MM’s BEST TRACKS OF 2016: 100-76

It’s here! Our countdown of our favourite tracks of 2016 as nominated by MM, Mrs Mackerel, Chris T Popper and The Italian Job. Part One sees us counting down from 100 to 76. So without further ado…   100 Oldermost – Finally Unsure   99 Slaves – People That You Meet   98 Spoilers – No Pressure   97 Adam Torres – Morning Rain   96 Johnny Dowd – Whiskey Ate … Continue reading MM’s BEST TRACKS OF 2016: 100-76

VATS – Melting Culture

Green Glass Room, the debut LP from Seattle trio VATS was officially released yesterday on End of Time Records. We discovered it by happy accident after our Soundcloud meanderings led us to this track Melting Culture following our posting of the new Three Dimensional Tanx track yesterday. It is a brilliantly propulsive slab of bristling post-punk with a pneumatic riff that recalls Killing Joke in their pomp. Stream / download … Continue reading VATS – Melting Culture