Live Review: Blitzen Trapper

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Alternative, Country, Folk, Music
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The intimate (that means slightly cramped) Borderline was the host for last night’s gig by Blitzen Trapper supported by The Dutchess & The Duke.

The latter gave us 35 minutes of beautifully crafted folk harmonies and the occasional arsenic tinged lyric. The hushed, attentive crowd and easy going banter from the band made it feel like a 60s coffee house in Greenwich Village and so charmingly uncommercial were they that, following a climactic Armageddon Song, the crowd had to remind them at the end to play their best known song, the brilliant Reservoir Park.

And so the stage was set for Blitzen Trapper who immediately entranced the crowd by opening with one of the standouts from Furr, the mesmerising Black River Killer. From then on they varied the tempo considerably, mixing new tracks from Destroyer Of The Void with old favourites and there were plenty of highlights to savour. From crowd favourite and singalong Furr to a  and wholly acoustic The Man Who Would Speak True. Other standouts were a ramshackle Jericho, a pulsing Evening Star, a captivating Heaven And Earth, and finishing the main set with a full on wigout version of Wild Mountain Nation.

A three song encore completed 90 minutes of old and new material, melding Byrdsian country rock and rambling backporch folk with a modern day twist that was nigh on perfect.

Buy Blitzen Trapper here. Buy The Dutchess & The Duke here.

Visit Blitzen Trapper’s MySpace here. Visit The Dutchess & The Duke MySpace here.

Download The Dutchess & The Duke – Reservoir Park mp3 (from She’s The Dutchess, He’s The Duke)

Download Blitzen Trapper – Heaven & Earth mp3 (from Destroyer Of The Void)

Download Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer mp3 (from Furr)

Download Blitzen Trapper – Furr mp3 (from Furr)

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