Mega Round-Up

Free mp3s music roundupWay too much good stuff has been flooding our in-box.

Way too little time to give it a proper write-up and give these artists the space they deserve.

Anyway, what it means is a Friday smorgasbord of treats to choose from. Something for everyone we guarantee.

First up is Vandaveer. A worthy pretender to the thrones left behind by Vic Chesnutt or Sparklehorse some might say. This is the title track from the excellent Dig Down Deep album.

Download Vandaveer – Dig Down Deep mp3 (from Dig Down Deep)

IndianRedLopez hail from Scotland and we have this from debut album Empty Your Lungs And Breathe. The song K.Y.S merges exciting melodies, angular riffs and electronic beats to good effect.

Download IndianRedLopez – K.Y.S mp3 (from Empty Your Lungs And Breathe)

Barry Sean’s faves and indie royalty The Mountain Goats have offered up another track from their most recent, and excellent album All Eternals Deck and High Hawk Season is just another example of the fine musicianship and individual world view of John Darnielle.

Download The Mountain Goats – High Hawk Season mp3 (from All Eternals Deck)

Y Luv recently released an EP called How Chill Can You Let Go, filled with solid indie pop hooks and drawing favourable comparisons to Foster the People and Superhumaniods.

Download Y Luv – All Night mp3 (from How Chill Can You let Go EP)

Imaginary Cities have given us Hummingbird, a lovely slice of soulful indie which comes from debut album Temporary Resident.

Download Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird mp3 (from Temporary Resident)

George Ellias started playing guitar at the age of nine, and harmonica at fifteen. He has listened to folk music since he was a child, but has always had an affinity for contemporary music, including punk, rock n’ roll, and especially avant-garde musical styles, all of which he infuses into his music. Ghost Town comes from his debut EP.

Download George Ellias – Ghost Town mp3 (from George Ellias EP)

The Great Book of John’s music is eminently lyrical – recalling Jeff Buckley’s psychedelic soul and Leonard Cohen’s poetic (and lacerating) wordplay, and matched to some fiery fretwork – this is big music, emotional, cinematic, but never pandering.

Download The Great Book Of John – Let Me Slide mp3 (from The Great Book Of John)

Crystal Antlers are purveyors of some of the very best, and noisy, psych garage rock and Two-Way Mirror is the tasty lead-off track from new album of the same name (out July 12th).

Download Crystal Antlers – Two-Way Mirror mp3 (from Two-Way Mirror)

Iceage revel in the glory of the good old days of punk with muscular riffage and a rarely seen energy nowadays.

Download Iceage – Broken Bone mp3 (from New Brigade)

Ellus Bellus are a luggage beating folk rock band from the Chicago suburbs and by luggage beating we mean they take a suitcase and beat the crap out of it! They combine their luggage beating with the rhythm of Mumford & Sons, and the vocals of Dashboard Confessional this is the newest single off upcoming EP Sticks, Stones & My Bones due out June 28.

Download Ellus Bellus – Like The Rest mp3 (from Sticks, Stones & My Bones EP)

Two Cent Revival play the kind of sturdy, mature classic rock that many attempt and few succeed. They do, Save Our Souls is a great story and a cracking tune – bar-room rock’n’roll to treasure.

Download Two Cent Revival – Save Our Souls mp3 (from The Devil’s In This Whiskey)

Total Babes are a Cloud Nothings side project and will release their debut album Swimming Through Sunlight at the end of August. Taster track bodes well!

Download Total Babes – Like They Always Do mp3 (from Swimming Through Sunlight)

And lastly Braidwood Pond describe themselves as a mix of experimental, psychedelic, freak folk and glo-fi. This track, Fire Chat comes from new EP Ginger Beer that can be grabbed for nothing on their Bandcamp page here.

Download Braidwood Pond – Fire Chat mp3 (from Ginger Beer)

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