Introducing…The Migrant

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Folk, Indie, Music, Pop, Psychedelic

In September, Denmark’s Bjarke Bendtsen aka The Migrant will release his first album titled Travels In Lowland. It is an album that beckons you in to a underworld where beautiful pop songs mix happily with psychedelic folk and frankly, if taster track The Organ Grinder is anything to go by, you won’t want to leave!

While visiting Denmark last summer, Bendtsen recorded the album with some of his Danish friends in a summerhouse by the coast. The prelude to this session had been a number of free-spirited concerts where the different musicians joined in on Bendtsen’s new songs. Reportedly, the free vibe from those concerts made it all the way to the record where Bendtsen’s strong vocal is backed up by an exciting mix of nostalgic guitar, violin, drums and kitchenware. Later that year, after the winter snow had covered the entire country, Bendtsen isolated himself in the same summerhouse to mix the album.

Check out the taster track – the gentle, low-key start before it erupts after a minute and twenty seconds – the swelling, insistent guitar strum builds and builds while the plaintive vocals keep pace the whole time. Great stuff.

Sweden have given us the wonderful folk troubadour The Tallest Man On Earth, now we can give thanks to Denmark, because on this evidence The Migrant really could be that good too.

Visit his MySpace here.

Download The Migrant – The Organ Grinder mp3 (from Travels In Lowland)

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