Time to get traditional with Ola Belle Reed

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Country, Folk, Music

We got this in our in-box the other day:

Smithsonian Folkways is excited to announce our upcoming August 3rd, release, Rising Sun Melodies, featuring the music of influential bluegrass singer/songwriter, Ola Belle Reed. One of the pioneer female musicians in bluegrass, Ola Belle had a big voice and an even bigger heart, singing her story through the music of the Appalachians. We have identified your blog as one whose users would enjoy this new album.

It went on to say:

The rich tradition of music in the Appalachian Mountain region includes the sounds of the many immigrants who settled there: string band tunes from black and white traditions, spirituals and hymns taught by the local singing schools, parlor ballads, and minstrel tunes. Rising Sun Melodies, named for Ola Belle’s childhood home, features remastered recordings of eleven of her influential Folkways recordings, including her beloved songs, High on a Mountain, I’ve Endured, and My Epitaph, as well as eight previously unreleased live recordings of Ola Belle leading a band of family and friends at the Festival of American Folklife in 1972 and 1976 [now known as the Smithsonian Folklife Festival]. Featuring all of the heart and soul that Ola Belle was known for, Rising Sun Melodies will delight all of those fans longing to hear more of the seldom-recorded songstress of the Appalachians.

Like Smithsonian Folkways we think some of you might enjoy this too, so download the taster track below and immerse yourself in some genuine traditional back porch folk from the mountains.

Buy it here.

Download Ola Belle Reed – Look Down That Lonesome Road mp3 (from Rising Sun Melodies)

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