Introducing…Felt Letters

We’re a little late to this one, 600,000 Bands being a 7″ single that came out at the tail end of 2009. However, it is one of those songs that once you’ve heard it, you shake your head, play it again and see if it was quite as original and surprising as you first thought. It is!

The band, Felt Letters, are a trio from Washington DC with Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty propelling the song along as vocalist Ian Svenonius intones a lyrical diatribe about the vast number of bands that are trying to make a name for themselves. You can be sure the sarcasm fair drips from each line.

It is a debut to remember.

Visit MySpace here.

Buy from M’Lady here.

Download Felt Letters – 600,000 Bands mp3 (from 600,000 Bands 7″)

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