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We’ve decided to do things a bit differently this year – too many times in the past we’ve posted our favourite songs of the year and then discovered late releases we wished we’d added! And also 2019 was a shit year for the world – Brexit, Johnson, Trump, the world burning… at least there is music.

So, way after everyone else has done theirs, here is MM’s countdown of top 100 tunes for 2019 – part 1!


100 Chupa Cabra – Violent Urges


99 Metz – Dry Up


98 Youth Sector – Renting Spaces In My World


97 Some Bodies – TV Show


96 Tummyache – Median


95 Dr. Dog – Can’t Catch Me


94 Amyl & The Snifters – Monsoon Rock


93 DITZ – Gayboy


92 Phobophobes – Blind Muscle


91 B Boys – I Want


90 Big Thief – Not


89 Matt Shapiro – Rockaway Girl


88 Pile – The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller


87 Port Juvee – Hope to Lose


86 The Murder Capital – Green & Blue


85 Better Oblivion Community Center – Dylan Thomas


84 Oh Sees – Heart Worm


83 Spectator – Weight


82 Fat White Family – Feet


81 Hurt Valley – Apartment Houses


80 Bambara – Serafina


79 Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – At The Back Of The Pit


78 Crows – Chain of Being


77 WIVES – Hit Me Up


76 Cate le Bon – Daylight Matters


75 Slaves – One More Day Won’t Hurt


74 B Boys – Instant Pace


73 LIFE – Moral Fibre


72 Catholic Action – People Don’t Protest Enough


71 Black Adidas – Be Cool


70 Panik Attaks – Terror


69 FEET – Outer Rim


68 The Dream Syndicate – Put Some Miles On


67 Purple Mountains – Margaritas At The Mall


66 Lightning Dust – Competitive Depression


65 Comet Gain – We’re All Fucking Morons


64 LIFE – Excites Me


63 Hotel Lux – Tabloid Newspaper


62 Sunflowers – Dreamweaver


61 Sleep Eaters – Bad Love


60 Frog – Black Friday


59 Patio – Boy Scout


58 Working Men’s Club – Teeth


57 The Stroppies – Cellophane Car


56 Brooke Bentham – All My Friends Are Drunk


55 IDLES – Mercedes Marxist


54 Bee Bee Sea – Be Bop Palooza


53 Sleep Eaters – Life of Sin


52 Field Medic – The Bottle’s My Lover, She’s Just My Friend


51 Squid – Match Bet



Bambara – Heat Lightning

Posted: January 11, 2020 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Punk, Rock

Bambara’s new album Stray was announced in October ahead of a February 14th release on the always reliable Brooklyn indie Wharf Cat. The album is structured like a collection of short stories about a group of loosely-related characters living in a fictionalized Georgia community.

Beginning with lead single Serafina, and followed by Sing Me To The Street, the band have shared the third single from the album Heat Lightning. It is a driving punk song with almost western-style guitar leads undercut by ominous synth swells, frontman Reid Bateh turns the spotlight on one of the album’s lead characters, the personified figure of Death.

Stream it here. Pre-order the album here.


New Tunes On Monday

A new week, some new tunes to soften the blow.

We have a taste (if that’s the right word) from Diarrhea Planet’s new album I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in the shape of the sleazy, roiling Babyhead. By way of contrast we have Frankie Rose’s new track Sorrow from her scheduled new long player Herein Wild, a deceptively simple and sweetly melancholic pop track that is hard to resist.

We have a second track from surf loving, garage popsters La Vega and their track Jackie from new album Wave, and (by way of contrast) we have Bambara’s snarling, fragmented, aural desolation in the shape of Hawk Bones from their Dreamviolence album.

We have the gorgeous, rural folk-pop of The Great American Canyon Band’s Lost At Sea from their four-track EP of the same name (watch the excellent video here), and lastly Mrs M’s faves The Keston Cobblers’ Club have a new single of quintessentially English pastoral folk, A Scene Of Plenty is a pure and simple delight.






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Athens, Georgia trio Bambara are a noisy band, which we mean as a compliment.  They conjure up a nice line in rhythmic aggression with ethereal walls of sound, delay loops, feedback and distortion. Crucially however, at the heart of each track there is a nice little pop song beaten and buried.

Tomorrow they release their new EP Dog Ear Days via Emerald Weapon, and we have a taster for you in the form of Stay Gray. In parts ambient, in parts shoegaze and with a nice flourish of post-rock psychedelia the band somehow manage to come up with something that is fresh and interesting. Enjoy.

Visit their MySpace here. You can also get the EP for a ‘name your own price’ offer at their Bandcamp page here.

Download Bambara – Stay Gray mp3 (from Dog Ear Days EP)