MM salutes the genius of The War Crimes

Ever since we first posted about The War Crimes at the start of the year we’ve gone back time and time again to their wilfully down-tempo, unnerving, chamber pop. Sometimes orchestral and sometimes folkish, the songs offer literate (occasionally surreal), half-spoken lyrics, quietly insistent melodies, and an air of regret and bitterness that all adds to the overall sense of unease.

They simultaneously conjure up the grey, suffocating monochrome of dreary Eastern European streets and the relentless, inexorable decline of our industrial heritage, of jobs lost and hopes evaporating. It is a mix that they seem to pull off brilliantly with each new track we hear.

Ed from the band has been in touch again to send us a new track, Stillness Beckons and guess what? They’ve done it again. He typically calls it ‘succinct and to the point’, we call it brilliant. It’s on repeat here at MM.

“The pills will kick in, how slow they begin to find us,

so with ten-a-penny words we curse all others and their kindness”

Compare it with the equally good Enamour Me And Roll and try and pick a winner. Download these now and know what it feels like to be a pig in muck – they’re that good!

Visit their MySpace here. Buy previous stuff from Shifty Disco here.

Download The War Crimes – Stillness Beckons mp3

Download The War Crimes – Enamour Me And Roll mp3

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