Luther Russell – a late post…

This is one of those standard music blogger confessions. The “I’ve been meaning to post this for ages, but somehow never got round to it”.

The injured party on this occasion is the marvellous Luther Russell and his Motorbike EP, which saw the light of day back in February.

At the time we were hugely taken with the songs on the EP (which are taken from Russell’s upcoming fifth solo album – a double entitled The Invisible Audience)

Musically the EP takes in the psychedelic Americana of the title track, which is reminiscent of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club circa Howl, the stripped-down blues of A World Unknown, the power-pop of Tomorrow’s Paper, and the short, but sweet Dead Sun Blues and Et Al, which sound like outtakes from Sweetheart Of The Rodeo and Third/Sister Lovers, respectively. What keeps these seemingly disparate influences together is Russell’s effortless way with a melody and the warm, analogue sound.

So if you haven’t already discovered it, check out the aforementioned, and thoroughly excellent, A World Unknown and forgive us our tardiness!

Visit his MySpace here.

Download Luther Russell – A World Unknown mp3 (from Motorbike EP)

2 thoughts on “Luther Russell – a late post…

  1. Thanks for the track – this actually changes my mind about the man as I had found “Motorbike” listless in meanderings. This track performs the balancing act much more successfully.

  2. I just wanted to say, anyone who reads/listens to this article and the tracks and doesn’t know Luther’s older material, do yourself (and Luther) a huge favor and go get it. The man is a brilliant songwriter, performer, and musician.
    His last full album “Repair” is perfect from start to finish. His earlier work with the Freewheelers is amazing as well.

    I was lucky enough to meet Luther when he was in the short-lived band, Federale. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet.
    I am not a friend, nor an employee trying to boost Luther’s market share. I am simply a fan, who likes a ton of music, and who happens to be a musician as well trying to shed more light on an amazing musician who has earned his place in the spotlight and deserves the attention.

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