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Here is our regular round-up of the very best of October’s postings. Twenty great tracks for a great mix, plus three new ones to enjoy too. You can check out all of our previous best of the month mixes just by clicking the links for April, May, June, July. August and September.

No AgeFever Dreaming mp3 (from Everything In Between)

A full on, take-no-prisoners punk rock anthem with a massive guitar riff, howling vocals and brutal, pummeling percussive support.

Download Pop. 1280Step Into The Grid mp3 (from The Grid EP)

Want a mosh-pit meltdown in your front room? Be our guest with this three and a half minute junkyard gem.

Download Howling OwlsMood Ring mp3 (Demo)

Our favourite discovery of 2010. This one is a little quicker, more staccato, less downbeat, but lyrically still overwhelmed with regret and a barely containable bitterness.

Download Dr. DogNobody Knows Who You Are mp3 (from Tour 7”)

More ramshackle countrified goodness.

Download Giant SandFields Of Green mp3 (from Blurry Blue Mountain)

A gentle acoustic lament that Howe Gelb does better than just about anyone else.

Download Silver SwansAnyone’s Ghost mp3 (National Cover)

Icy synths and a gorgeous, breathy vocal to send shivers down the spine.

Download Indie FolkerMonsters In Rome mp3 (from Monsters In Rome)

Genuine home-made indie folk in the tradition of anti-folk if you know what we mean.

Download Lanterns On The LakeLungs Quicken mp3 (from Lungs Quicken 7”)

Lush poetic, experimental folk soundscapes that are as evocative as they are poignant.

Download Wounded LionPointed Sticks mp3 (from Pointed Sticks 7″)

Glam rock backbeat, handclaps and a catchy chorus.

Download CowlickWires mp3 (from Wires)

Hypnotically groovy.

Download The Morning BendersOutlaw Blues.mp3 (from Subterranean Homesick Blues: A Tribute to Bob Dylan’s ‘Bringing It All Back Home’)

Superb, metronomic cover of Dylan.

Download GenerationalsTrust mp3 (from Trust EP)

Shimmering hooks, girl-group choruses, and late-summer breeziness.

Download SalesmanSo Much Faster mp3 (from Red Wine Jug Lover 7”)

The desert-rock murder ballad of a dancing girl and her two boyfriends at a strip club called Deja Vu Showgirls.

Download The War On DrugsThe History Of Plastic mp3 (from Future Weather EP)

Sprawling, epic centrepiece of new EP/mini album.

Download Gross RelationsYou Don’t Know Me mp3 (from Fuzzy Timelines 7”)

Fuzzed up, reverb ridden, garage pop of the most infectious kind.

Download Kurt VileIn My Time mp3 (from In My Time)

Distorted prog-folk from forthcoming album.

Download PaleoThe King James Fakebook mp3 (from A View Of The Sky)

Calls on the spirits of Guthrie, Kerouac and other hipsters of old and simply and easily transports the listener through melodic landscapes unique, immediate, emotive, playful, and filled with longing.

Download Tapes ‘n TapesFreak Out mp3 (from Outside)

A frenetic romp that is catchier than just about anything we’ve heard so far this month.

Download Coma CinemaHell mp3 (from Blue Suicide)

A wonderfully aching and melancholic snapshot of genuine heartbreak.

Download The Asteroid #4Ignition Slated For Eight mp3 (from Hail To The Clear Figurines)

Hypnotic hybrid of several different genres filtered through the kaleidoscope of all things psych, krautrock, shoegaze, folk and even 70s ‘cosmic’ country-rock.

And some new ones for you too. First up Heartbreaker by Girls from their forthcoming new release Broken Dreams Club, the Crystal Castles get all Cured up with Robert Smith guesting and lastly Jordan Reyne’s wonderfully dark, industrial folk-noir from her album How The Dead Live.

Download Girls – Heartbreaker mp3 (from Broken Dreams Club)

Download Crystal Castles (featuring Robert Smith) – Not In Love mp3 (from Not In Love)

Download Jordan Reyne – The Proximity Of Death (Blue-Eyed Boy) mp3 (from How The Dead Live) Despite being sent this song by the PR company and asked to post it, some fuckwit is now alleging infringement of copyright and has had the song removed – we can’t do anything about this, but posted in good faith based on an authorisation that it was OK to offer for free download. Clearly a case of right hand and left hand and arseholes.

We’re still trying (and failing) to do justice to all the good stuff, the new stuff, the different stuff and the plain mad stuff that comes into our inbox or through the mail.

So, with apologies to the bands involved, all of whom should really have had more than a couple of lines, here is another quick round-up for you covering everything from hardcore to psychedelia and from country rock to electronica and stopping off at pretty much every point in between.

First up is Chickenhawk, who, by name alone, sound like they should be a folk band, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually Scorpieau is the musical equivalent of removing your brain and forcing it through the office shredder. And that, we can assure you, is a very good thing indeed. It is the lead track from new album Modern Bodies out on 1st November.

Download Chickenhawk – Scorpieau mp3 (from Modern Bodies0

Next is Yellowbirds, being the moniker for the latest musical exploits of Sam Cohen – songwriter, guitarist and vocalist in the psychedelic collective Apollo Sunshine. Double-speed auto-harp glissandos, glowing backwards pedal-steel, bubbling echo and fuzz guitars coalesce into a warm wall of sound, delivered nonchalantly over psyched-out aural landscapes. The Color, a full length studio recording is due in early 2011.

Download Yellowbirds – The Rest Of My Life mp3 (from The Color)

Mississippi native, Camp Pine Cone is the final musical home for a guy calling himself Big Chief Awesome. He has played in many bands over the years, with genres ranging from gritty punk to full-on power pop indie, but now is pursuing a solo endeavour. With influences from Stereolab to Guided By Voices and a sound somewhere between Johnny Cash and Dinosaur Jr., check out The Reverse Midas Touch from his album Songs From Camp Pine Cone.

Download Camp Pine Cone – The Reverse Midas Touch mp3 (from Songs From Camp Pine Cone)

Michael Trent equals cohesive, folk rock, sloppy tonk, harmonized, loose but tight, streamlined audience killing machine. Or something like that. Lo-fi, backwoodsy blues and folk on his new album The Winner.

Download Michael Trent – Bad Luck mp3 (from The Winner)

Until now, Ducktails have never quite hit the spot for us, but that is changing with Hamilton Road, a sweet, totally rad jam as the hipster blogs might say…

Download Ducktails – Hamilton Road mp3 (from Hamilton Road 7″)

We’re also loving this cover of the National’s Anyone’s Ghost by Silver Swans. Icy synths and a gorgeous, breathy vocal remind us of the Chromatics wonderful take on I’m On Fire – which means it is that good! You can also pick up a free download of the band’s latest single Secrets from RcrdLbl here.

Download Silver Swans – Anyone’s Ghost mp3 (National Cover)

The Caretakers emerged from one of the original hubs of Canadian music scene – Hamilton, Ontario – although the trio could just as easily have stepped off the stage of Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village circa 1964. With folk music at their roots and the cultural grit of a working-class-city upbringing, the band fuse rich Peter, Paul and Mary-style harmonies with REM-inspired melodies and swampy ’70s southern rock grooves. There is a free 3 track EP and an album to buy on their Bandcamp page here.

Download The Caretakers – It’s Thinking Time mp3 (from Unfinished Thoughts)

Via Slowcoustic comes Tasseomancy and their new 7″ Healthy Hands. Eerie, spooked, gothic folk just how we like it and just in time for Halloween. Recommended.

Download Tasseomancy – Healthy Hands mp3 (from Healthy Hands 7″)

By contrast Dumbo Gets Mad produce the kind of music you might expect from a band of that name, including possible song title of the year in Eclectic Prawn. Swirling, retro psychedelia, hammond organ, and filthy grooves that would turn Ariel Pink er…green This stuff needs a health warning. Outstanding.

Download Dumbo Gets Mad – Plumy Tale mp3

Download Dumbo Gets Mad – Eclectic Prawn mp3 (Bad Panda Records Free Digital Release)

Indie Folker’s Monsters In Rome album was produced in about 6 months in the underbelly of civilization, the heart of Transylvania. Genuine home-made indie folk in the tradition of anti-folk if you know what we mean. Either way, two songs well worth a listen and currently on repeat here at MM.

Download Indie Folker – Afraid Not Scared mp3 (from Monsters In Rome)

Download Indie Folker – Monsters In Rome mp3 (from Monsters In Rome)

And to finish, we have sophisticated electronic dreamers Home Video who create haunting, hypnotic electro-rock and have a new album due titled The Automatic Process out on November 16th. Not usually our thing, but this track is all richly textured melodies and driving beats, and pretty much irresistible.

Download Home Video – The Smoke mp3 (from The Automatic Process)