Daytona Announce Self-titled Debut Album

Treading a line somewhere between exuberant and melancholic, New York based trio Daytona use¬†looping finger-picked guitars to set a groundwork for sprawling harmonies over hypnotic beats. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of American folk music, classic rock, and African & Caribbean sounds and rhythms, the final result is a refined hook driven style of pop music complemented by smart lyrics and positive musical passages. … Continue reading Daytona Announce Self-titled Debut Album

Mega Roundup

Having abjectly failed to regain control of our In-box since returning from holiday, we are still working our way through a sackful of new bands, new albums, new singles, new tracks, new demos and everything in-between. So with apologies for the delay in posting some of these, here is one awesome round-up of stuff that has caught our ears, our imagination, or, best of all, … Continue reading Mega Roundup