More From Men’s Adventures

We first featured the country-surf sounds of London’s Men’s Adventures back in February and now we have a new track from the duo that is taken from their debut four song EP Solitary Trip¬†(out June 24th on Dirty Bingo Records). B.B Vulture gallops along on the back of a hypnotically groovy country-twang that would have the mighty Johnny Cash tapping his toe in approval. This … Continue reading More From Men’s Adventures

Introducing >>> Men’s Adventures

We’re really enjoying this demo from Men’s Adventures who are completely new to us, but have a nice country-surf thing going on with a sound that calls to mind Dick Dale, The Beach Boys and Ennio Morricone all in one go. Oh, and there’s a dash of tropical sunshine and an underbelly of sweet psychedelia in there too. Take a listen to the wonderfully titled … Continue reading Introducing >>> Men’s Adventures