Fire Tapes Release Phantoms – Share New Track

Having already shared the distorted, nine minute epic that was Fire Tapes’ Scarlet Cliffs, the band are marking today’s release of new album Phantoms with another track, Skull & Xbones for your guaranteed, listening pleasure. Clocking in at a relatively conservative five minutes, it opens with a fantastically hypnotic riff and creepy, intoned vocals from singer/guitarist Betsy Wright, before developing into a propulsive slab of … Continue reading Fire Tapes Release Phantoms – Share New Track

Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: August 2013

Here (better late than never) are our favourite download picks from our August posts, together with a few new tunes. Altogether a genre-busting mix of nearly 20 great songs. Dive in! Spook Houses – Living The Dream Tempo-shifting, slacker pop. . The Great American Canyon Band – Lost At Sea Gorgeous, rural folk-pop. . Vikesh Kapoor – I Dreamt Blues A narrative about endless work … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: August 2013

Introducing >>> The Fire Tapes

With their forthcoming album Phantoms, to be released September 17th, The Fire Tapes¬†have continued to experiment with sonic textures and sprawling noise in the tradition of The Velvet Underground, while still pushing the envelope and blurring the lines of conventional genres, much in the vein of Brian Wilson or Gram Parsons. Give yourself a taste with a download of the nine minute epic of rolling … Continue reading Introducing >>> The Fire Tapes