Introducing…Jessi Robertson

Introducing...Jessi Robertson. Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Jessi Robertson grew up in a tiny upstate New York town of under 1,000 people, but eventually moved to the big city and carved out a place for herself. The result is her excellent first full band studio album, Small Town Girls.

Musically, she lives somewhere on the divide between gutsy indie rockers such as PJ Harvey and gritty Americana artists like Lucinda Williams. Embracing this duality, her performances can feel as intimate as a conversation, or as deep and dark as an ocean, and Jessi refuses to shy away from difficult subjects. The songs on Small Town Girls address domestic violence, mental illness and alienation, and yet are unflinchingly hopeful, too, shedding light into Jessi’s own darkest corners.

Take a listen to the title track, and in particular the wonderful Whiskey & Cigarettes which showcases her gorgeous vocals to perfection and has been getting a lot of playtime on the MM stereo.

Visit her website here. Buy the album from her Bandcamp page here.

Download Jessi Robertson – Small Town Girls mp3 (from Small Town Girls)

Download Jessi Robertson – Whiskey & Cigarettes mp3 (from Small Town Girls)

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