Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (14th October)

Mr Benn's TFI Friday (14th October). Does anyone remember Mr Benn? Emerging from 52 Festive Road to embark on an adventure in his new guise. As I vaguely recall, many of the Mr Benn tales had a strong moral undertone. Everything always turned out well if Mr Benn was there, with his kind and reassuring avuncular manner. Good old Mr Benn.

Old things, gold things. Just like friends. Saw some goldies but goodies this week. Friends that see you through the good times, the fat times and the nobody loves me times. R&J, Big Sare, Bingley D, Polly Pocket and Movie Mate, you are the dog’s bollocks. (Sorry Monts.)


Mrs Mackerel

Download Tubeway Army – Are Friends Electric mp3 (from Replicas)

Download The Wrens – I’ve Made Enough Friends mp3 (from Secaucus)

Download Half Man Half Biscuit – Prag VEC At The Melkweg mp3 (from The Peel Sessions)

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