Introducing…Wobbly Lamps

Introducing...Wobbly Lamps. The debut record by Southend’s Wobbly Lamps is the first release on Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records (an independent DIY label set up by the team behind the Polyvinyl Craftsmen podcasts).

It contains three tracks of strutting garage rock that evokes the best of The Trashmen through to the surging sonics of the Stooges and the voodoo swagger of the Cramps. This is no pastiche though, these boys have enough going on of their own making to create an original blend of lo-fi rumble that is as trippy as it is threatening.

Try the pulsating sonics of Alice the Goon, it takes an intro that sounds like it has been dragged kicking and screaming from a sweaty Detroit basement club in the 60s, attaches it to a thrumming, hypnotic riff, and then slams a sleazy proto-punk chorus over the top for good measure. Absolutely marvellous.

Limited to just 250 copies of 7″ vinyl you can snap one up from Polyvinyl directly, Norman Records or Rough Trade. Be quick!

Download Wobbly Lamps – Alice The Goon mp3 (from Wobbly Lamps)

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