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Round Up Time!

Here is a collection of tracks that have found their way into our in-box or on to our iTunes one way or another recently, and which deserve far more time and effort spent on them than we are currently able to give. Plenty to soundtrack your Friday with.

Brooklyn’s indie pop three-piece Violens have just released their second LP, True, on Slumberland Records. The album’s first single, Totally True, has a dreamy stone-washed feel, celebrating bands like Cocteau Twins and The Chameleons.


Chris Marr makes a welcome return under the guise of Esperi with the release of the EP Melancholics Anonymous, and a free download of the fragile and delicately beautiful track Come Dine With Me.


As a companion to a new video and a trailer for their tour, Pillars and Tongues has released a free, three-song digital single titled (Laid) Palms to Tell.  This new single includes the reworked slow-burning, romance-saturated standout title track along with two others, all previously unreleased. The full single is available for free download at their Bandcamp page.


Taken live from Baeblemusic’s The Launch Pad at SXSW, here is Reptar’s cover of New Order’s classic Age of Consent.


The Death Notes gave away a free download of their song Ghost to celebrate World Goth Day 2012. You can download the song for free up until 30th May.


The Funeral Club also mine a Goth vein although in a more sombre way with their new Waves & Waves EP. The title track is a surreal look at obsession, desire, and isolationism told with an appropriately grand, operatic flourish.

Download The Funeral Club – Waves & Waves mp3 (from Waves & Waves EP)

By contrast, The Appleseed Collective sweep up swing, bluegrass and gypsy-folk into a swirling cauldron of their own making, tinged with raw vocals and delivering highs and lows that are equally sweet and engrossing. Debut album Baby to Beast will be released in July.

Download The Appleseed Collective – Mani mp3 (from Baby To Beast)

Jaill release new album Traps next month via SubPop and while the lyrics have taken a darker turn, the band’s signature slack yet tightly wound musical style and self-deprecating humor retain all of their charms.

Download Jaill – Perfect Ten mp3 (from Traps)

Download Jaill –  Waste A Lot Of Things mp3 (from Traps)

Scuzzy popsters Beast Make Bomb have made another free track available for download. This time it is the first in a planned series of singles, the excellent Dream Boat.

Download Beast Make Bomb – Dream Boat mp3 (from Dream Lovers single)

The Virgins have made a new track available, their first since their self-titled album of 2008, and it is a charmingly nonchalant slab of garage inspired rock oozing with glam undertones.

Download The Virgins – Venus In Chains mp3 (from Venus In Chains single)

Denmark’s Choir Of Young Believers are picking up some buzz with their free download, Paint New Horrors which comes from forthcoming long player Rhine Gold. Equal parts lo-fi chamber folk and orchestral indie pop, it has a depth and subtlety to it that is most affecting.

Download Choir Of Young Believers – Paint New Horrors mp3 (from Rhine Gold)

The Mynabirds new album Generals is a protest record, channelling Laura Burhenn’s political frustrations and is fuelled and filled with armies of stomps and claps, sweeping full spectrum orchestrations, and moments that range from intensely personal pleas to shout-out-loud protests with teeth.

Download The Mynabirds – Body Of Work mp3 (from Generals)

I Still Pull the Silver (From the Penny Drawer) is from Catherine Market, the new solo album from Plates of Cake frontman Jonathan Byerley. It is a most appealing cut offering a contemporary twist on sun-scorched country-rock.


Stagnant Pools are Bryan and Douglass Enas, two brothers from Bloomington, Indiana. With just one guitar and a drum kit, they make music that is heavy, distorted, squally and reverb heavy, pierced with shafts of melody. Dead Sailor and Consistency would probably be prime candidates to soundtrack the end of the world.

Download Stagnant Pools – Dead Sailor mp3 (from Temporary Room)

Download Stagnant Pools – Consistency mp3 (from Temporary Room)

Red Kross are back! The hardcore punk pioneers first album in fifteen years, and the title track is every bit as vital and as dynamic as we could possibly have hoped for!

Download Red Kross – Researching The Blues mp3 (from Researching The Blues)

Brooklyn’s The Modern Airline have an angular, spastic sound borrowing equally from 70s punk and 80s new wave, and where sex and sci-fi are recurring themes. This is the closing track, Accelerated Evolution, from their new self-titled album.

Download The Modern Airline – Accelerated Evolution mp3 (from The Modern Airline)

Lastly, Cory Branan is a one-of-a-kind maverick. A singer-songwriter, storyteller and itinerant troubadour whose slyly poignant tales are laced with dark, mordant humour and showcase a unique perspective on the world. With echoes from John Prine to Tom Waits, He describes his new album, and first for the wonderful Bloodshot Records, MUTT as a “…barbed little nasty record.“. Just what we like – this is the lead single, Bad Man.

Download Cory Branan – Bad Man mp3 (from MUTT)

Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: March 2012. Here is our cherry picked selection of our favourite downloads from March for you, together with a few new tracks to create a perfect end-of-month mix. Enjoy.

Download Thee Exciters – Dinosaur Traffic mp3 (from Perpetual Happening)
Psychedelia meets proto-punk

Download The Lonesome Savages – All Outta Love mp3 (from All Outta Love 7″)
50s inflected rock’n’roll revamped and updated with elements of the current garage punk sound – oozes from the speakers in a way that is raw, primal and downright dangerous

Download Lera Lynn – Ring Of Fire mp3 (from Ring Of Fire EP)
Dark interpretation on an upbeat classic

Download Einar Lind – Brother Don’t Steal My Wife mp3 (from Introducing Einar Lind)
Perfect late-at-night soundtrack where you cannot sleep and settle in an armchair with a whiskey to wait out the darkness, while the house creaks and ticks amidst the silence around you

Roomrunner – Super Vague

Pulverising punk rock

Download The Stammer – Follow The Leader mp3 (from The Stammer EP)
A sinewy guitar lead and military percussion over which gloomy tones prevail, provides a two minute rush of monochrome tinged adrenalin

Download Justin Farren – Broken Shit mp3 (from Songs From Spare Rooms)
Comes across like a speed-fuelled Loudon Wainwright III duelling with Arol Guthrie

Download AU – Get Alive mp3 (from Both Lights)
Experimental indie-rock

Download Beast Make Bomb – It Snowed Last Night mp3 (from Skinny Legs)
Combines the distorted punk attitude of the late 1970s with some classic fuzzed out pop melodies to deliver a sweetly addictive tune

Download Violens – Der Microarc mp3 (from True)
Excellent slice of psych-pop

Download Mirel Wagner – The Road mp3 (from Mirel Wagner)
Another cheery tale of death, sparsely plucked and whispered, and coming across like a Strange Fruit for the modern day.

Download The Hussy – Stab Me mp3 (from Weed Seizure)
Like a flick-knife in a crowded flophouse, comes out of the darkness at you with a ferocity and a viciousness that is impossible to avoid and pointless to deflect

Download Dinosaur Feathers – Beatcha mp3 (from Whistle Tips)
Satisfyingly crunchy guitars with infectious groove and jangle

Download Josh & Mer – Mind Control mp3 (from Planet Music)
Unsettling and eerie electro-folk

Download Owsley BrothersHot Mess mp3 (from Cobalt)
Crackerjack of experimental blues and rock

Download Roadkill Ghost ChoirIn The Lion’s Mouth mp3 (from In The Lion’s Mouth)
Spacey, folk rock

Download Ancient Whales – Everyone mp3 (from Birthing EP)
Insistently catchy, full of memorable guitar riffs, splashes of woozy reverb and hits a sweet spot or two with the cool doubled up vocals

Download Nu Sensae – Gumbo mp3 (from Tea Swamp Park EP)
Scrappy, tribal punk

Download Burnt Ones – Meet The Golden One mp3 (from Meet The Golden One 7″)
High octane garage glam

Download Wye Oak – Pocahontas mp3 (from Daytrotter Session, Neil Young Cover)
Top notch cover of classic

Download Guy Capecelatro III – Switch mp3 (from North For The Winter)
Tale of a killer who meets a woman who proves to be his undoing – with added pedal steel and Hammond organ

Download Titus Andronicus – Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape With the Flood of Detritus (from split 7″ with Diarrhea Planet)
Typically raucous, literately sharp punk rock

Download Screaming Females – It All Means Nothing mp3 (from Ugly)
Suitably coruscating and pummeling cut from NJ punks

Download Orpheum Bell – Daddy’s Crying mp3 (from The Old Sister’s Home)
Intimate, waltzy vignette is another example of their elegant and organic sound

Download Chelle Rose – Browder Holler Boy mp3 (from Ghost of Browder Holler)
Ripe with mystery and passion, and sounds like it was plucked from the kudzu-scented air of her native Loudon County in East Tennessee

Download Johnny Bertram & The Bicycles – Miracle mp3 (from Neon City)
Steeped in indie-rock and Americana and filtered through a Deep South lens

Download Ty Segall & White Fence – I Am Not A Game mp3 (from Hair)
Twisty, insistent garage-psych with junkyard vocals

Download Tyburn Saints – Broken Bottles mp3 (from You And I In Heaven EP)
Dark and foreboding indie that feels almost cinematic in its purpose and delivery

Pontiak – Highest Echo

Vintage organic stoner rock

And to finish off we have a breezy new track of indie rock from Maps & Atlases new album, we have the frenetic bank robbing fantasy of Baby Baby’s Nothing To Lose and a welcome return from veteran catchy psych-rockers The Dandy Warhols. Finally, two tracks from Field Report’s much acclaimed and anticipated self-titled debut of fragile, heartfelt folk.

Download Maps & AtlasesFever mp3 (from Beware And Be Grateful)

Download The Dandy WarholsSad Vacation mp3 (from This Machine)

Download Field ReportFergus Falls mp3 (from Field Report)

Download Field ReportI Am Not Waiting Anymore mp3 (from Field Report)

Baby Baby – Nothing To Lose


Friday Means Eight of the Best!

We’ve got good stuff coming out of our ears – quite literally at the moment. So here is the latest in our somewhat ad-hoc “of the best” feature comprising a trawl of the in-box and favourite blogs to bring you eight corking tunes to help get your Friday night off to a suitably energetic start.

We have Swedish punks Holograms and the clattering b-side to new 7″ single ABC City and another from paisley garage band White Fence with a taste from forthcoming album Family Perfume Vol 2 called King Of The Decade. Meanwhile Beast Make Bomb expertly combine the distorted punk attitude of the late 1970s with some classic fuzzed out pop melodies to deliver some sweetly addictive tunes, It Snowed Last Night comes from new EP Skinny Legs.

We have a slow-burning, fuzzed up new track from Spectrals and a taste of experimental indie rock from AU’s scheduled new album Both Lights and another excellent slice of psych-pop from New York’s Violens with Der Microarc which will feature on their new album True.

The Plastic Traps are new to us, but they come from Philly, are a two-piece and they provide a most appetising selection of haunting, reverb soaked vocals mixed with hazily hypnotic guitars and primal drums. This track, Corridor, comes from debut album Find A Home (available for free via Bandcamp here). And lastly we tone things down nicely with another track from Jenny Gillespie’s new EP Belita in the shape of Sunshine Blood, another intoxicating and heady blend of indie, folk and pop.

Download Holograms – Hidden Structures mp3 (from ABC City 7″)

Download White Fence – King Of The Decade mp3 (from Family Perfume Vol 2)

Download Beast Make Bomb – It Snowed Last Night mp3 (from Skinny Legs)

Download Spectrals – Friend Zone mp3

Download AU – Get Alive mp3 (from Both Lights)

Download Violens – Der Microarc mp3 (from True)

Download The Plastic Traps – Corridor mp3 (from Find A Home)

Download Jenny Gillespie – Sunshine Blood mp3 (from Belita EP)

Friday...Let's Mix It Up. We’re trying to juggle a few plates at the moment, so can’t do full justice to these tunes other than to say all are worth some of your time.

The obvious answer was a straightforward Friday afternoon mix.

After all there is absolutely no point in starting anything new in the office now, so download this mix, stick a complicated spreadsheet up on your screen and stare intently at it while giving these a blast on the earmuffs.

Download The Cribs – Chi-Town mp3 (from Chi-Town)

Download Sun Kil-Moon – Sunshine In Chicago mp3 (from Among The Leaves)

Download Violens – Unfolding Black Wings mp3 (from True)

Download Morningbell – You Think I Don’t Know But I Know mp3 (from Basso Profundo)

Download The Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) mp3 (from Endless Flowers)

Download Pond – Mystery mp3 (from Beard, Wives, Denim)

Download No Ceremony – Heartbreaker mp3 (from NOC///4)

Download The Wrinkle Neck Mules – Leaving Chattanooga mp3 (from Apprentice To Ghosts)

Download The Mallard – Vines mp3 (from Yes On Blood)

Download Pyyramids – Don’t Go mp3 (from Human Beings EP)

Download Electric Flower – Eclipsed mp3 (from EP II)

Download Bear & Moose – Poor Man’s Blues mp3 (from Moose)

Download Stars In Coma – Paint My Picture On The Thick Shell mp3 (from Midnight Puzzle)