Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

Last Friday, prompted by my song selections, I put a musical question to MM that he was unable to answer for once. Namely, if you were a band which band would you be? I – rather fancifully I think – decided that I would be DeVotchKa. Go on, you know you want to …

Anyway, seeing as we’ve been married a whole fifteen years (I can just imagine you thinking, from child bride (!) to fish wife), and MM has been very sweet in his dedications, I thought I’d look at what was released back in 1995.

Perhaps the most appropriate and a yomping good tune for a balmy Friday evening is Alright by the sadly soon to be no more Supergrass: “We are young, we run green …”

Another great 1995 tune, was Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead, much beloved band of my brother-in-law, Mr Popper, and coincidentally played on Radio 6 this week. (Why does a song you like sound so great when you hear it spontaneously played on the radio?)

So have a very warm, sunny and harmonious weekend.

Mrs M


PS  There is shock and horror in the mackerel household on the discovery that Robson and Jerome, with their butchering of Unchained Melody, was numero uno on our wedding day. May the good Lord have mercy upon their careers. Not.

Download Supergrass – Alright mp3 (from I Should Coco)

Download Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees mp3 (from The Bends)

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