covered by the warm sound of the organ. Truly blissful…


1 Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Stranger Dig (Everything’s For Sale)
For just two guys damn! They make some noise. Great heavy blues tinged riffs and rolling drum beats – I’m loving that all day long. There is talent and passion in abundance here. I’m sat here trying to write something for this whilst listening to it, that has had to stop, as when it plays it just grips me up and I can’t do anything other than get right into it. If you’re looking for something new rock wise I beg you to check them out, live if possible. Disappointment won’t be on the menu.

Joe Pug & Timber Timbre On Daytrotter. Every so often we highlight the Daytrotter Studio session downloads that can be yours for a mere $2 per month. Often three sessions per day handpicked from the very best of both the up and coming and well established artists across a whole range of musical genres – there are treats and delights galore to be found.

Just in the past few days there have been sessions from Dinosaur Feathers, Luke Roberts and Twin Shadow. However, two of our favourites have been from the wonderful Joe Pug and the spooky, swamp folk of Timber Timbre.

Check out a couple of tracks below and sign up for your own Daytrotter account here.

Download Joe Pug – Hymn #76 mp3 (from Daytrotter Session)

Download Timber Timbre – Bad Ritual/Obelisk mp3 (from Daytrotter Session)

Mad Mackerel's Best of 2011.Our sixth guest top ten comes courtesy of our very own Chris T Popper, a small but perfectly formed (and often irritating) younger sibling who has been stealing my records since he had invisible friends as a small child.

Chris T Popper’s Top 10

10. Little Barrie – Tip It Over

The Nottingham trio start off my top 10 with the fabulous Tip It Over. Heavy guitar providing a great riff coupled with a momentum that creeps up on you. There’s some storming guitar solos too that never get self indulgent, which is quite an achievement in itself. The album was produced by Edwyn Collins who’s very name could send an old flat mate of mine in to a frothing rage. Merely humming A Girl Like You in his company could send him puce coloured. Which is why I did it. A lot.


9. Wye Oak – Civillian

Jenn Wasner’s eerie vocals are a revelation to me – she has a wonderful delivery and a quality I can’t quite put my finger on. That keeps me interested alone. The song’s pace is something to admire too, keeps you right on the edge until a second half that is nothing short of epic. Great fuzzy guitar reverb (Velvet by Big Pink was a former number one of mine so you can tell I like a bit of feedback…) and that pounding drum just beats you in to submission.

Download Wye Oak – Civilian mp3 (from Civilian)

8. Young The Giant – My Body

Chiming guitars with a sing along chorus… anthemic you could say.

These words would usually have me running for the hills. Not this time, no sir. In fact I metaphorically run with arms wide open towards Young The Giant ready to embrace them. Why? Because sometimes you need to give in, admit defeat and just sit back and enjoy. Is it Simple Minds and Matt Cardle’s bastard love child? If that’s the case then two wrongs did make a right.

Download Young The Giant – My Body mp3 (from Young The Giant)

7. Smith Westerns – All Die Young

Heard this one really late. but it still forced its way in to my affections. Unlike Young The Giant this ticks all my traditional boxes. Has a lazy blissed out vibe, like it’s been down a coffee shop in Amsterdam for a while before rocking up red eyed to eat all your biscuits. Also feels a bit 70s which frankly I like, happens to be my favourite decade for lots of things – Punk, The Wicker Man, the 3 day week… And it has a wonderful Hammond organesque start, which I always enjoy.

Download The Smith Westerns – All Die Young mp3 (from Dye It Blonde)

6. Natural Child – Hard Workin Man

The guitar riff alone is addictive, enough to make you realise how great it must be to be able to play it. I wish I could. I have a ukulele and a games console guitar in the cupboard so I’ll move on. The room can sometimes fill with a faint smell of bourbon and sweat when this gets played and always has me reaching for a beer. Not good when listened to in the car… I keep the cans in the back and it’s dangerous reaching over when negotiating oncoming traffic.

Download Natural Child – Hard Workin Man mp3 (from 1971)

5. Timber Timbre – Bad Ritual

The sheer originality of this song, in harness with the hypnotic beat that plods mercilessly in to your brain, has got me. I give in. It’s a bad ritual, but it calms me down. Another latecomer that gate crashed the top ten, this wonderfully dark offering always makes me stop what I’m doing (which to be fair isn’t usually a lot) and listen. There is always room for an air of menace in my top ten.


4. Dennis Hopper Choppers – Good To Me

Mariachi horns, violins, trumpets galore – what is there not to like? A magnificent vocal from Ben Nicholl sends the whole piece off to soar in to that vast Americana sky (pretentious, moi?). An instant hit with me – and everyone I’ve ever played it to… which is quite a lot of people. In a parallel Earth somewhere this is the year’s biggest seller.


3. Country Mice – Morning Son

There’s something strangely comforting about this song. I genuinely love country music… and when it’s done so perfectly I could listen to it on loop. Has a melancholic beauty which can send me a bit dewy eyed.

Which is exactly what I’m after quite frankly.

Download Country Mice – Morning Son mp3 (from Twister)

2. Toby Burke – Cantina Crawl

Lyrically this is a tour de force. I won’t repeat my favourites here because there’s too many. Although ‘dead as a rat’ and ‘smoked like a borrowed car’ might just get a mention. Toby Burke is also a writer so it comes as no surprise he’s so skilled with words. I just need to get hold of one of his books now because if there anything like this I’ve found my new favourite author.

Download Toby Burke – Cantina Crawl mp3 (from Mexico City)

1. Darren Hayman – The Ship’s Piano

Not only song of the year it’s my favourite song for… well ages. Sometimes something comes along that sounds pretty close to perfect. I am in absolute awe of Darren Hayman, it’s quite simply a work of genius. Lyrically it bobs along on the back of that piano playing in the background, Hayman delivering each line so perfectly. I guess it can be instinctive when a song gets to your heart – your absolute favourite place, and that’s The Ship’s Piano. From about the third listen I knew I had found something I will always love listening to. And considering how many times I’ve played it the last three months that’s quite a relief…

Download Darren Hayman – The Ship’s Piano mp3 (from The Ship’s Piano)

Bubbling Under – 5 that came so close…

Monument Valley – Dear John Letters

Danny Brown – Die Like A Rockstar

Roadside Graves – Double Feature

Violet May – What You Say


Vacant Fever – Heavy Leather

Best Song Heard But Not This Year:

White Buffalo – Black & Blue

Song That Was In My Top 10 All Year Until I Realised It Was 2010:

Al Lover & Gus Cutty – Part Of The Game

Download Al Lover & Gus Cutty – Part Of The Game mp3 (from Part Of The Game / All Mine Single)

Best Cover:

Siskiyou – Revolution Blues

Guilty Pleasure: 

The Dirtbombs – Shari Vari

Download The Dirtbombs – Shari Vari mp3 (from Party Store)

Repost: Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: October 2011.To celebrate our downloads working again we thought we would re-post our best of the month mix from October – more than 20 great tracks selected from our October posts and six new ones too. This time you can download and dive in.

Download The Minks – Araby mp3 (from Araby 7″)

Endearingly gloomy slice of indie-pop.

Download The Bloody Hollies – Dirty Sex mp3 (from Yours Until The Bitter End)

The dark side of raw garage punk with touches of organ, violin and xylophone.

Download Bare Bones – Hope & Feather mp3 (from Bare Bones EP)

Gallops along on the back of perfectly judged fiddle and drums and calls to mind The Builders & The Butchers andElliott Brood.

Download Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo – Ropes mp3 (from Almanac)

Weaves folk-inflected melody and beautiful lyrics to perfect effect.

Download Forbidden Friends – Totally Low mp3 (from Totally Low 7″)

Bouncy guitar jangle to the fore on this sub two minute indie-pop gem.

Download Savaging Spires – Apostrophe Lake mp3 (from Savaging Spires)

Twinkling, sunlit folk and hazy melancholia.

Download Coke Weed – Not My Old Man mp3 (from Volume 1)

Velvets style chug, woozy, stoned vocals and raw production.

Download Last American Buffalo – I Know mp3 (from Last American Buffalo EP)

Mining a similar rich vein of dusty Americana as MM faves The Felice Brothers and the Roadside Graves with the slightly ragged and plaintive I Know – a gem.

Download The Owsley Brothers – Pure Lust mp3 (from Pure Lust)

Visceral blues with its bone shaking, primeval riff and reverb heavy vocals.

Download Brown Bird – End Of Days mp3 (from Salt For Salt)

Brilliantly sparse and hypnotic folk.

Download Darren Hayman – The Ship’s Piano mp3 (from The Ship’s Piano)

Subtle, drifting piano ballad like a modern day Ray Davies, it is filled with wry observation and no little pathos.

Download Timber Timbre – Do I Have Power mp3 (from Creep On Creepin On)

Folk with an eerie, dark hearted fairytale quality.

Download The Sunparlour Players – Green Thumb mp3 (from Us Little Devils)

Stomping bluegrass, anthemic country rock and impassioned lyrics from new album taster.

Download Batwings Catwings – Radio mp3 (from Radio 7″)

Cracking garage inflected indie rock.

Download Heavy Times – Skull Hair mp3 (from Jacker)

Propulsive percussion, sonic rumble and heavy reverb.

Download Son Cats – O’Dell mp3 (from O’Dell / 1971 single)

Prime slab of 60s tinged, sleazy rock’n’roll voodoo designed to make the sweat run down the walls and the neighbours bang on the floor in despair.

Download Only The Sea Slugs – She Said mp3 (from Street Music)

Irresistible dark, hypnotic indie rock.

Download Gang Violets – Black Clouds mp3 (from Black Clouds 7″)

Black Clouds rises up like a campfire despite moody lyrics, with its hook laden cadences, elated group vocals, whispery calls, gospel swagger, and swooning closure.

Download Tyler Ramsey – The Valley Wind mp3 (from The Valley Wind)

Lovely, evocative slice of countrified rock that recalls vintage Neil Young with its rustic imagery and sense of solitude and mystery.

Download Rocket From The Tombs – I Sell Soul mp3 (from Barfly)

Unreconstructed, unapologetic, re-affirmation of the power and glory of guitar rock.

Download Mat Gibson – Yonder Burning Trees mp3 (from Forest Fire)

Gorgeous folk from Canadian troubadour.

And to finish off, we have a new tracks from the wonderful Thee Oh Sees in the shape of The Dream, which is possibly the standout track from their forthcoming new album, some Chills style power pop from The Sea Lions and a real treat in MM fave Marissa Nadler and three covers from her forthcoming Covers II album taking on Springsteen, Clinic and Dylan. Finally we have one more cover in the shape of the Miracles of Modern Science and their rather fetching take on Pumped Up Kicks.

Download – Thee Oh Sees – The Dream mp3 (from Carrion Crawler/The Dream)

Download – The Sea Lions – Grown Up mp3 (from Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid to Ask)

Download – Marissa Nadler – The River mp3 (from Covers Volume II)

Download – Marissa Nadler – Distortions mp3 (from Covers Volume II)

Download – Marissa Nadler – Farewell Angelina mp3 (from Covers Volume II)

Download – The Miracles Of Modern Science – Pumped Up Kicks mp3 (Foster The People Cover)