Mad Mackerel Recommends…Drunken Prayer

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Drunken Prayer.

On February 7, next year, Fluff & Gravy Records will release Drunken Prayer’s sophomore full-length, Into the Missionfield, an eleven track collection of dark tales and darker melodies.  A journey down a path less travelled, but always more rewarding.

Call it what you will – alt. country, Americana, folk-rock, or a number of other genres, Drunken Prayer makes an honest tune, an unflinching narrative of the harsh and beautiful harmonies and discords every human faces: a kind of holy blues.  There is a unique genuineness here born of pure inspiration.

Rasping vocals command attention with stories where sin and redemption bleed into each other – the album is heavy on percussion, gut-bucket guitars are bluesy and psychedelic; the horn arrangements are loose and buoyant and best of all, the lyrics are as sweet as they are damning.

Check the title track, The Missionfield, a song that exemplifies their ability to write an accessible roots-influenced song, incorporate liberal doses of  soul, and top it all off with lyrics that will haunt you for days.

Pre-order the album here.

Download Drunken Prayer – The Missionfield mp3 (from Into The Missionfield)

Download Drunken Prayer – Always Sad mp3 (from Into The Missionfield)

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