More From Sennen

After four years away, Sennen returned with details of a new album, First Light, and a new track of dream-pop inspired shoegaze in the form of the ear-phone friendly Autopilot. Now the four-piece have given us Still Dark, a brisk metronomic and chorus-less single confirming their existence in the outer reaches – of both sound and music. Stream it below.   twitter-follow screen_name=’madmackerel’] Continue reading More From Sennen

The Return Of Sennen

It’s been four years since Norwich indie quartet, Sennen released their last album of visceral shoegaze noise and beautiful dream pop Lost Harmony and exactly ten years this month since their debut album Widows was released. Now you can get a taste of their new single, Autopilot. At just over seven minutes long, this opus is a hypnotic, haunting and ultimately violent sprawl across abandonment and rediscovery. “Are … Continue reading The Return Of Sennen