Mad Mackerel Recommends…The Streets On Fire

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Alternative, Music, Punk, Rock

Apparently No One’s Fucking To The Radio according to Chicago’s deranged retro-rockers The Streets On Fire.

This is the taster from their forthcoming (and first full-length) album This Is Fancy due out in July. While it reminds us of everything from Iggy to Gang of Four by way of The Kills, it has enough identity and confidence to stand on its own two feet, and it is armed with a pneumatic riff that will take on all-comers in the moshpit.

In fact the album is chock full of similar dirty riffs, pounding drums and howling vocals. It is furious, raw, raggedy-assed rock and roll that leaves you with a big smile on your face, grease on your hands, and sweat dripping from the walls. And sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered.

Keep an eye on these guys!

Watch the video to the gritty, insistent We Play With Tigers from their debut EP Hot Weekend and then download the altogether more aggressive advance from the new album.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download The Streets On Fire – No One’s Fucking To The Radio mp3 (from This Is Fancy)

  1. Nik says:

    Kick ass vid…!! Congrats on your new release.

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