Latest Releases: Round Up

Despite not being half way through January yet, we’re already being overwhelmed with good stuff to share. So in a typical ‘blogger’s cheat’, here is a round-up of some of the excellent songs that have come our way and deserve far more than the arbitrary couple of lines we’re giving them.

First up is the welcome return of Pete & The Pirates who made their track Winter 1 available around Christmas time. It is from their forthcoming album and is certainly possessing a more electro/synth feel than their previous catchy, straight ahead indie rock. In fact it evokes the spirit of Donna Summer and I Feel Love in a wholly good way.

Download Pete & The Pirates – Winter 1 mp3 Removed by a modern day King Canute who doesn’t realise it has been given away free all over the internet. You cannot offer it free in one place and not expect it to turn up in another and what’s the difference anyway? Get it loads of other places via the Hype Machine.

MM faves the Papercuts are also soon to release a new album, Fading Parade. Taster track Do What You Will is typically evocative and melodic dream pop of the very highest quality.

Download The Papercuts – Do What You Will mp3 (from Fading Parade)

By contrast Viva L’American Death Ray Music offer a masterclass in rumbling garage rock and this tasty cut comes from their forthcoming album Miles Of Smiles, Towns Of Frowns.

Download Viva L’American Death Ray Music – A Funny Story mp3 (from Miles Of Smiles, Towns Of Frowns)

We have posted previously about Pepper Rabbit and their very good album of folkish psych-pop Beauregard. Another track, Harvest Moon is now available to download.

Download Pepper Rabbit – Harvest Moon mp3 (from Beauregard)

We have also posted about experimental, psychedelic rockers Bardo Pond and their self-titled album which gets it’s US release today. To celebrate here is a new track, the nine minute epic Cracker Wrist for your edification and enjoyment.

Download Bardo Pond – Cracker Wrist mp3 (from Bardo Pond)

Chris Brecht & Dead Flowers are making music that could be the soundtrack to a manic, midnight joyride from Austin to L.A. Check out the mournful Wish You with it’s pedal steel and melancholy piano from their album Dead Flower Motel.

Download Chris Brecht & Dead Flowers – Wish You mp3 (from Dead Flower Motel)

Lastly, the Woods and Vivian Girls side-project The Babies are releasing a limited edition 7″ single called The Wilds. It features Wilds I and, appropriately enough, Wilds II. More jangly, lo-fi goodness with echoes of folk and garage to keep it bouncing along.

Download The Babies – Wild I mp3 (from The Wilds 7″)

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