Halloween Video Mix

We love Halloween. Love the film (and some of the sequels), love the dressing up, the scares, and frightening the bejesus out of the little ones who knock on our door… In previous years we’ve posted downloadable Halloween mixes, and this year there has been no shortage of bands making halloween themed videos and sending them our way, so it seemed churlish not to share … Continue reading Halloween Video Mix

Festive Fayre (21): Loop Line

Loop Line’s A Christmas Song is about Santa and aliens, inspired by The Clash and 1950s Sci-Fi. The song is sung from two perspectives: a group of aliens who believe that Santa Claus and his seemingly unlimited powers pose a threat to their civilization, juxtaposed with a group of Earthlings who try to convince the aliens that Santa is actually a symbol of peace and … Continue reading Festive Fayre (21): Loop Line