New Sparrow & The Workshop Single

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Punk, Rock

New Single From The Sparrow & The Workshop

The brilliant Sparrow & The Workshop are happily back on the radar with a new single on Song By Toad Records. Out on March 11th, it is titled Shock Shock and will precede a new long player.

The band have seemingly undergone a bit of a transformation – look at the sleeve for a start, all dark and menacing and brooding – and boy, do they wear these new clothes well. We played this once and had to check we hadn’t mixed up our Soundcloud links – it’s like they met the Devil and happily traded their previous folk leanings for some serious guitar riffage and an anthemic chorus or two.

But we weren’t wrong, this is still Sparrow & The Workshop, just harder, meaner, and louder. We’ve played Shock Shock a lot since then. Over and over in fact.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Should be able to put one of those “Play Loud” badges on Soundcloud really…

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