Halloween single from Quiet Hollers

Loup (Hide It Away) is a surprise new Halloween-themed single from Louisville’s Quiet Hollers. The single was built around an 8-bar loop of drums and guitar, in the home studio of Quiet Hollers’ singer-songwriter, Shadwick Wilde, who penned the lyrics in a notebook next to a doodle of musclebound wolf-man. “The song is about duality and desire,” says Wilde. “Night versus day, animal versus human, etc… how we can stifle our nature only for so long, before who (or what) we truly are ultimately breaks through.”

Wilde, who came out in 2018, calls the song a thinly-veiled metaphor for bisexuality. “Isn’t that why we’re still so drawn to werewolves in popular culture? Because they let us play out these primal fantasies of running wild and consuming with abandon.

Stream it here.


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