MM’s Best of the Month: November

Here is the best of our November posts, a perfect mix tape to kick off the festive seasons and a nice reminder before we all get immersed in all those end-of-year top tens/twenties/fifties etc. And as always a couple of new ones too. Twenty five great tracks. Enjoy. Download Outer Minds – Until You’re Dead mp3 Pristine nugget of 60s inspired garage rock, twangy rough-cut … Continue reading MM’s Best of the Month: November

Mad Mackerel Recommends…Derek Pritzl

Derek Pritzl’s album The Drifter has been quietly growing on us for a while, which is probably why we’ve taken so long to post something about it. It is a record that is unhurried and thoughtful, at times digging up raggedy old soul sounds, and other times leaning into the quiet barren territory where Gillian Welch fans dwell. He easily blends old country, folk and … Continue reading Mad Mackerel Recommends…Derek Pritzl