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75 Sleaford Mods – Moptop


74 Silver Torches – If I Reach


73 Idles – Divide And Conquer


72 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Rattlesnake


71 King Krule – Dum Surfer


70 Naomi Punk – Chapter II


69 The Reptaliens – If You Want


68 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – French Press


67 Ron Gallo – All The Punks Are Domesticated


66 The Black Angels – Currency


65 B Boys – Energy


64 The Moonlandingz – Dirty Red Rose


63 No Age – Drippy


62 The Lovely Eggs – I Shouldn’t Have Said That


61 The Staves – Tired As Fuck


60 Wavves – You’re Welcome


59 Phobophobes – Where Is My Owner?


58 Thurston Moore – Cease Fire


57 Bad Dreems – Mob Rule


56 Kevin Morby – Bag Of Rats


55 Goat Girl – Cracker Drool


54 Cabbage – A Network Betrayal


53 Flat Worms – Motorbike


52 Dream Wife – Somebody


51 Cabbage – Fraudulent Artist



Best of 2017: 100 – 76

Chapter II is probably our favourite track from Naomi Punk’s latest album Yellow. A song that just oozes pulsating, tribal chaos.

The band have shared an appropriately intense and moody video for it. Watch it below and order the album via Bandcamp here.


The new video for Naomi Punk’s Television Man was created by Robin Stein, who “found inspiration in 1970s imagery of body building and the Philip Lorca Dicorcia photography series “Lucky 13”.

I know what 1970s bodybuilding looked like, but didn’t have a clue about Philip Lorca. Still, it’s a good video for a good song.

Watch it here.



1. Titus Andronicus – Stranded (On My Own)
2. Cat Meat – Vog
3. Naomi Punk – Firehose Face
4. Goat – Hide From The Sun
5. The John Steel Singers – Common Thread







New From Naomi Punk

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Alternative, Music, Punk, Rock

New From Naomi Punk

We were big fans of Naomi Punk’s excellent 2012 debut of dense, cathartic chaos The Feeling and Television Man, the first taste from their forthcoming sophomore effort of the same name, more than keeps up the good work.

Listen below.



MM Best of September 2012

Here we are again – a massive free mix containing the cream of last month’s posts, a couple of new tunes and, all in all, an eclectic set of top quality tunes to kick off the onset of autumn for you. From folk to garage, from country to psychedelia and from originals to covers, there is a multifaceted, multifarious, heterogeneous, assorted miscellaney of delights for you.

Download Simone FeliceWar Movie mp3 (from New York Times EP)
Haunting, subtle and fragilely beautiful

Download Fire Mountain – Black Heart mp3 (from Of The Dust EP)
Rolling strum and sway, shot through with melancholy and just a tinge of possible redemption

Download The Reflections – Summer Days mp3 (from Summer Days single)
Hypnotic and hazy, classic introspective indie rock with a dash of chillwave

Marissa Nadler – Save Me A Place
Gorgeous Fleetwood Mac cover


Download Upside Drown – Sheltering Sky mp3 (from Mood Music)
Six minute mini-epic from new female garage rock duo

Teitur – Jailhouse Gumbo Jones
Another slice of excellent Americana from our favourite folk troubadour from the Faroe Islands


Zulus – Death In The Current
Slightly ‘poppier’ hardcore. Still with plenty of bite!


Download Lilly Hiatt & The Dropped Ponies – Championship Fighter mp3 (from Let Down)
A country-folk song of sweetly strummed acoustics and mournful twang

Santah – Indigo
Loose-limbed, roving style of Americana that sits somewhere between Crazy Horse, Wilco and the tropical rhythms of Vampire Weekend.


The Veda Rays – Cop Knock
Melodies twist and writhe under shimmering guitars and sepia tinged vocals (and has more than a hint of The Walkmen about it)


Download Kaki King – Great Round Burn mp3 (from Glow)
Taut, straining acoustics signal a slight departure in style

Download Lord Huron – Brother mp3 (from Lonesome Dreams)
Another excellent taste from folkies forthcoming album

Wickerbird – Druids
Lo-fi, ambient folk that is as haunting as it is ethereal


Download Murder By Death – Lost River mp3 (from Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon)
Brooding and cinematic first taste from forthcoming album Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon

Download Quarter Mile Thunder – Tell Me mp3 (from Twist)
Strong, captivating folk-rock immersed in sparse, haunting atmospherics.

Download Jason Karaban – Misplaced mp3 (from Shift)
Beautiful vignette of melodic chamber pop – warm, introspective and gently humorous

Crushed Out – Weigh You Down
Pure guitar/drum adrenalin rush, plenty of fuzz, tremolo, riffs, chunky chords, slide and Black Sabbath power chords


Download Tweak Bird – People mp3 (from Undercover Crops EP)
Throw some southern rock and blues boogie, some Creedence style chooglin’, jackhammer percussion, and engine sludge into a pot and then sweeten the deal with a whole brick of Lebanese gold before inviting you to inhale deeply of the results

Download RTB2 – God Will Be The One To Blame mp3 (from 2)
Mixes fuzz, farfisa and a lurching backbeat with an infectious rock hook

Download Eight Belles – Nolchi mp3 (from Girls Underground)
The catchy twang and mountain-stream-clear vocals of Nolchi sounds just like it comes from the heyday of Loretta Lynn or Patsy Cline

Download Your Youth – Thick Gold (Bodied) mp3 (from Battery EP)
Two and a half minute of chainsaw guitars

Pete Fij & Terry Bickers – I Don’t Give A Shit About You
Underneath the sweary surface is actually a love song of sorts. Not only that, it is brilliant.


Batwings Catwings – Blue Dream
Sounds like it has come snarling and spitting out of CBGBs in 1978 and gleefully kicked every backside it has come across ever since.


Download Tall Heights – I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know mp3 (from The Running Of The Bulls EP)
Duo with captivating vocal harmonies that drive a folk-inspired accompaniment of cello and acoustic guitar

Communist Daughter – Ghosts
Heavy on bittersweet harmonies, introspective lyricism and swirling atmospheric melodies, this gorgeous track with its echoes of classic era Fleetwood Mac is an absolute gem


Download Michael AinsleyRainy Lonely Day mp3
Brilliant slice of introspective, piano led melancholy that calls to mind Robert Wyatt

Naomi Punk – Burned Body
Every bit as visceral, bloody and nerve-shreddingly noisy as the title suggests


Magic Arm – Put Your Collar Up
Infectious folk anthem thrown off centre by detuned pianos and woozy synth noises


Download Black Forest Fire – Live News Feed mp3 (from Transit Of Venus)
Slow burning, pulsating maelstrom that is just as likely to melt your eyeballs under a sonic assault as take you meditatively to a higher plane

Golden Void – The Curve
Brilliant, galloping riffage that makes you want to dust off the denims, put in some hair extensions and throw some shapes with the old air guitar…


Download Peace – Tattoo mp3 (from The World Is Too Much With Us)
Bass-lines menace and hypnotize, guitar solos explode suddenly in wah-pedal freak-outs, tom-toms thud with a tribal intensity and lyrics alternate between images of defiant despair and love-sick yearning

And fresh into the mix we have the ramshackle garage-punk of Everything Burns, being Ceremony’s side of their new split single with forthcoming tour mates Titus Andronicus, and the second single of dark tinged post-grunge and indie rock from Sweden’s Honey Mustard.

We have a taste of the Pear Traps new EP Elsewhere, which is full of hazy, bittersweet indie – try Santa Fe below, or pick up the whole thing on a “pay what you want” deal from Bandcamp here.

Lastly we have A Classic Education’s cover of Elvis Presley’s Crawfish (from the film King Creole), which is the b-side from a new series of 7″ singles from Covo Club.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out all our other Best Of the Month mixes in the sidebar.

Download Ceremony – Everything Burns mp3 (from Split Single with Titus Andronicus)

Download The Pear Traps – Santa Fe mp3 (from Elsewhere EP)

Download – A Classic Education – Crawfish mp3 (from Little Red Riding Hood / Crawfish 7″)


New Release Round Up.

New releases are coming thick and fast, and hot on the heels of last week’s Round Up, comes part II – ten more tracks of genre-spanning goodies for you to download and delight in.

We kick off with All You Can Eat, a little taste from south Philly art rockers 722, whose new EP, Haunting Me, is set to be released on 31st October.

Screaming guitars, classic cars, tattoos, and cigarettes — Los Angeles based outfit Angels Heart has taken the punk rock tradition and crafted something entirely original. This track, Under The Black Light comes from imminent new album Tattoos And Cigarettes.

Southern-fried, glam rock boogie merchants The Bohannons track Goodbye Bill is an ode to martyred labor organizer Joe Hill approaching the 100th anniversary of his death. The words are from his last will, as well as from Ethel Raim and The Pennywhistlers‘ song Joe Hill. You can find it on their forthcoming debut release Unaka Rising, which is as good a set of blues inspired psych-groove as we’ve heard in a very long while.

Beast Patrol’s debut EP Fierce And Grateful is a triumph of fuzzed up guitars, dynamic percussion and raw, impassioned vocals. Check out the proof with the track Plaster below.

The superbly jangly Northern Lights is the third single to be taken from Allo Darlin’s second album Europe, which was released on Slumberland Records in May. Written about a New Year’s Eve spent in Sweden the song somehow manages to imbue a wintery scene with a sweet breath of sunshine as Elizabeth Morris’ voice rings out clear as a bell and Paul Rain’s guitar melodies shine brightly. Also on Slumberland are Evans The Death, named after the undertaker in Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood, and their perfect mix of fuzzy guitars and exuberant jangle mesh seamlessly into the psychedelic pop charm of new single Catch Your Cold. Download them both and pretend it is 1986.

Magic Arm’s surging title track from the Put Your Collar Up EP is an infectious folk anthem thrown off centre by detuned pianos and woozy synth noises while Naomi Punk’s Burned Body is every bit as visceral, bloody and nerve-shreddingly noisy as the title suggests. Unsound is the appropriate name for Mission of Burma’s latest album on Fire Records, and you can download the rather excellent, and somewhat twisted, art-punk of Semi-Pseudo Sort Of Plan, which is the next planned single from the record.

Lastly, given the weather and the fact I’m stuck on my own in a fading seaside town hotel in the back of beyond, the appropriately titled Rainy Lonely Day by Michael Ainsley comes from a three track EP, Out Beyond The Blue, and is a brilliant slice of introspective, piano led melancholy that calls to mind Robert Wyatt. Get the EP for a pay what you want deal from his Bandcamp page here.

Enjoy – and don’t forget to click through for free downloads if necessary.