Mad Mackerel Recommends…Darren Hayman

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Darren HaymanPerhaps best known as the singer-songwriter of the phenomenally successful and much-loved Hefner, Darren Hayman is now six albums into an increasingly idiosyncratic career path; writing the theme tune and staring in a Spanish Sitcom, playing a 30 people capacity show in a 100 year old paper mache observatory and playing possibly Britiain’s most remote festival on the Isle of Eigg.

It could also be said that Darren is writing the best tunes of his career; increasingly complex and mature songs. In the latest incarnation of the constantly morphing Secondary Modern he has gathered together a set of musicians with the chops to do justice to his increasingly complex and mature songs; a tight, tough, but soulful folk-rock orchestra reminiscent of a more urban Incredible String Band or an Anglicized Lambchop. Following his January Songs project he continues one of his busiest years with a brand new solo album of subtle, drifting piano ballads called The Ship’s Piano out this month.

Watch and download the superb title track, like a modern day Ray Davies, it is filled with wry observation and no little pathos.


Buy the album here.

Download Darren Hayman – The Ship’s Piano mp3 (from The Ship’s Piano)

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