best of the weekA slightly quieter week due I suspect to Thanksgiving, but still we have eight new songs from you.

Check out tracks from Father John Misty, Cate Le Bon, Howe Gelb and Tim Cohen (of the Fresh & Onlys), another taste from the Lower Plenty’s album Sister Sister, as well as excellent new singles from  Proper Ornaments, Beachheads and Matthew Squires & The Learning Disorders.

Over to you…

  1. Father John Misty – Holy Hell
  2. Cate Le Bon – Rock Pool
  3. Proper Ornaments – Blown Away
  4. Howe Gelb – Impossible Thing
  5. Lower Plenty – Glory Rats
  6. Tim Cohen – John Hughes
  7. Matthew Squires & The Learning Disorders – Shape Of Your Heart
  8. Beachheads – Your Highness










San Antonio’s We Leave At Midnight recently announced their new album The Holy Rolling Flower Band will be released on December 9th via Texas Is Funny Records.

Mixing together swirls of vivid psych, shimmering pop, indie rock, folk, upbeat power-pop, garage rock and alt-country, the band have created a sound that resides somewhere sonically between The Beach Boys and Of Montreal. It’s a headtrip with delicate melodies and soulful wonder.

Do You Get The Joke is one of the album’s undeniable stand out moments, a gorgeous psych pop nugget of lush orchestration, harmonized beauty, and avant folk charm. The song’s vibrant instrumentation and gentle vocals swirl together with a joyous wonder – have a listen.


New From The Dune Rats

Posted: November 25, 2016 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Punk, Rock

The marvellously entertaining Dune Rats have shared a new track.

Scott Green is two minutes of wonderfully dumb-ass punk rock that hits the sweet spot.

Has anybody seen Scott Green? (Scott Green)
I been lookin for that fucker all week
He owes me twenty
And I can’t call the police
He blew it all away
And now there’s nothin left for me

Listen below.


The upcoming release from Son of the Velvet Rat, Dorado, rides through the dusty California desert with haunting folk noir melodies.

On Blood Red Shoes, the duo capture the sweltering heat and arid wind of the sandy landscape they call home. Georg Altziebler’s distinctively deep smoky voice carries the melody on its journey, as the falling sweat seems to evaporate before ever hitting the cracking dirt. The addition of a layer of backing vocals from Victoria Williams, creates an almost danceable counterpoint to the sombre nature of the lyrics.

Give it a spin.



With foundations in Manchester, W. H. Lung is a three piece that have just shared a first single that is a quite spectacular, breathtaking near-eight minute epic.

Inspiration! speaks to the ideas of eternity, belonging and meaninglessness, it takes the shape of a pulsing, kraut-psych journey. The motorik nature of the track stems from W. H. Lung’s writing ethic which, with an Alesis drum machine at its core, aims to create a surrounding maelstrom of ethereal circuits and hypnotic rhythms.

We love this. Listen below.


MM Shorts 896: Mind Rays

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Alternative, Garage, Punk, Rock

Mind Rays

Mind Rays have shared the furious lead single, Still & All, from their debut album Nerve Endings.

On this evidence it is easy to see why the Belgian garage punk quartet have quickly emerged as one of the most exciting new garage acts in mainland Europe. The single is out now and the full-length will be arriving on March 24 via PNKSLM Recordings.

Have a listen… play loud. Buy from Bandcamp here.


Cloud Nothings have shared another taste from their forthcoming album Life Without Sound which is out in January.

Internal World might be one of our favourite tracks of theirs to date – an instant classic in the Dylan Baldi canon, packing an EPs worth of earworms into less than 4 minutes. It is a lullaby-like howler that dwells on “the fact that being yourself can be uncomfortable and even potentially dangerous at times.

Try it on for size…


MM Shorts 895: BAIT

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Alternative, Music, Post Punk, Rock

We’re loving this debut track from BAIT, which appears as part of the Alternative Occupations EP. Released on December 2nd via Cool Thing Records on limited edition 12” white vinyl, it also features new tracks by Asylums, The Horse Heads and Petty Phase.

Over thrumming, post-punk percussion surreal lyrics about Keith Harris, melting milkmen and Timmy Mallet abound. Curiously during his Radio Oxford days in the 1970s, Timmy Mallet was engaged to my cousin and once gave me a lock of his green hair and a shit 7″ by Gonzales. I didn’t keep either.

Marvellous stuff. Have a listen.


Happyness will  release the successor to 2014’s excellent long player Weird Little Birthday next Spring and they have shared the first taste of what the album will sound like in the form of new single Falling Down.

It has echoes of early Fleetwood Mac, a touch of Interpol perhaps, even a synth outdo, but essentially it remains as resolutely and defiantly true to their laid-back melancholia as always.

Have a listen



On their debut single psychedelic travellers Shadow Band sound more like a foggy dream of fantastical lands than any easily identifiable set of musical choices. Their patient but powerful sounds conjure up images of medieval battles, blissed-out trips and the haze of a sleep-deprived commune of heads in a state of perpetual vibing.

On Eagle Unseen, Shadow Band bare their teeth and growl. A self-made world of reality-bending imagery, this song is the band at their bleakest, whilst Moonshine hovers in the air, materialising out of the ether much like its creators.

The single is out via Mexican Summer. Listen to both below.