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Our weekly round up of those songs you should have definitely caught this week already, including the welcome returns of Vetiver and the Mountain Goats.

1. The Mountain Goats – The Legend Of Chavo Guerrero
2. Rye Pines – Atlantic Ascent
3. MEW – Satellites
4. The Babies – Got Old
5. Yowler – 7 Towers
6. Marissa Nadler – It’s Easier Now (Jason Molina cover)
7. Vetiver – Current Carry
8. Mount Eerie – Dragon










The Babies Record Store Day Single.

Recorded back in the summer of 2009, My Name and The War were two of the first songs ever written and recorded by The Babies. With the 7 inch single due to be released on Record Store Day (April 21st), and digital single to follow on Monday 23rd April, this will be the first official release of these two songs.

Capturing the band’s raw energy and honest, direct sound, the single also marks the first 7 inch release for fledging UK label, Bad Paintings.

My Name is a paean to youth and growing up, and The War, a song about confusion and helplessness. It’s probably going to be a must-have for fans of The Babies, as well as related bands Woods and Vivian Girls.

Have a listen:



Wednesday Means Eight of the Best!

Here is our round-up of the best new tracks and releases we’ve collected from our in-box, our favourite blogs and the internet.

This time we have the the sultry and gently hypnotic folk of Cate Le Bon, the raucous, boozy new track from John McCauley’s latest roots supergroup Diamond Rugs, the brilliantly hypnotic and menacing track from experimental folksters Lower Dens, more enchantment and swirling, celestial folk from Julianna Barwick, some perfect Primitives style indie jangle from Strawberry Whiplash, and for contrast the brooding, gothic indie of Royal Baths.

We have the latest urgent, rasping garage from Cloud Nothings forthcoming album and lastly the woozy, backwoods thrum of the latest track to be aired by the Babies.

Download Cate Le Bon – Puts Me To Work mp3 (from CYRK)

Download Diamond Rugs – Gimme A Beer mp3 (from Diamond Rugs)


Download Julianna Barwick – Never Change mp3 (from Sanguine)

Download Strawberry Whiplash – Stop, Look And Listen mp3 (from Stop Look And Listen 7″)

Download Royal Baths – Black Sheep mp3 (from Better Luck Next Life)

Download Cloud Nothings – No Sentiment mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

Download The Babies – Trouble mp3 (from Trouble)

Despite not being half way through January yet, we’re already being overwhelmed with good stuff to share. So in a typical ‘blogger’s cheat’, here is a round-up of some of the excellent songs that have come our way and deserve far more than the arbitrary couple of lines we’re giving them.

First up is the welcome return of Pete & The Pirates who made their track Winter 1 available around Christmas time. It is from their forthcoming album and is certainly possessing a more electro/synth feel than their previous catchy, straight ahead indie rock. In fact it evokes the spirit of Donna Summer and I Feel Love in a wholly good way.

Download Pete & The Pirates – Winter 1 mp3 Removed by a modern day King Canute who doesn’t realise it has been given away free all over the internet. You cannot offer it free in one place and not expect it to turn up in another and what’s the difference anyway? Get it loads of other places via the Hype Machine.

MM faves the Papercuts are also soon to release a new album, Fading Parade. Taster track Do What You Will is typically evocative and melodic dream pop of the very highest quality.

Download The Papercuts – Do What You Will mp3 (from Fading Parade)

By contrast Viva L’American Death Ray Music offer a masterclass in rumbling garage rock and this tasty cut comes from their forthcoming album Miles Of Smiles, Towns Of Frowns.

Download Viva L’American Death Ray Music – A Funny Story mp3 (from Miles Of Smiles, Towns Of Frowns)

We have posted previously about Pepper Rabbit and their very good album of folkish psych-pop Beauregard. Another track, Harvest Moon is now available to download.

Download Pepper Rabbit – Harvest Moon mp3 (from Beauregard)

We have also posted about experimental, psychedelic rockers Bardo Pond and their self-titled album which gets it’s US release today. To celebrate here is a new track, the nine minute epic Cracker Wrist for your edification and enjoyment.

Download Bardo Pond – Cracker Wrist mp3 (from Bardo Pond)

Chris Brecht & Dead Flowers are making music that could be the soundtrack to a manic, midnight joyride from Austin to L.A. Check out the mournful Wish You with it’s pedal steel and melancholy piano from their album Dead Flower Motel.

Download Chris Brecht & Dead Flowers – Wish You mp3 (from Dead Flower Motel)

Lastly, the Woods and Vivian Girls side-project The Babies are releasing a limited edition 7″ single called The Wilds. It features Wilds I and, appropriately enough, Wilds II. More jangly, lo-fi goodness with echoes of folk and garage to keep it bouncing along.

Download The Babies – Wild I mp3 (from The Wilds 7″)

Despite all the ‘best of’ lists, the top tens/twenties/fifties/one hundreds etc. and all the Christmas songs too, there has still been a cracking amount of new releases in December as well. So lest you missed out, here is our monthly round-up of the best tunes we’ve posted in December and, as always, a couple of new ones too.

That’s the New Year’s Eve mixtape sorted at least.

Download The Sweaters – Can’t Stop Winnin’ mp3

A syrupy, garage gem. It’s upbeat and has as much soul as it does jangle and is driven along by solid percussion every bit as muscular as you would hope.

Download Harlan Pepper – Great Lakes mp3

Slyly mischievous lyrics over a vintage country refrain – a song you could imagine still being sung on back porches in fifty years time.

Download Eulogies – You Hide mp3

Belying the tragic inspiration behind the new Eulogies album, this is a surprisingly positive track.

Download Wye Oak – Civilian mp3

Taster from folk duo’s forthcoming album is a gem.

Download Howling Owls – My Kinda Luck mp3

Picks away at the edges of domestic strife and family troubles, gleefully revealing a queasy, black-hearted underbelly.

Download The Babies – Run Me Over mp3

Rather charming, fuzzed up, doo-wop drenched opener that comes from their forthcoming debut album.

Download Yo Soybean – Anticipation mp3

Alternative folk that bounces with slide banjo and djembe delivering an impassioned stream of consciousness concerning the mundane intricacies of twenty-something year old existence in the twenty-first century.

Download Two Wounded Birds – Night Patrol mp3

Twangy menace behind a velveteen croon.

Download The Handsome Family – Drinking Beer On The Roof mp3

Classic black-humoured Americana from new album of covers, demos and outtakes.

Download The Range Rats – Colt 44 mp3

All Johnny Cash rumble and gun toting lyrics.

Download White Fence – Lillian (Won’t You Play Drums) mp3

More top notch lo-fi, retro indie pop.

Download The Mountain Goats – Tyler Lambert’s Grave mp3

Latest from the respected and influential lo-fi, indie do-it-yourselfers. A suitably prophetic tale.

Download Beach House – I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun mp3

Our most popular download of the month. More dreamy, reverb laden pop.

Download Julianna Barwick – The Magic Place mp3

Experimental and ethereal in equal measure.

Download Western States Motel – Country & Western Song mp3

A deceptively simple and straight forward tune that bounces along on a great rhythm and has quickly grown to be a firm favourite here at the Mackerel abode.

Download Jeremy Joyce – 18 Wheels mp3

A dark and groovy rocker with a great Hammond Organ solo.

Download Lisa Will Insult You, Darling – Give A Fuck mp3

A beautifully simple construction of the desolate and the downtrodden.

Download The Skeleton Dead – Gather Up Your Clothes mp3

It’s a lament, a regret. It’s both memorable and hypnotic.

Download Duke Garwood – Jesus Got A Gun mp3

An air of quiet menace, Garwood’s vocals whispering and murmuring over hollow knocks, piano and drones.

We also have a quite wonderful track from Sonny + The Sandwitches, it is from a recently released new four-song self-titled 7″ EP and features appearances by Heidi Alexander and Grace Cooper of the Sandwitches. The songs were inspired by a near-drowning, hence this track Throw My Ashes From This Pier When I Die. Superb.

We also have Religious To Damn who describe themselves as gypsy-psych and have an album Glass Prayer due for release in early 2011. This track Drifter has echoes of some of the classic 80s 4AD bands right through to Zola Jesus and Esben & The Witch.

Download Sonny + The Sandwitches – Throw My Ashes From This Pier When I Die mp3 (from Sonny + The Sandwitches EP)

Download Religious To Damn – Drifter mp3 (from Glass Prayer)

The Babies ready debut album

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Alternative, Garage, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock

Here at MM we like the Vivian Girls and we like The Woods, so a collaboration between Cassie of the former and Kevin of the latter under the moniker The Babies was always likely to find favour with us.

Run Me Over, the rather charming, fuzzed up, doo-wop drenched opener comes from their forthcoming debut album out on February 11th next year. Makes you yearn for summer in the middle of the Festive season and that’s no mean feat.

Out on Shrimper Records. Visit their MySpace here.

Download The Babies – Run Me Over mp3 (from The Babies)