Sci-Fi Romance Cover Led Zep

Sci-Fi Romance is an alt-folk band from Los Angeles led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Vance Kotrla. Their dark, percussive take on folk, made haunting by the lyrical cello work of Jody Stark, offers a sonically apocalyptic version of folk music for uncertain times. We last posted about them seven years ago, but their latest EP The Rain Becomes A River is a collective suite of songs seeking peace … Continue reading Sci-Fi Romance Cover Led Zep

Introducing >>> Sci-Fi Romance

LA’s Sci-Fi Romance describe themselves as an alt-folk band and have a new album, The Ghost of John Henry due out on May 8th. Their music has attracted the moniker ‘steam folk’ and they have been compared with the Decemberists and Nick Cave, but there are nods to punk and even metal in the mix too. Enough then to make us want to give the … Continue reading Introducing >>> Sci-Fi Romance