The Rashita Joneses – My Finger 7″

Milwaukee psych-punks The Rashita Joneses have a new 7″ release to share that show the trio in a light of a developing sound, this time, thicker, nastier, yet catchier than ever. The title track My Finger throws down a gauntlet of grunge-inspired riffs. And in true Joneses fashion, it features catchy vocal melodies…screaming “Fuck the system…fuck the man.… Read More The Rashita Joneses – My Finger 7″

Introducing >>> Vaguess

With one of the best cover sleeves we’ve seen all year, Vaguess have announced The Bodhi Collection, a compilation of twenty tracks taken from previous cassette and other self-releases from around the Los Angeles area. Mixing proto-punk riffs, garage sneer and the attitude of heyday-era Ramones, the songs are two-minute nuggets caked with bonehead attitude and crackling distortion.… Read More Introducing >>> Vaguess

MM Shorts 734: Controller

Coming across like the bastard offspring of the Ramones, Sparks, and Sigue Sigue Sputnik, New York’s Controller’s new single Flame is a rough diamond of distorted punky sneer writhing under a shimmering veneer of infectious over the top power-pop. Have a listen… .