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Mad Mackerel's Best Of December 2012 Free Mix

As might be expected, slightly fewer tunes make up our final monthly mix of the best of the downloads from MM – no panic tho’, the quality of new tunes on offer more than makes up for it. And as always, some new ones for you too means a top banana mix of twenty cracking songs to play in the New Year.

The Cheatahs – The Swan
A swirling, smoking riff and a rough ‘n’ ready feel is mixed with 90s slacker indie influences and a bit of shoegaze – all to more than good effect.


Beach Fossils – Careless
All sinewy jangle bouncing along on the back of hurtling, punk-ish drums.


Criminal Hygiene – Rearrange Me
Skater-punk’s bitter ode to unhealthy relationships, full of rough and raspy vocals met with a charging bassline.


Download Grave Babies – Over And Under Ground mp3 (from Crusher)
Catchy, but nevertheless slathered in their signature overdoses of distortion.

Split Screens – Deep Down
Pink Floyd style subtle psychedelia and Beck style emotion.


Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo – Christmas Time Is Here
Sweetly harmonious festive version of a Christmas classic, also featuring Kristina Train, Rumer and Ren Harvieu.


Download Fires – Untied mp3 (from Angels In The Dark EP)
Imagine the scuzz-rock blitzkrieg of Butthole Surfers, combined with the melody and songcraft of Urge Overkill.

Blackfeet Braves – Vicious Cycle
60s era psychedelia bathed in twangy reverb and infectious melody, resulting in lo-fi psych pop fitting for the most epic trip.


Download Los Campesinos! – A Doe To A Deer mp3 (From A Doe To A Deer)
Indie popsters’ festive offering complete with alcoholic undertones.

Download Balto – Smokestacks mp3 (from Monuments EP)
Voices sail out in harmony over a dusty, spaghetti western guitar twang and heartfelt emotions are laid bare at your doorstep – tangled, delicate and rich.

James Yuill – Lost In California
New offering from folktronica master from as yet untitled new album.


Download Tom Williams – Christmas (So Much Better When You’re Here) mp3 (from For Folk’s Sake It’s Christmas)
Another festive goody.

Jack Hardman – Plymouth
An ethereal and wintery song, filled with warm harmonies and covered in spring reverb – folk music with a psychedelic tint.


American Royalty – Honey & Queen
Delivers a warm groove with a touch of Yeasayer / Little Dragon about it.


Hero Jr. – Ann Boleyn
Indy-based foursome combine soaring vocals, stinging guitars and driving rhythms blurring the lines between ’70s classic rock, the angst of the Alternative Nation and modern indie-rock.


And to finish off we have another raucous track from Criminal Hygiene. Next up is a new track from unique, otherworldly singger-songwriter Ólöf ArnaldsTreat Her Kindly is taken from the forthcoming album Sudden Elevation (out on One Little Indian US release 5th March, UK 4th February). We have Giant Giant Sand’s sage words and loungey rat-pack vibe on Not the End of the World with this track taken from the deluxe version of their excellent album Tucson. Then there is the Kinksian pop melancholy and Television Personalities wry punk disaffectedness of Campfires lo-fi weirdo musings – try the primitive pop of Fortune Teller from forthcoming album Tomorrow Tomorrow (just click through to download for free).

And lastly, hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Hawk and Dove is an indie rock band whose calm-before-the-storm sound has been described as the “loudest quiet band you have ever heard” and “the psychedelic country David Bowie never wrote.” On their forthcoming debut album, This Yesterday Will Never End, the band mixes hauntingly beautiful ballads with thunderous stoner grooves to create a sound quite unlike anything else. Download Things We Lost So Far.


Fires Return

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Punk, Rock

Fires Return

We posted about the nihilistic world view of Fires back in June with news of their EP Echo Sounds.

Angels In The Dark is a new five track EP that we are glad to report carries on that exact same approach – imagine the scuzz-rock blitzkrieg of Butthole Surfers, combined with the melody and songcraft of Urge Overkill and you might be getting close.

Whatever it is, it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, but frankly…who cares?

Download the lead single, the caustic Untied from the EP below.

Download Fires – Untied mp3 (from Angels In The Dark EP)

Mad Mackerel's Free Mix - Best of June 2012.

Image (c) Big Pic

A cracking month for new releases. Here is the some of the best of our posts from June, together with a couple of newbies for the perfect June mixtape. Check out some of the other ‘Best ofs’ in the sidebar too.

The Hunting Accident – Aubergine
Angular, compulsive, propulsive thump.


Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – The Fool mp3 (from Lungs, Dirt & Dreams)
Distorted and dishevelled Americana with solitary slow wind and sparse picking.

Download Efren – The Woods And The Wild mp3 (from Write A New Song)
Guitars throw out crunchy muscular riffs, drums pound and gruff vocals spit and snarl over the top of it all – a maelstrom of sonic destruction.

Speedy Ortiz – Silver Spring
Another fine example of their infectious and intelligent songwriting craft, a hook-laden, lyrically sharp slice of twitchy indie rock


Download The Chorderoys – No Prayin Man mp3 (from No Man’s Land)
Twangy, upbeat Country rock with a pounding rhythm and muscular guitar lines.

The Great American Desert – Carson City
Exquisite, compelling songs made for a campfire; made for a backporch and a bottle of whiskey; and made for the long, dark nights when no one but you seems awake in the world.


Ned Collette & Wirewalker – Long You Lie
Mix of experimental pop songwriting, musique concrete and dark folky soundscapes.


Download Edmund II – Golden Lung mp3 (from Floating Monk)
Starts with an orchestral flourish and gently insistent guitar lines, over which warm vocals gracefully swirl and hover to create three minutes of exquisite, honeyed pop music.

Download Deap Vally – Gonna Make My Own Money mp3 (from Gonna Make my Own Money single)
Rock-hard grit and all-girl soul.

Download Magic Trick – Invisible At Midnight mp3 (from Ruler Of The Night)
Poignant, offbeat folk-pop, with an eclectic menagerie of instrumentation.

Download Buffalo Killers – Get It mp3 (from Dig. Sow. Love. Grow.)
Intoxicating mix of ferocious blues psychedelia and good old fashioned rock and roll.

Download K-Holes – Rats mp3 (from Dismania)
Joyful and raucous gutterball punk.

Download Two Gallants – Broken Eyes mp3 (from The Bloom And The Blight)
Lovely slice of indie-folk – one of the songs of the month!

Download Sonnet Cottage – Most Unlikely mp3 (from Another Time)
Pastoral folk charmer, all whimsical mystery.

Download Shovels & Rope – Hollowpoint Blues mp3 (from NoiseTrade Sampler)
Catchy-as-hell junkyard folk-blues. Another contender for song of the month!

Download Rah Rah – Little Poems mp3 (from Little Poems 7″)
Dwells in the heavy complexity of relationships and being “poor, drunk and scared of being alone” told through a poetically skewed lens of life on the road, playing in a band.

Download Salesman – Ella mp3 (from Wasp EP)
Off kilter, somewhat warped take on Americana and desert country folk flavoured with a healthy dollop of psychedelia.

Download Waters – If Only mp3 (from If Only Single)
Another quality slice of psych-pop with added fuzz.

Download Fires – Blackout mp3 (from Echo Sounds EP)
Meaty, angular riffs, occasional discordant tones, and a nihilistic world view.

Download Ivan & Alyosha – All The Times We Had mp3 (from All The Times We Had)
Beautifully simple and melodic and tells a bittersweet tale of goodbye.

Screen Gems – Jazz Records
Just under two minutes of the best, catchiest, woozy, off-kilter, hazy, messed up screwball psych-pop that we’ve heard all year


Download Zachary CaleLove Everlasting mp3 (from Love Everlasting 7″)
Top notch fare from folky singer-songwriter.

Savaging Spires – Tell Me
Fine example of their Wicker-Man style pagan-folk stylings and eerie electronic collages.


Suburban Living – Float In Clouds
Supremely assured mix of lo-fi garage riffs and shimmering dream pop which combine to produce an infectiously catchy summery track.


O’Captain – Eyes Like Anchors
Starts with a sweetly catchy guitar strum and some heartfelt harmonies before throwing off the shackles two thirds of the way through and galloping full pelt to the end of the song.


Coastal – Black Stars / Flash Cars
A deceptively vicious tale referencing Jeremy Kyle, Starbucks and handfuls of pills amongst other things.


Download Daughn Gibson – In The Beginning mp3 (from All Hell)
Could be a classic down-on-their-luck country, could be creepy southern gothic, could be dark folk, but then there are the looped, eerie electronics and over it all is a rich baritone croon every bit the equal of Lee Hazlewood or Nick Cave.

Download Ormonde – Can’t Imagine mp3 (from Machine)
As devastating as it is gentle – warm, organic, glistening in half-light and shadow, slowly revealing highlight after highlight.

Download The Boombox Hearts – 100 (The Latest Flame) mp3 (from 100 (The Latest Flame) single)
Very much pop the 60s way with some noisy indie-style guitars (and yes, the title’s a reference to Elvis!).

And to finish off we have a new track from Tilly And The Wall, the stomping first single from their new album is called Love Riot, some glam tinged rock-pop from Foxygen with Waitin’ 4 U and Total Slacker’s cover of Oblivion by Grimes. Lastly we have the title track from Australian indie-darlings Skipping Girl Vinegar’s Chase The Sun EP, it is hi-fi swagger meets low-fi sway carving out their own heart warming, hobo-pop aesthetic.

Download Tilly And The Wall – Love Riot mp3 (from

Download Foxygen – Waitin’ 4 U mp3 (from Take The Kids Off Broadway)

Download Total Slacker – Oblivion mp3 (Grimes cover)

Download Skipping Girl Vinegar – Chase The Sun mp3 (from Chase The Sun EP)

And don’t forget to check our post about the Best of the Year so far – MM contributors pick their favourites of the first six months of 2012.

New EP From Fires

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock

New EP From Fires.

Nashville alt-rockers Fires’ latest self-released EP, Echo Sounds, is now available.

Brothers Danny and Ryan Nicoletto formed Fires in 2010. That year, they released the EP Angels in the Dark, and after playing live, a raw, aggressive rock sound emerged. When recording Echo Sounds, the band wanted to deliver this newly developed sound and the title reflects an underlying, almost creepy, feel that Fires set out to achieve using old analog echo chambers, real plate reverbs, and analog delays.

We’re pleased to report it is 100% mission accomplished and this EP does just that, with five tracks rife with harrowing vocals and heavy guitars that carries echoes of past masters of a similar vein in Slint and Shellac. So, if you like meaty, angular riffs, occasional discordant tones, and a nihilistic world view (and we do) you need to grab yourself a couple of tracks from it below, both appropriately titled: Blood on Black and Blackout.

Get more details on purchasing the full EP via their Facebook page here or download via iTunes here.

Download Fires – Blood On Black mp3 (from Echo Sounds EP)

Download Fires – Blackout mp3 (from Echo Sounds EP)