Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky, who released a critically acclaimed collaborative album Droneflower on Sacred Bones earlier this year have shared two cover songs that make up a new single via Sacred Bones – Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight and Extreme’s More Than Words.

Being unfortunately old enough to be of an age where I can remember the original, it must be said that I absolutely loathed In the Air Tonight, and still do, but when Marissa Nadler says “We wanted to make a creepy, sexy version...”, then I’m prepared to give it a listen. This should have been the original is all I can say…

Listen to both here.



Basic Plumbing – Bad Mood

Posted: December 3, 2019 in Indie, Music, Pop, Rock

In 2016 Patrick Doyle relocated from London to LA, midway through writing his new album – the follow up to his acclaimed release as Boys Forever. The self-titled album was Patrick’s debut as a solo artist after years of playing in well-loved indie bands including Veronica Falls, The Royal We and Sexy Kids.

Tragically, after completing the recording of the follow-up, Keeping Up Appearances, Patrick passed away aged just 32. With the support of his family and bandmate and friend Helen Skinner, Keeping Up Appearances will get a full release in January, with profits from sales going to charities chosen by Patrick’s family – LA’s LGBT Centre and UK’s CALM.

The album perfectly captures the live and punchy sound he had set about to achieve and is full of timeless indie pop hooks and effortlessly catchy melodies, whilst lyrically it tackles the end of a relationship, capturing the feeling of growing apart from the person you were once closest to with an unflinching directness.

Listen to Bad Mood from the record, and pre-order it here.


Shame on us! We missed the news that Thomas and Alex White aka The Electric Soft Parade are back with their first new music in six years! Stages is released on January 8th on CD/LP/download via Chord Orchard.

Over seven expansive tracks, the record deals with the passing of Thomas and Alex’s mother, reaching through love, loss, mourning and hope, but with their ambitious pallet always intact.

For starters, check out the almost-ten-minute sprawling glory and orchestral psychedelia of Roles Reversed.

Order from Bandcamp here.


Ead Wood – Skin

Posted: November 29, 2019 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Psychedelic

Bristol’s Ead Wood has shared a breezy, kaleidoscopic slice of sun-dappled psych-pop. Skin came out yesterday via Leisure Records.

After his previous summer single Plum Cake, Skin adds grit and guts to Wood’s shimmering guitars and is an ode to the thing that unites us all: skin. But despite its relaxed demeanor, the track grapples with plenty of anxieties just below its surface.

Check out the video for the new single below, and you can also stream Plum Cake too.



YOWL – Atrophy EP

Posted: November 28, 2019 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Post Punk, Rock

Peckham based five-piece YOWL are set to release their new six track EP Atrophy tomorrow. A release about alienation and exhaustion, the band capture all the frustration of the 9-to-5 London grind like few others.

The EP veers from upbeat bouncing basslines, striking falsetto vocals, country-tinged sadness to furious, frenzied spiky alt-punk. Despite these different tones, Atrophy doesn’t have a single false step, never loses its identity, and is imbued with a menace and underbelly of roiling, churning sleaze that is an absolute delight.

Watch the video for lead single Mammalian Fondness and stream John The Collector and An Inflexible Storeroom below. You can order the EP here.




Tennessee residents ​The By Gods​ have announced that their fifth album Goldy will be released on 21st February.

The record is preceded with a new single Black Wave – a satisfyingly crunchy blend of indie rock, grunge, post-punk and honest to goodness rawk’n’roll.

Stream it here.


Sometimes you get an email from a band that already pretty much sums up everything we might want to say about a record in a couple of brilliant sentences.

Deeside’s Chupa Cabra is a perfect case in point. First, they describe their music as “nauseating, salivating, hypnotizing, no good sucker-punch-piss-yourself polystyrene agitator Blues“. Nice!

And they go on to describe their new single Violent Urges as “a word-salad murder-ballad set to the beat of a brick in a washing machine. It’s the urge to shout at the telly, it’s quitting smoking, it’s the space between the holes in your memory. Chupa Cabra’s new single is a call to trepan the masses. Bring your own anaesthetic.

‘Word-salad murder ballad’ might be our favourite song descriptor of the year.

Good tune too. Listen in.


Fun fact: The Chupacabra translates as literally “goat-sucker”; from chupar, “to suck”, and cabra, “goat”, it is a legendary creature in the folklore of parts of the Americas, with its first purported sightings reported in Puerto Rico.

Baxter Dury – Slumlord

Posted: November 26, 2019 in Alternative, Disco, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock

Slumlord is the brilliant first taste from Baxter Dury’s new album The Night Chancers, which will see a release in March next year.

As one of the UK’s most interesting songwriters, he once again inhabits the song like a second skin, waxing lyrical in a literate and sharply observed way that very few can even hope to emulate let alone match. It is a tale of the unpleasant, the tainted and the grotesque whilst still retaining a sense of something despairingly romantic about it. It is the musical equivalent of a bare lightbulb swinging in a dingy bedsit, casting sickly light on things you might not want to see, and then suddenly illuminating something that might break your heart.

Musically there are echoes of The Clash, of Straight to Hell perhaps, and some Nile Rodgers style funk that just settles into a groove that quickly becomes irresistible.

Best thing he’s ever done as far as we’re concerned and Slumlord has some tough competition.

Great video too.


Silverbacks – Sirens

Posted: November 25, 2019 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Post Punk, Rock

Silverbacks are one (of quite a few it must be said) of our favourite Irish bands of the moment.

They have a new single planned: Sirens, backed with Drool, which will be available as a limited edition double A side 7″ from the end of January.

You can stream the lead track here – a wonderfully taut and spindly track that bristles with sardonic intent and its trio of guitars give it a bit of glam-rock oomph too.

It is great stuff.


Salad Boys – This Issue

Posted: November 25, 2019 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock

New Zealand’s Salad Boys are releasing a new single This Issue backed with Onwards And Downwards.

It is another in a growing catalogue of jangly, razor sharp indie rock tunes and you can stream both below, watch a video or get is as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp here.