Introducing >>> Patrick Kinsley & A Fistful Of Dollars

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Americana, Country, Folk, Music, Rock

Introducing >>> Patrick Kinsey & A Fistful Of Dollars

Taking his cues from the greats such as Merle Haggard right through to southern rocking legends like the Drive-By Truckers, Patrick Kinsley & A Fistful Of Dollars play outlaw folk and country that is shot through with a raw, burning integrity.

These are blue collar stories of truck drivers and bartenders, too much whiskey and too little luck, bad choices and good intentions, hopeful long odds and hopeless shortcomings. Everything is there as a tale to be told and while lessons might not be learned, the human spirit flickers and burns  throughout.

Check out the stripped back sorrow of Little Tin House with its slow acoustic guitar, vocal, and soft lead introduction; we guarantee you don’t know just how sad this song is until he sings “the next that you know, social services is taking my son“.

It is the second single to be shared from upcoming long player For A Thousand Miles.



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