Dumb – Beef Hits

Canadian foursome Dumb deliver catchy post-punk songs in two-minute blasts of wiry riffs and full of indignant social critiques. They have shared their new single Beef Hits from their upcoming album Club Nites – out on the 7th June via Mint Records (order here). Coming in at just over two minutes, there is a snarl and boisterousness that is happily reminiscent of the likes of Bodgea … Continue reading Dumb – Beef Hits

MM Shorts 932: DUMB

A couple of weeks ago, DUMB saw the proper release of their debut album Live Fast Die Dumb, which had previously been released on cassette only. Now the band have announced their new album Less will see the light of day on Friday 31st March through Axis Mundi Records (order here). The Austin, TX guitar trio create a pretty tasty and unique blend of rock’n’roll, … Continue reading MM Shorts 932: DUMB

New Video: Dumb – Still I’m Stuck

Dumb hit the road to film their new retro video for current single Still I’m Struck found on their debut EP Chew Me Up, Spit Me Out, that is released tomorrow via Tip Top/One Beat. The band have an intriguing and contrasting mix of raw, punkish attitude and awkward indie reticence, but the really good news is the goldfish wasn’t hurt in the making of the … Continue reading New Video: Dumb – Still I’m Stuck