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MM The Last Five Years - Dr Roddy

Believe it or not, Mad Mackerel has been around for more than five years now. During that time we’ve posted more than 4,000 times, and offered more than 5,000 songs for your listening pleasure. And more than three quarters of a million people have paid MM a visit during our lifetime on Google’s godawful blogspot and since April 2010 on WordPress.

We asked some of the regular MM contributors to give us their top twenty songs since MM first went live and we’re also going to give you one big mega-listing shortly, but first up with their personal top twenty is the right honourable Dr Roddy.

Through good fortune and fine sailing I have been lucky enough to be involved with this blog and it has provided me with some of the finest music in genres I maybe wouldn’t have looked in. So when asked to compile a top twenty of tunes from the last five years, I kicked aside the memories of musical turmoil that is involved with the yearly top tens, poured a stiff drink and set about it with relish.

20 Dan Auerbach – Heartbroken, In Disrepair


19 Dirty Bourbon River Band – Train Is Gone

Download Dirty Bourbon River Show – Train Is Gone mp3 (from Volume 2)


18 Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine

Download Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine mp3 (from Tame Impala EP)


17 Janice Graham Band – Front Door


16 Ox – Midnight On The Island


15 Dennis Hoppers Choppers – Good To Me


14 Timber Timbre – Bad Ritual


13 Nathaniel Rateliffe – Brakeman


12 William Elliot Whitmore – Old Devils


11 What Would Jesus Drive – The Girls Are In Charge

Download What Would Jesus Drive – The Girls Are In Charge (live) mp3 (from What Would Jesus Drive EP)


10 The Cave Singers – I Don’t Mind
Wonderfully carefree and happy song that could so easily be heard drifting out of a doorway in Haight Ashbury with some interesting smelling smoke circa 1967. Yet this song never bows or becomes a pastiche of that, it rises above it all with its own verve and character.

Download The Cave Singers – I Don’t Mind mp3 (from Welcome Joy)


9 Brown Bird – Wrong Black Mare
Sullen, desperate story songs are a bit of a fave of mine and to be honest I think I can trace it back to this song. A tale of woe, desperation and unpaid debts are told here with such clarity, it’s as if you’ve got drunk with Brown Bird and they have decided to spill their guts to you. You understand though, ‘coz at some point we have all backed the “Wrong Black Mare”

Download Brown Bird – Wrong Brown Mare mp3 (from


8 Mummy Short Arms – Cigarette Smuggling
When I wrote my first review of this song I thought I had described quite well. Upon re-reading it, I can safely say that my view has changed and will probably change on my next listen to it. The insanity, confusion, and babbling of this song are what holds my love for it. It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle, all encased in a funky B-line, foot tapping beat, gravel throated, roister of a song.


7 Strayfolk – What Wouldn’t I Do
This is such a beautifully crafted song. Simple, but packed with a rich warm sound that feels like it lends weight to the honesty of this tale of lost and forlorn love. Perfect Americana direct from Sweden.

Download Strayfolk – What Wouldn’t I Do mp3


6 Withered Hand – Religious Songs
A piece of lyrical mastery is on display here. A fantastic sing-a-long arrangement supports the witty word play that Dan Wilson sings with a vulnerability to his voice. This doesn’t stop him from punching the words that need emphasis. This song also ask the obvious question “How does he really expect to be happy, when he listens to death metal bands?”


5 Tweak Bird – Weight
I love the in-your-face nature of this song. Right from the start, it sets its stall out – flat out, foot on the amp rock, and proud of it to boot. The guitar plays a gritty riff that sounds angry and frustrated, while the drummer is hell bent on punishing every bit of his kit.


4 Grass House – A Cradle A Short Breath
The deep sombre tones that lay across this song act as a perfect partner to the bass as it pounds along at a merry old pace. It never fails to make me give a wry smile as I bob along to it’s woeful chorus of “A cradle, a short breath”.


3 Roadside Graves – Far And Wide
I still think Roadside Graves is the best band name of this century and Far And Wide is a song that has stayed with me since my first listen – I was hooked. A great country riff lures you in and you hardly notice that the song fills with more and more sound and pleasure until it finishes and you’re left with a hole where the music once was, so you reach for the replay button, you know like musical heroin.

Download The Roadside Graves – Far And Wide mp3 (from My Son’s Home)


2 Wooden Wand – Servant To Blues
As this track rolls effortlessly on, Wooden Wand spills his bleak melancholy tale of a servant to blues. In other words, the relationship equivalent of the Church’s pious man. I love the rhythm of this track, it almost seems to tick along like a clock. The peacefulness of this song is speared through the heart with a great screeching guitar solo, this then just seems to ebb back into the shadows it leapt from, only to be covered by the warm sound of the organ. Truly blissful…


1 Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Stranger Dig (Everything’s For Sale)
For just two guys damn! They make some noise. Great heavy blues tinged riffs and rolling drum beats – I’m loving that all day long. There is talent and passion in abundance here. I’m sat here trying to write something for this whilst listening to it, that has had to stop, as when it plays it just grips me up and I can’t do anything other than get right into it. If you’re looking for something new rock wise I beg you to check them out, live if possible. Disappointment won’t be on the menu.

Album Review By Chris T Popper

What Would Jesus Drive are described as a ‘4 piece indie-electro lo-fi punk rock band’ on their official website. On a personal level I couldn’t be happier – and after hearing Girls Are In Charge last year (which crashed in to my Top Ten of 2010 at number 3) I have been looking forward to hearing the debut album Black & Blue. A lot.

From the outset driving guitars deliver the sort of riffs I hope for, brilliantly complimented by their acerbic, yet almost celebratory lyrics. Hands up who likes modern Britain (or modern life generally) because Amy Casey and Tim Box aren’t too enamoured with it. And this is what raises WWJD above the norm for me. Lyrically they manage to combine proper satire with the savagery it deserves (just listen to Your Awful Kids), and it works perfectly. I know what’s coming when you jump the queue at the bar (Black & Blue) and they even do the slower songs well.  The Leccy’ is Casey singing about the electric key running out when the shop is shut – the most mundane of subjects you may think? Not in Casey’s hands, she delivers a pitch perfect take on life’s little details “the milks on the brink, in the fridge kicking up a stink”. Wonderful. Other stand out tracks for me are I Think We Rushed In To This (we’ve all been there… “my clinging is wringing you out”) and the epic guitar work on the brilliant Fragile Mansions. To be fair there isn’t really a filler on the album.

This is music without any bullshit. Guitars, heavy drums and synth combine to give the band genuine punch, and then throw in the stiletto sharp intelligence of the lyrics on subjects ranging from love to social outcasts (“He ain’t got no Big Issues, he’s got a Razzle instead…”). I was going to compare WWJD with other current bands of a similar ilk, but that would be doing them a huge disservice. They are what they are – listen to the album and see what you think. I checked to see when their next live date is and it’s not until September. Can someone book them near where I live sooner please – thanks.

So to sum up I’m with WWJD when it comes to modern life. I’m now off to double bag my booze at the Co-op, and then I’m watching lots of TV getting nothing done… again.

Visit the website here. Buy the album from their Bandcamp here.

Download What Would Jesus Drive – Your Awful Kids mp3 (from Black & Blue)

Download What Would Jesus Drive – Fragile Mansions mp3 (from Black & Blue)

Some more half decent, decent, and downright entertaining videos for you to check out.

The Agitator’s new single Say NO! is a politically charged call to arms set against an equally radical new musical style. Not a guitar in sight, just front man Derek Meins’ force-of-nature voice accompanied by Robert Dylan Thomas and T-Train on thunderous double drums. Pared down and primal!


Bergen, Norway-based four-piece The Megaphonic Thrift have released a brand new video for their song Talks Like a Weed King in anticipation of their upcoming US tour to SxSW 2011.


Download The Megaphonic Thrift – Candy Sin mp3 (from Decay Decoy)


Enjoy this beautiful live session from Brooklyn’s Bird of Youth. They perform their song The Great Defender from the debut album Defender, due out May 24th.


Download Bird of Youth – Bombs Away, She Is Here To Stay mp3 (from Defender)


The third single from Belleruche’s highly lauded 270 Stories album is 3 Amp Fuse, to be released digitally on 4th April, closely following the London trio’s debut appearance at SxSW.


Here is the video for What Would Jesus Drive’s frenetic Fragile Mansions. It is the title track from their four track EP you can get for free from their website here.


Download What Would Jesus Drive – Fragile Mansions mp3 (from Fragile Mansions EP)


Oxford based four-piece, Gunning For Tamar formed in early 2010. Their new EP Deaf Cow Motel is out in May. Lead track German Treasure Island provides an explosive opening for the EP, with the raw punch of drums and guitar setting the tone perfectly.


Download Gunning For Tamar – German Treasure Island mp3 (from Deaf Cow Motel EP)


Kassidy release their debut album Hope St. on 21st March 2011. Everything from the early R&B of Howlin’ Wolf, to the prototype funk and disco of Sly & The Family Stone and the 21st century blues of The Black Keys is referenced here. It’s infectious, energetic and loaded with optimism and despair in equal measures. This is the video for the single I Don’t Know.


The new PJ Harvey album Let England Shake is an absolute cracker and is getting repeated plays here at MM. This is the video for the new single from the album, The Glorious Land – out on the 18th April.


On the back of an extremely successful trip to the UK, Luke Rathborne returns to the US just in time for the release of his debut album, the split EP I Can Be One E.P. / Dog Years E.P., which is out now via Dilettante Recordings. The Dog Years embraces effervescent, melancholic pop and the title title track offers a cynical poke to not letting the “dog years” pass you by. The material from the I Can Be One EP takes on a sombre, darker hue. Both are excellent.


Download Luke Rathbone – Dog Years mp3 (from I Can Be One E.P. / Dog Years E.P.)

Download Luke Rathbone – I Can Be One mp3 (from I Can Be One E.P. / Dog Years E.P.)


Sam Cohen created Yellowbirds’ The Color, out now on Brooklyn label, Royal Potato Family. Double-speed auto-harp glissandos, glowing backwards pedal steel, bubbling echo and fuzz guitars coalesce into a warm wall of sound delivered over psyched-out aural landscapes. Yellowbirds’ new stop-motion, collage-animation video for the song The Rest Of My Life was crafted by Cohen from nearly 3000 still photos assembled into collages and animated by hand.


Lastly, here are MM faves Lower Dens performing Deer Knives live on New York’s Newtown Radio.


Download Lower Dens – Tea Lights mp3 (from Twin-Hand Movement)

Download Lower Dens – Hospice Gates mp3 (from Twin-Hand Movement)

Download Lower Dens – Blue & Silver mp3 (from Twin Hand Movement)

What Would Jesus Drive featured prominently in the Top Ten lists of Christy-Popper and Dr Roddy with their blend of caustic electro-indie rock. In advance of debut album Black and Blue (due in March) they are releasing a new EP Fragile Mansions.

Deciding not to tamper with a winning formula, the EP gleefully reminds the listener where the soul of a lost punk generation lies – simple guitars without ego, choppy verses, razor sharp lyrics and anthemic choruses. It’s custom made for shouting at the top of your voice while pogoing around the front room like a maniac.

Fragile Mansions will be available on CD from the EyeSeeSound website and digitally from Amazon and iTunes.

You can also download the EP absolutely free from the band’s official Website.

Download What Would Jesus Drive – Watching Girls Fighting mp3 (from Fragile Mansions EP)

Here at MM we share, chat, argue, bury and praise music on a pretty regular basis…like daily. So throughout the year, the Mackerel crew (Mrs Mackerel, Barry-Sean, Christy-Popper, Dr Roddy, Polly Pocket, Starbar, MM and others) keep their own ever-changing top tens ready for publication at the climax of the festive season.

Fifth in line is the indomitable lion of Hixet Wood…Mr Christy-Popper.

10. Local Natives – Airplanes  (Download here, Daytrotter Session)

The first big tune of the year for me, I sort of rediscovered this while compiling my top ten. A classic sing-a-long chorus shouldn’t, and doesn’t thankfully, overshadow the rest of the song, which is arranged perfectly.  All of it fits in so seamlessly – as comfy as an old pair of slippers (and responds very well to be playing loud after a night out). Is there any greater praise?

9. Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know (Download here)

As infectious as Rabies it bumbles along with a great hook and a kind of 70s’ feel. I imagine the lead singer looking like a young Lemmy without the warts. This is of course no bad thing. I can vaguely remember (through the smoke and wine) the sudden realization I loved this song. A real foot stamper, get me to that barn dance and put the Sheepdogs on!

8. Vanish Valley – Become The Night  (Download here)

This song seems to have an indefinable quality to it, not that I’ll let that stop me…I could mention the honey-laden chorus, Andrew McAllistair’s perfect vocal or the understated but utterly brilliant guitar. It just instinctively hits the spot like music does sometimes. Truly a sum of its parts.

There, I tried.

7. Wooden Wand – Ragtop Ruby

Ahhh, Wooden Wand. At nearly 6 minutes this is a rare ‘long’ song (my attention span isn’t great) but it still makes number 8. You have to adapt for a genius… From the start we know we’re in Wooden Wand territory. Lonesome guitar and his familiar drawl, along with the line of the year – “with just enough rope in his trunk to make you uneasy”. We’ve all been there I think, although my own personal memory is a man with a lump hammer on his dashboard when hitching a ride at 15 years old. But hey that’s another story.

6. Strayfolk – What Wouldn’t I Do  (Download here)

True, it’s simple country… basic some would say (shame on them). And I say, so what. It’s a magical song, with all the right ingredients for a country classic. Strayfolk let the song do all the work, while I sit with drunken tears streaking my puffy face, asking where it all went so wrong. Don’t you just love songs that have no happy ending? If Kenneth Williams was here today he’s commit suicide all over again after hearing this… what’s the bloody point!

5. Tallest Man On Earth – King of Spain  (Download here)

Throughout 2010 I have never tired of listening to this song. Manic strummed guitar like a cracked out flamenco dancer it spins and twists whilst TMOE sings in ‘that’ voice. Despite my best efforts it never annoyed me, unlike so many others. The combination of the voice and guitar gives it a unique quality, the most distinctive sound of the year for me and well deserving of a top 5 place.

4. Wooden Wand – Uncle Bill  (Download here)

Mr Wand’s second entry is an absolute beauty. I am an Uncle. I think I may be a bit like Uncle Bill. I certainly hope so. I can remember as a small person sneaking in to my brother’s record collection, although I never picked ‘Heroin’ or ‘Cocaine’. That came later. I am genuinely in awe of WW, he is without doubt my man of the year (bollocks to Mr Facebook). It’s all so effortless, with lyrics that are poignant yet laced with the darkest humour. I make no apologies for picking out another of his brilliant lines (which always makes me wince/smile in silent acknowledgement) “I seen you when you think I ain’t looking son, you don’t need no help doing bad…”

3. What Would Jesus Drive – The Girls Are In Charge  (Download here, live version)

On first listen I loudly declared this would be my number 1 so it is with a heavy heart I place it third. And it’s a belter. I love the back and forth insults with that brutal guitar riff, frankly the best I’ve heard all year (at least it won something). A twisted Islands In The Stream for people like me. That’s cynical and sarcastic and exactly how I like it. Also what would Jesus drive..? My guess is a Hillman Avenger.

2. Common Prayer – Us Vs Them  (Download here)

This is my song okay. No one else is allowed to like it as much as I do. The change of key just before the first chorus… That’s just for me alright. I can only suggest Common Prayer got together and discussed how to get in my head before writing this masterpiece. I know that word is banded around lightly and I freely admit to doing it now. Who knows I’ll probably read this in June and think what the hell was I saying. But right now… well it’s a masterpiece with a tinkly piano and a snare drum to die for. Just remember it’s mine, all mine.

1. Avett Brothers – January Wedding

This is indisputably the best song of the year. I wouldn’t be so short sighted as to accuse my fellow Mackerel scribes of being wrong, but… you know, they are. I got married in June, what a clutz! If I had my time again I would obviously have gone for January, then I would have made 18 months instead of the frankly disappointing 14. By the end of the song I find myself genuinely hoping they live happily ever after. This is the complete opposite to how I usually feel, so just for that it’s unique. A beguiling song, complete with Audrey Hepburn name check and the laid back tempo of a country classic. Perfect.


Bubbling Under – 5 that just didn’t make it…

5. Elf PowerStranger In The Window

4. Fist FamSF Bay

3. Nathaniel Rateliff – Brakeman

2. Vitamin SeesIlluminati Mind Control

1. Tapes ‘n’ TapesFreak Out

Best Songs first heard this year, but not 2010

3. Wilco – Handshake Drugs

2. Felice Brothers – Whiskey In My Whiskey

1. Knife In The Water – Young Blood In The River

Guilty Pleasure

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Lets Go Fucking Mental

Here at MM we share, chat, argue, bury and praise music on a pretty regular basis…like daily. So throughout the year, the Mackerel crew (Mrs Mackerel, Barry-Sean, Christy-Popper, Dr Roddy, Polly Pocket, Starbar, MM and others) keep their own ever-changing top tens ready for publication at the climax of the festive season.

Now is the time to reveal all…

Our third contribution this year comes from the mighty Dr Roddy, house-mate, chef, Leeds fan, and occasional soiler of his own trousers.

10. Strayfolk – What Wouldn’t I Do (Download here)

A peach of a song to start me off with, a sparse and beautiful track. Maybe not the most uplifting of tales that is to be told in this song, but that only seems to compliment the voice of Swedish vocalist Henrik Thoren, who has, for my money, the sound of a man who has been smoking cornpipes and drinking ‘shine on porches in the south of America, for many a moon.

9. Murder By Death – Foxglove  (Download here)

This song sets its stall out right from the start. I was smitten immediately with the haunting sound of the cello and the military/marching band drum’s are like a heart beat running through the song. The music and sound of Adam turlas voice,  may lead you to think that this fevered hunt for a lover is doomed for bad times and worse, but knowing that “It was always You” puts a smile on my face.

8. Pancake Breakfast – The Ballad Of Maynard Noe  (Download here)

From the first sound you have an idea that this tune could have a real groove to it and you’re not to be disappointed. The guitar plays a funky rhythm, whilst Mike Midlo leads us into a tale of a hard, uncompromising, thug of a man who eventually gets his comeuppance. The lyric “And he’d cruise up every night, like a dog in a bin looking for a fight” paints a great image of Maynard Noe. When the song breaks it does so with gusto, it also has a fantastic guitar and trumpet solo.

7. Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

There is a great bassline to this song and the chorus is contagious, once heard you can’t shift it (in a good way, not a pop ear rot way). The drums are simple, but resounding and there is some great work on the keyboards that create a kind of electro feel, but with a real modern twist. There are some gems of lyrics in this song too concerning “old man Schmelling”. And Ambling Alp. All in all a ripsnorter of a tune.


6. Fist Fam – S. F. Bay  (Download here)

This song is a real piece of feel good hip hop. From its first listening, it put a smile on my face, I just couldn’t stop my head from nodding. For 3 minutes and 52 seconds  I felt “street”, then, remembering I was a 30 something year old British male, that all came crashing down around my ears. But I thank Fist Fam for those fleeting moments. The harmonica has a real summery, Stevie Wonder type sound and the bassline is something that Rick James would have been proud of. The lyrics set the scene  of a carefree summer city. As I write this there is about two feet of snow outside, so that is a welcome thought.

5. Nathaniel  Rateliffe – Brakeman.

I find this song has an almost lullaby quality to it. The lyrics just seem to drip with regret and despair. The piano seems to frame that perfectly as Nathaniel Rateliffe sings a tale of a man who seems to be at the shit end of work, love and life. The song itself seems simple and uncomplicated by heavy production, which is by no means a bad thing. A definite case of less is more. And at 2 minutes 25 seconds that makes it perfect.


4. Street Sweeper Social Club – The New Fuck You.

Great name for a band, great tune. There is nothing wrong with a power chord riff that is more infectious than MRSA. This also has some of the greatest lyrics I have heard in one song, ever! I could repeat some of them here, but that would just mean writing the song pretty much verbatim. The only thing I can say is get yourself some understanding neighbours, beers and turn this one up!!


3. The Tallest Man On Earth – King of Spain  (Download here)

What a song. It couldn’t be any simpler, just a man and a guitar. Filling the speakers with such a rich sound you almost think there is a whole band there. This track was a instant hit in my house, you could listen to it in any frame of mind and take something from it. Because of this it has become the sound track to many a refined night of co-co and slippers obviously?  The pace of this track is excellent it gallops along like a giddy mare. While the lyrics leave you pining for rioja and siesta in warmer climes. A great winter warmer.

2. Wooden Wand – Ragtop Ruby

This song has the lyric of the year of the year for me “Mr Kyle from Saint Charlies, I guess you met a man there, He’d just enough rope in his trunk to make you uneasy”. A work of genius.  Although this is the opening line the rest of the song doesn’t disappoint with more inspired lyrics, while the guitar creeps along at a nice rhythm to accompany Wooden Wand’s drawling delivery. It was hard to choose between the WW songs I’ve heard this year but there could only real be one winner. Ragtop Ruby.

1. What Would Jesus Drive – The Girls Are In Charge  (Download here, live version)

Here it is: without question song of the year. As soon as heard this on a CD of Mr Mackerel’s latest offerings I knew it was going to be my number one. It has everything I love – thumping drum beat, power chords and a good bit of wit. Listening to Amy Casey and Tim Box banter the lyrics back and forth at one another  is a nice touch. But it’s the guitar riff that makes this song a sure fire winner. The bass and drums are the backbone but it’s that riff. Oh and I don’t know if I mentioned the killer riff?

Bubbling Under (Songs That Came So Close)

5. Overmountain MenLooking For Dr. Caligari

4. Gaoler’s DaughterNine Pieces Of Silk

3. UnclesSettler’s Song

2. Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know

1. Wooden Wand – Uncle Bill

Best Songs First Heard this Year, But Not 2010

5. Frank Turner – Try This At Home

4. Willard Grant Conspiracy – Drunkard’s Prayer

3. Get Busy Committee – My Little Razor Blade

2. Wooden Wand – Son Of Wand (Hard Luck Prince)

1. Wilco – Handshake drugs

Guilty pleasure (I’m in no way repentent)

Lena Meyer – Satellite

What Would Jesus Drive have released a new free mp3, Your Awful Kids, which is a little change in direction from last month’s The Girls Are In Charge EP (which is currently standing very near the pinnacle of Mr Popper’s top ten of 2010).

The electro-punksters take a darker indie-pop edge, this song displays the band’s rockier influences and really shows they’ve got balls with a tongue-in-cheek, yet hardened under belly. Which, to be fair, is pretty much what The Girls Are In Charge did, so when we say a little change in direction, we really do mean little!

Visit their MySpace here.

Download What Would Jesus Drive – Your Awful Kids mp3

Download What Would Jesus Drive – The Girls Are In Charge (Live) mp3 (from The Girls Are In Charge EP)

Over the last two or three weeks we’ve probably received more tracks to MM than ever before. Not that we’re complaining, especially when the quality has been really high. It does mean we’re struggling to do everything justice though and while (in a perfect MM world) many of these tracks deserve their own post, we’ve decided to round up a bunch in one go for you. So take a chance, and download something new.

First up are raucous lo-fi electro punk four-piece, What Would Jesus Drive and their new EP The Girls Are In Charge.  The title track is a bratty, indie-pop master-class; Imagine what the Ting Tings would sound like if they grew some balls and cranked up their guitars to 11 – catchy, edgy pop that rocks. We have the brilliant live version from the EP for you to blow those Sunday morning cobwebs away.

Download What Would Jesus Drive – The Girls Are In Charge (live) mp3 (from What Would Jesus Drive EP)

Next we have the soaring, melodic indie-rock of The Sleep-ins who release debut album Songs About Girls & Outer Space next month.

Download The Sleep-ins – Silver State mp3 (from Songs About Girls & Outer Space)

Aaron Wright is a Scottish singer and songwriter, whose studio band comprises of members from Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura and Teenage Fanclub. He doesn’t have a bank account, he frequently gigs so hard that he forgets to go home, and he’s been obsessed with classic pop since running away from to London aged 15…to see a Simon and Garfunkel concert! We’ve got a free download of a track called Go On Yer Self, a rousing, Celtic-Soul stomper.

Download Aaron Wright – Go On Yer Self mp3

Meanwhile legendary post-punk band, Family Fodder, have been away for ten long years and returned with a brand new album, Classical Music. Originally formed in 1979, Family Fodder emerged, bringing with them traits of psychedelic and new wave influences paired with a focus on improvising and experimenting. Having managed to avoid major exposure they have influenced generations of bands all over the world.

Download Family Fodder – The Onliest Thing mp3 (from Classical Music)

Ham1 hail from Athens, Georgia and new album Let’s Go finds the band reveling in sonic expansion a-plenty. It is not unusual for unexpected, angular Fender-snarls to surface to the murk and slap the back of a shaky bit of reverb-o-twang straight outta Link Wray – a dynamic that transfigures the whole into something akin to one of John Cales‘ rootsier affairs, or the work of an earthier Eno. Here are no less than three cracking album tracks for you to sample.

Download Ham1 – Ghost Loop mp3 (from Let’s Go)

Download Ham1 – Lumbee mp3 (from Let’s Go)

Download Ham1 – It’s Only A Dream Unto Itself mp3 (from Let’s Go)

Manchester noise merchants Kong have offered up a free download featuring Matt Cauthran from U.S Punk legends The Bronx. This track is taken from the sold out Leather Penny single and is a previously unreleased track from the bands acclaimed debut album Snake Magnet.

Download Kong – Count To Nine mp3

Since their 2001 debut, Never Stood a Chance, Austin, TX band Masonic has been creating well crafted noise pop along the lines of Stereolab, Yo La Tengo, and The Vaselines and blending them into a seamless mixture of danceable rhythms, heavy guitar riffs, and catchy keyboard melodies. Their fifth LP, Live Like A Millionaire, will be released November.

Download Masonic – Lifetime Of Deception mp3 (from Live Like A Millionaire)

The Sights’ precocious ability to blend frenetic garage rock with ’60s pop and create something equally classic and catchy has garnered consistently rave reviews from both sides of the pond. New release Most of What Follows Is True, has no gimmicks, no studio trickery – just rock and roll from the heart.

Download The Sights – How Do You Sleep mp3 (from Most Of What Follows Is True)

Kashmere Hakim recently released his debut EP The Hillsinger, five tracks of fragile, folk tunes that make you think of laying on your back on a hill somewhere in a valley of Scotland. Pure and simple original arrangements dipped in a warm and intimate sound and wrapped in haunting melodies – songs that take you away and then gently bring you back.

Download Kashmere Hakim – Foreign Worker mp3 (from The Hillsinger EP)

Washington D.C. based “indie pop orchestra” Twins of a Gazelle are a group of 25 roving classically trained musicians, taking their cues from ‘90s alternative rock and drawing influence from newer acts like Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire. The song Constellations features sweet and whispery vocals coupled with stunning arrangements to make a fully fleshed and orchestrated indie pop ballad.

Download Twins Of A Gazelle – Constellations mp3 (from Constellations)

And lastly Eux Autres write compact indie-pop songs with sparse instrumentation. Their music has been unfairly described as “fun.” But while the surface of the songs might seem nonchalant, the lyrics offer skewed observations and fierce barbs. Their third full-length, Broken Bow, will be released Novermber.

Download Eux Autres – Go Dancing mp3 (from Broken Bow)

So as the saying goes, surely something for everyone in that eclectic mix. Or something like that. Enjoy!