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Round Up

Time to round up a few more of the releases that have tickled our ears from the inbox and round the web.

Ali Koehler has hitherto been best known as the drummer of the pop group Best Coast and the noisy girl punk trio Vivian Girls. After her departure from Best Coast, Koehler decided to step up from behind the kit to front a band of her own, embracing her melodic punk-spirited songwriting impulses with Upset. The new three-piece will release its hooky debut record of pop-punk, She’s Gone, this autumn. Take a listen to Oxfords and Wingtips from it.


We posted Wake Up Lucid’s track I Want at the end of September and this is the ominous, jagged b-side, Let It Roll.


Rural Ghosts recently released their debut long player City Of Elms. It is a fine record of folk tinged indie rock distinguished by driving rhythms and haunting lyrical content. Take a listen to a couple of tracks, Limbo and Eyes.


Ten Ton Man’s Drinking Song comes from their self -titled debut album of minimal, gritty, Americana with a lyrically dark slant. The sinister undertones of this track perfectly encompass the feelings of someone who is down on their luck. With his signature baritone voice, frontman Paul Livornese sings the gloomy lyrics, “Sing along to the drinking song//When the booze is gone //You’ll be all alone.”  Something many of us can relate to at one time or another…


Black Hearted Brother is the new band formed by Neil Halstead (Slowdive, Mojave 3), Nick Holton (Coley Park, Holton’s Opulent Oog) and Mark Van Hoen (Locust, Seefeel). Listen to the excellent  (I Don’t Mean To) Wonder from the trio’s debut album Stars Are Our Home which is officially released tomorrow (order here).


Foul Play is the excellent first track from all girl garage-pop trio Sharkmuffin’s second EP 1097 which is released next Wednesday.


Buzzard Lope recently released their debut single East By East on their own label Lost Toys Records. The single blends frontman Roger Illingworth’s husky vocal – reminiscent of Mark Lanegan – with Adam Jarvis’ brooding double bass.


Lem and The White Fire are a distinctive soul/pop/folk 11-piece collective who have released their catchy debut single Telephone – it features a memorable sing-a-long chorus and a rousing riff from the brass section of the collective.


Haunting vocals stand at the forefront of La Guerre’s new EP, Violent, which is the solo project of Katlyn Conroy, a member of the band Cowboy Indian Bear. Listen to the lovely, sultry Sorrow Song.


Huckleberry Binge are a whirl of fuzzed-out folk rock and murky pop anthems. They released their Tornado EP back at the end of the summer, but Fur Trapper from it is too good not to post – better late than never.


We have another track from Lola Colt, Jackson is their second single (out 2nd December) and is another top notch track of fuzzy, blistered guitars and twangy psychedelia.


Singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow built up a huge following after the release of his debut album Early In The Morning, and Cavalier is the evocative first single from January’s follow up album Post Tropical.


The Witch Hunt return with the release of their debut EP Little Book of Hate on Dead Young Records, a collection of five songs showcasing a promising range and depth, with dark, twisted melodies and haunting vocals. The follow up to their second single Crawl, immerse yourself in the visceral and threatening Army Man from the EP.


Lastly (for now) we have the new single from Melbourne indie-folk quartet Sleepy Dreamers. Titled Bike Song it features a catchy hook, four part vocal harmonies and a good dose of handclaps – pretty sure to evoke some foot-stomping action.

Mad Mackerel's Best of October 2012.

Our monthy round up of the best new tunes we’ve posted and a few brand new ones too. More than 30 tunes to set you up for the weekend. Enjoy.

Wooden Wand – Southern Colorado Song
Another brilliant example of our favourite, prolific troubadour’s storytelling prowess.


Download The Growl – With The Sharp End Of A Trowel mp3 (from Cleaver Lever EP)
Soaked in the authentic primal blues of the swamps with a twang of rockabilly, a haze of psychedelia and, at its heart, the pulsating, bloody roar of rock’n’roll.

The Shamefaced Sparrows – Ride That Seastorm
Like the Velvets fronted by Dick Dale, or the Beach Boys cage fighting with the Kinks these are crackling with surf-pop vintage – think cruising rain-slicked neon streets in 50s LA!


Download Angel Snow – Lie Awake mp3 (from Angel Snow)
Haunting, chilling vocals paired with melancholy lyrics create a gorgeous scenery for a listener’s travels.

Matthew Friedberger – Expectant Fathers – In for a Surprise VII. As if in the Car with the Kids (from Matricidal Sons Of Bitches)
Inspired by the films of Poverty Row and his current city of residence, Paris – it makes for a potent combination.


Download Jenee Halstead – Rodeo Of Sadness mp3 (from Raised By Wolves)
Another fine example of her spooky, sparse approach that comes across as sounding like a slightly malevolent hybrid of Dolly Parton and PJ Harvey.

Download Skipping Girl Vinegar – You Can mp3 (from Keep Calm, Carry The Monkey)
More heartwarming hobo-pop, full of lyrical twists and sonic layers.

Download Kings Of Lowertown – Down Tobacco Road mp3 (from Kings of Lowertown EP)
Excellent primal blues chug.

Download King Of Spain – Green Eyes mp3 (from All I Did Was Tell Was Tell Them The Truth And They Thought It Was Hell)
Spacious indie rock with jaunty pop hooks.

Bromheads – Holding The Gun
Fizzes over with the energy of a can of Irn-Bru exploding full in your face. It is sharp and pithy, and fast and furious, and machetes its way into your brain like an earworm with a mouthful of razors.


Wintersleep – Martyr
Another prime example of their shimmering, pulsating indie rock.


MMOSS – Another Dream
Jangly organs, flutes and driving drums, unexpected arrangements, classic recording sounds and psychy harmonies.


Algernon Doll – Spiral Sounds
Lavish, intense and splendid, but underpinned with a creeping sense of anxiety and discontent.


Download Jason Lytle – Somewhere There’s A Someone mp3 (from Dept. Of Disappearance)
A track of wonderfully weary heartbreak and ennui from erstwhile Grandaddy frontman’s new album

Rural Ghosts – Eyes (from Eyes Single)
A little rawer, a little more powerful, but this is still Americana that overflows with haunting beauty.


Woollen Kits – Susannah (from Four Girls)
sweet, fuzzed-up pysch-garage.


Download Ending People – Beat Of My Heart mp3 (from Fill Your Lungs)
Catchy, hypnotic indie rock showcases new wave inspired sinewy guitar lines.

Hailer – Spooky Clams (from Another Way)
Calls to mind The Fall in its relentless rhythm, while the reverb swirls and drifts around the (frankly clearer) vocals.


Download Ty Segall – Femme Fatale mp3 (from The Velvet Underground & Nico by Castle Face and Friends)
Maniacal take on Velvet Underground classic.

Download The Luyas – Your Name’s Mostly Water mp3 (from Animator)
Hypnotically brilliant track from latest album.

Download Fidlar featuring Kate Nash – AWWWKWAARRRDDD mp3 (from Fidlar)
Bizarre combo works a treat. Punk rock!

Download Outer Minds – Those Machines mp3 (from Behind The Mirror)
One hundred and fifty seconds of belligerence escaping with venomous joy from your speakers.

Download Deathbarrel – Merciless Winds mp3 (from Merciless Winds)
The sound of wrenches and motor oil, of Saturday night beers and truckstops, of longing and loss, of late evenings and aching muscles, of endless roads and shore leave, of the dreams of freedom that all and any working man feels deep in his soul.

Download Dr. Dog – Black Or Red mp3 (from Shame, Shame Deluxe Edition)
Scrappy yet hook-packed rock emboldened by a bare-bones aesthetic.

Download Lonesome Moses – Fisting With A Shark mp3 (from Lonesome Moses EP)
Outlaw country that celebrates unassuming heroes and heroines trying to navigate a world of booze, venereal disease, and Octoloans…

Download Dead Stars – Fractured mp3 (from Fractured) Removed at artist’s request.
Races along in a tumble of reverb, gruff vocals and a nagging guitar line that also puts us in mind of Silversun Pickups Lazy Eye.

Juiceboxxx – Expressway To The Darkness
American heart of darkness anthem, like Suicide reinvented for the 21st century.


Download Dolfish – There Must Be Something Wrong With These Shoes mp3 (from I’d Rather Disappear Than Stay The Same)
More warped promise from the skewed and idiosyncratic world of offbeat folk troubadour.

And to finish off we have a taste of Teen Mom’s effervescent fuzzed up pop from forthcoming EP Mean Tom (pre-order here), another stunning cover from Marissa Nadler – this time Daniel Johnston’s Devil Town and a new non-album track from psych-blues rockers The Buffalo Killers, Baptized is a down-and-dirty rocker that somehow melds heavy psych with gospel! Lastly we have the welcome return of Sleeping Bag’s bedroom indie-pop, addictively deadpan if you will, Walk Home comes from new limited edition EP Women Of Your Life (pre-order here).

Download Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out mp3 (from Mean Tom EP)

Download Sleeping Bag – Walk Home mp3 (from Women Of Your Life)



More From Rural Ghosts

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Americana, Folk, Indie, Music

More From Rural Ghosts.

We were able to catch up on a whole host of tracks this afternoon on the slow train to Bicester, and this beauty from Rural Ghosts metaphorically stopped us in our tracks. A little rawer and a little more powerful than when we heard previously from them before, but still overflowing with haunting beauty.

Eyes is the first single from the upcoming Hug Exotic, due in December. The single is a free download from their Bandcamp here.


A Few We Missed...

Here are a few tracks that we’d meant to post, but for some inexplicable reason (well, time mostly…) we never got round to putting up at the time when they were new. Yet running through the long list we keep of mp3s, streams and videos, these were all in the “should post” category. They go back a couple of months (for some of them anyway), but what the heck, we figured you might easily have missed one or two of these too.

The TV Buddhas, currently based in Germany, but originally from Tel Aviv, have been playing their own blend of alienation drenched garage-punk for the past five years. This is the title track from their Band In The Modern World EP.

Download The TV Buddhas – Band In The Modern World mp3 (from Band In The Modern World EP)

A while ago we received an e-mail from dusty Country rockers Ox about their outstanding album Tuco. Technical problems meant we lost the e-mail when we upgraded our computer, so we’re not sure which song we could have posted. It would have been the stunning Midnight On The Island if we’d had carte blanche to choose, but their cover of Neil Young’s Out On The Weekend seems to be the one up on Hype Machine. Marvellous.

Download Ox – Out On The Weekend mp3 (from Tuco)

Rural Ghosts were another band we had every good intention of posting about, but it was only when we saw Slowcoustic had posted about them recently that we were reminded. So definitely worth a repost of their sparse, eerie folk ballad Bright Side from their self-titled EP (available here). Check out Slowcoustic too – a great blog.

Download Rural Ghosts – Bright Side mp3 (from Rural Ghosts EP)

A few days ago The Leg released their album An Eagle To Saturn via Song By Toad Records (buy here). Taster track Bake Yourself Silly is everything you imagine it might be and more – unhinged and experimental in the very best way! Like they say about the song, “I can’t think of many more creepy lyrics, than “There are no stitches ’cause there was no operation”…”

Download The Leg – Bake Yourself Silly mp3 (from An Eagle To Saturn)

Payroll Union are an Americana/southern gothic band from Sheffield and have just released their second 6-track EP, Your Obedient Servant. This is Mary Lanson from the EP.


Indie Folker is about as clear a name as you could wish for in terms of knowing what kind of music you’ll be getting. Why? performed with new band The Wonder Fools is a prime example of their prowess in the, er, indie-folk arena!

Download Indie Folker & The Wonder Fools – Why? mp3 (from Why?)

Such Hounds are a Brooklyn band who caught our ears with this wistfully upbeat track of Americana tinged indie-folk from their self-titled EP. If you like it, you can get the whole thing for free from their Bandcamp page here.

Download Such Hounds – Drink The Moon mp3 (from Such Hounds EP)

Born With Stripes are an indie-rock two-piece now residing in Leeds and this sprightly number clocks in at little over 2 minutes, which is just enough time to convince you it’s summer time (despite the incessant rain!)

Download Born With Stripes – … You Stole The Laces From My Shoes mp3

Mostly No, Milk Maid’s second album released via FatCat on 9th July will follow within a year of last year’s debut record Yucca and finds the band expertly straddling the line between noise and pop whilst also expanding their sonic terrain. Adding swirls of psychedelia to the debut albums crafted fuzz, the home-recorded Mostly  No explores a trans-Atlantic sound that at times simultaneously recalls the grand traditions of Manchester indie and Californian acid rock but which also sits alongside contemporaries such as Ty Segall, White Fence, and The War on Drugs. Download the brilliant Do Right.


The Tiny Birds have made a double A-side digital single available for free download from their website here. Lead track, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger is a catchy, raucous slice of indie folk that is a real keeper. Available from their Bandcamp page.


Lastly, for now, we have Jess Williamson. She plays the banjo and sings, and the songs on her debut solo EP Medicine Wheel/Death Songs  are fleshed out with synthesizer, electric guitar, percussion, strings, and organ. The result is a minimal, dreamy, sparse, and feminine folk sound.