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Time for some new vids methinks.

So sit back and enjoy ten musical films from the likes of Slowcoaches, Freakwater, Dead Heavens, The Two Tracks, Dawes, Dan Michelson & The Coastguards, Hans Chew and Ed Harcourt amongst others.












best of the weekOur regular collection of the best of this week’s new releases for you including a couple of tasty cover versions.

  1. Freakwater – The Asp And The Albatross
  2. Quilt – Eliot St.
  3. The Brainstems – Simple Joys
  4. Freedom Fry – 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
  5. Coves – Stormy
  6. Coke Weed – Malocchio
  7. Noun – Loveblood
  8. Little May – Skeletons (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
  9. Kite Base – Miracle Waves