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  1. Pop. 1280 – When No One Cares
  2. Speedy Ortiz – Lean In When I Suffer
  3. Hiss Golden Messenger – Passing Clouds
  4. Willie Breeding – Ride On
  5. Snail Mail – Pristine
  6. Dead Tongues – Won’t Be Long
  7. King Tuff – Thru The Cracks (feat. Jenny Lewis)
  8. ESCONDIDO – You’re Not Like Anybody Else












Kentucky based newcomer Willie Breeding will release his debut album of beguiling, off-kilter Americana Big Sky in early 2018.  With influences ranging from Lee Hazlewood to The Strokes, Marty Robbins to A Tribe Called Quest, Big Sky is first and foremost an album of well-crafted tunes. The melodies are rich and wavy, complementing well the lyrics of someone torn between their years in New York City, and their generations in Kentucky.

The first single from the album is the excellent Prague Spring featuring guest vocal from MM fave Caitlin Rose.


The marvellous Caitlin Rose (who played one of our favourite sets last time we were at SXSW) has shared a demo of a song called Been Thinkin Bout You All The Time via Soundcloud.

It was written with Willie Breeding, from a chorus he had been carrying around for a while, and is just as fine a slice of sweet, melancholy country as you’re likely to hear, and like the good lady says herself, “I’ve always been quite fond of it even though it wraps up rather miserably.

Hoped that it’d be good to hear from me
And that these late night calls don’t bother you
I guess you never hear it ring
And anyway babe there ain’t nothin new
There’s already no more time to spare
All you gotta do is count the hours
All that I can do is lay it there,
this bouquet of flowers