Introducing…Rare Grooves

Rare Grooves have emerged from the ashes of  The Widow Babies and are a duo consisting of Tabor Allen on drums and Danny Miller on guitar.

They got in touch with their self-titled debut 7″, which came out recently and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. The band name made us (wrongly) think we were going to hear a throwback to a northern Soul band, but the truth of the matter is that it is much harder to describe than that.

The best we can do is a hybrid of anthemic chanting, finger-picked twang, and sometimes experimental sounding guitar all held together with a well crafted and unusual rhythm. It all adds to something rather wonderful and rather intriguing.

As first releases go, we’re more than impressed. One to keep an eye on definitely.

Order from Papermade Music here.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Rare Grooves – Cause For Concern mp3 (from Rare Grooves 7″)

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